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Maid in Dubai and Sharjah – Earning trust goes both ways

As maids are being more hired in Dubai and Sharjah, the issue of trust and stealing is not going to be fixed anytime soon.

As bustling and busy city life gets the hold of the most of us we often have to rely on domestic help and on a maid to help us to do our home errands or take care of the children. Although in most cases, these people are successfully integrated within our everyday life and become a sort of additional family member - it also often happens that these maids are just not like the image they promote and how they represent themselves and often throw away the given trust and take into possession objects that are not theirs. In any case, as our lives tend to get more complicated and it is more and more difficulty to complete everything in time, hiring maid can be a really practical and helpful act which will definitely decrease stress-levels in our daily life.

Hiring a maid - less worries and more free time

Basically, it gives you the liberty and above all, the time to enjoy some quality time with your family and loved ones or doing hobbies and something relaxing that you like instead of taking care of household activities. They are indeed very time-consuming, so many families decide to hire a maid in Dubai and Sharjah, visit sites like find suitable companies and individuals and give the maid a chance to help them in their everyday life.

However, having a maid at home and letting her in your private and natural habitat requires a really special relation and earning trust and respect goes both ways. Now, as in everything in life, any time when a personal enters your private life and it is allowed to spend time alone and without supervision in your home – whether it’s the cleaning lady or pluming technician or even a doorman – there are certain risks involved.

Most of the people are precautious enough and they do tend to check even slightest details before hiring a maid. Starting from background checks, recommendations, personal interviews, mock or test work assignments, you name it – all of these actions can be spotless. However, even when you finally find a professional maid you feel, and you have the impression that is trustworthy, certain complications can arise.

There are always risks involved

Why? Well, regardless of how the maid went through the selection process, they are often provided with a complete and undisturbed access to the key to your home or in most cases left alone and unsupervised in your home for longer periods of time. Though your maid in Dubai and Sharjah may not be looking to steal or harm you in any way, if they bump into some valuable items or a larger and attractive amount of money they may be tempted too much to resist and not to seize the opportunity. You can read more on to find out more about other people's experiences and have a credible insight on how to deal with certain situations.

In any case, do encourage positive and open communication with your maid right from the start. Make her feel at home and show her support and show that you trust her. Invest in your time together and get to know her as much as possible. Always inquire more and make a background check. Observe her habits and her relation and behaviour to other people. Tell her some personal secrets and make her feel valuable to you and your trusted person. If you notice some personal or financial difficulties, offer some help or assistance and show that you do care. Disappointing someone who believes in you is an excellent deterrent.

On the other hand, if you do not have full confidence in your maid, you have a certain hush or if you or another member of the family suspects her of stealing, that initially relaxed feeling of being carefree and relaxed they provided will disappear instantly and convert into stress, anxiety and concern.

Suspiciuous or not - follow general guidelines

If you have some signs or a suspicion that you are missing something or that your maid is stealing from you, there are some things or steps that you focus on:

  • Don’t rush with conclusions – Ask yourself first, rewind back, check all the possibilities. Very often, items and objects just get misplaced and appear in the most non-obvious places. We all have our absent-minded moments of a golden fish, and our maids unavoidably are put and taken as the obvious scapegoats.

  • Discuss your doubts with your spouse and check with family - Always and before doing anything else, discuss your doubts and fears with your spouse first and always check if the kids, the grandparents or any other member of the family knows anything or took something – If your gut tells you your maid is stealing from you, the first thing you should do is to inform your spouse about the situation and discuss the following actions. If your spouse in on the same opinion or already noticed something, then it makes two of you and will be sure that you are not exaggerating or being excessively paranoid. Check with the kids just to avoid a case of a misunderstanding - maybe some of them took something and forgot to tell you. Be detailed, don’t just bring up the assumption that your maid is the one stealing from you.

  • Initiate and open discussion with your maid in a non-confrontational manner - As soon as you find out that some things are missing, ask your maid in a friendly one that you are looking for something and if she knows where it is – this will show her that you are aware of your belongings. Be practical and take note of your food, groceries, small but treasured objects not just your valuables. Regardless of your doubts stay friendly, approachable and non-accusatory up to the moment you are sure you know what’s going on. What do you know? Maybe some belongings might just mysteriously show up and reappear out of nowhere. In some cases, maids stealing from you may just as well be stopped and discouraged in the early stage of their mission.

  • Proof and verification of the thief is a must – Even if you suspect or have certain doubts that your maid in Dubai is stealing from you it’s important to gather real and authentic proof. You may have spotted some things missing or misplaced, but it is not enough to verify that theft has happened nor that the maid is the responsible one. Best ways to find your proof is to either prepare a bait and create conditions for the maid to be undisturbed at home like leaving a certain amount of money or even installing surveillance cameras in some discreet yet practical locations.

  • Confront her and inform her agent – if in case you do find irrefutable evidence that the maid is stealing from you, there several options but only one approach to all of them – make it in a peaceful manner. Tell her that you know and observe her reaction. Be sure that you know everything about her so she just cannot disappear. Show your disappointment and try to find the root of the problem. If finances are the problem, try to convince her to return your belongings and offer to help her and to report her. If she continues to deny and reject you’ll have to let her go and report her to her agent and the authorities. You don’t want anyone else to suffer the same issue. Finally, learn the lesson and dedicate more time in finding more credible sources and companies. Check for a better insight on what to focus when looking for a maid in Dubai and how to find a trustworthy person to do the job.

On the other hand, a little bit on the other side of the issue. In recent times, cases of maids stealing from their employers have often reached the headlines with many spicy stories of stealing a large cash or negligent nannies ignoring the weeping child spreading all over Dubai and Sharjah.

Always set the ground

Understandingly enough, it can be difficult to have confidence in an unknown person and trust them with your loved ones or your most cherished belongings. But when you decide to employ a maid in Dubai and Sharjah, that is precisely what you must try to do. Like in everything, every coin has two sides and every story has two versions. In every regard good communication is the essence of establishing a good relation.

So, first advice, especially for new maids - employers can help by giving clear directions and guidelines and setting valid ground rules. If your maid makes some mistakes, help her by explaining how next time she can do better. Treat them well so they can treat you better. Never be like some employers who treat their maids so badly and with no respect that the helper seeks "revenge" and the employer ends up have it coming.

Secondly, remember, cleaning and maid services in Dubai commonly employ people from a different culture or country. Be positive and don’t expect them to have the same mindset as you have. Stay welcoming and supportive but always take precautions. Do check receipts for items or services on a regular basis as a general practice but do not worry – only a tiny fraction of maids is a bad choice.

Thirdly, there are simply a lot of stories of bad maid behaviour. They are popular reads, newsworthy and people buy what is gossip worthy. So we hear all about them. However, bringing a stranger inside our home environment always comes with a risk. Therefore, suitable focus and precaution is in order.

Foster positive approach

We should extend and offer our respect and courtesy to all maids, but we should not stay uninterested in what’s going on while we are out of the house. In any case, definitely one of the best precautions is to do more research on the maid’s background and on the agency’s policies. Check where you can find a trustworthy pool of comments, experiences and agencies who really cater for their clients.

Finally, not all maids intend to steal anyone - most of them are just trying to make a living, just like us.

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