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How Safe Is It To Leave a Maid Alone at Home

How far can you trust your maids in Dubai. Leaving a maid alone at home is unavoidable at times, but is it really safe?

This is a question that an expatwoman faces at some point or the other. This is especially true where everyone in the family is working and the maid has to come in when there is no one at home. What your maid does behind your back is something most people never know.

We assume, in good faith, that the maid is just doing her job and going away. In most cases we hope this is true but there is no way of being sure that your maid is not misusing your home and belongings while you are away.

Leaving Your Maid in Dubai Unsupervised

When you leave a maid alone at home unsupervised there is always this fear that he/she may not be totally scrupulous and honest. You wonder whether they are doing their jobs properly or using your property and things without permission. In an ideal world you would expect maids in Dubai to be honest, but the fact is it is not an ideal world. Not every maid is dishonest, but there are some that are who will take advantage of the fact that they are alone. Here is a list of things that they may do in your absence and what you need to do to prevent it.

Using Your Phone: This may not seem such a grave thing, but this is a very common problem with maids in Dubai. Since most of them come from poor countries and are working far from their home, it is natural that they would like to call back home. International calls are expensive and the maid may take the liberty to use your phone to call back home leaving you with a heavy telephone bill to pay.

  1. Check your phone bills regularly and if you don’t get them, ask for detailed bills so you can monitor the numbers being called from your phone.
  2. If you find any numbers that are unfamiliar and none of your family members have called, confront your maid.

Use your personal items: Another common problem with leaving maids alone is that they may use your personal items such as – toiletries, make up, perfume, etc. The maid may think it is ok to use your toilet and toiletries and use your shower or your bath. This is hard to detect and it may be sometime before you realize that your personal items are being used.

  1. You should be alert if you come back home and find that things are not in their right place, or that your soap, shampoo and other toiletries are being used up more quickly than before. Or that toiletries are missing from your washroom.
  2. It may be a while before you notice anything or realize that you stuff is being used.
  3. But when you are sure, do confront the maid with the proof and ask her what is going one.

Wear your clothes: This is not a very usual thing, but it does happen. The maid also needs to socialize and the best way for her to get her hands on smart clothes is to borrow your clothes. Most of us have enough clothes, so we do not miss a particular dress or item of clothing until we specifically want to wear it. Maids know this and may use it to their advantage to borrow your clothes, wear and return it. Again, this is something that cannot be monitored easily. This may also happen with your family members too.

  1. If you find that your clothes or those of your family members mysteriously vanish from your wardrobe and come back just as mysteriously, you should beware. S
  2. tart locking your wardrobe and keeping your clothes in secure place where your maid cannot get to it easily during the course of her work.
  3. Confront her only if you have concrete proof of her taking your clothes.

Use your Bed or other items: Most people do not like others sitting or sleeping on their bed, and when it comes to the maid, it is an absolute taboo. But some maids take great pleasure in relaxing on your bed or even taking a nap on your favorite sofa.

  1. Look for obvious signs that your bed or sofa and other furniture is being used is that things are not they way you left them.
  2. If you maid also makes your bed and changes the bed linen, this may be very hard to detect and stop.
  3. If you do not have a problem with it, ignore it.
  4. But if you do then you should speak to her about it and confront her with proof of your accusations.

Steal food and other supplies: Since the maid often come from poor economic backgrounds, the food in your kitchen and refrigerator may be a temptation they cannot resist. This is probably the most common problem that most employers have with their maids. A lot of people prefer to ignore it, if the problem is not too severe, but this is not the way it should be dealt with. Whether the stealing is less or more, it is still stealing and needs to stop the maids stealing.

  1. The easiest way to spot pilfering of food is keeping a track of your grocery and food bills and quantities.
  2. If you see a sudden increase in the amount of food you and your family is buying and consuming, this is a clear sign of pilfering.
  3. Also, keep an eye on special treats such as – chocolates, drinks, fruits, dried fruits and nuts, etc. in your pantry.
  4. The best way for you to tackle the situation is to speak to your maid about the missing food and let her know that you would prefer her to ask you for things if she needs anything.
  5. If she denies, confront her with proof.

Look through your personal belongings: This habit is not just with the maids; a lot of people like to clandestinely look through other people’s personal belongings. For some it is just a vicarious pleasure, for others it may be an opportunity to gather your worth and look for something to steal. Maids who are on their own while cleaning your house, have the best opportunity to be able to do that. They may go through your wardrobe, dressing table, children’s clothes and toys, and other places where you store things to look through them either out of curiosity or with intention to steal.

  1. Common signs of someone having been through your belongings include things being not the way they were when you last looked at them, stuff being disturbed or moved. Drawers or doors that are not properly shut, they way they should have been.
  2. When you are positive, talk to your maid and let her know your displeasure at her touching things she is not supposed to touch, and that you are aware that she is rifling through your stuff.

Use your appliances: When left alone, a maid may misuse your appliances. She may use your hair dryer, or your grinder or coffee machine or any other appliance for her own use. Some people may be fine with this as long as the appliance is used properly and it is not broken or damaged in any way. You may probably never even realize that your maid is using your appliances until they suddenly stop working or you see signs of misuse.

  1. This is something that has to be dealt with as soon as possible.
  2. Most appliances are expensive and hard to replace. So if you feel your maid is misusing you appliances in your absence, talk to her immediately.

Call other people over: This is perhaps the most serious of all the problems you may face when leaving your maid alone in the house. The consequences of her inviting other people over in your absence can be extremely serious and should be discouraged completely. It could lead to a grave security threat for you and your family.

  1. When you suspect this, take immediate action.
  2. If you live in a building or a society where there is 24-hour security, you should ask your security personnel about the people who have been allowed into your home and check their records. Most security services require people to sign in before entering.
  3. If you do not have a security service for your home, you should ask your neighbors if they have observed anything.
  4. Once you are sure, it is time to have a serious chat with your maid.

How to Keep an Eye on Your Maid

If you have to leave your maid at home alone and there is no way to avoid it, the best thing to do is to install security cameras in your home to record and keep an eye on everything that is happening in your home. The security cameras are also concrete proof that you can present to your maid and any other competent authority as proof of your maid’s actions. Most closed circuit cameras are not all that expensive and can be monitored remotely from anywhere through an app. You can keep an eye on your maid while you are in your office or even on the go.

With technology on your side and a little bit of practical sense, you can leave your maid in your home alone without fear these days. As long as your maid knows that you are able to keep an eye on her remotely, she should not do anything that she shouldn’t. But the best thing to do is to find a maid who is honest and reliable.

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