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Insurance for maids in Dubai explained

It is crucial for families to have maid services in Dubai well catered for and treated as part of the family.

The domestic and the commercial cleaning services Dubai industrial trends have been on the rise for years now. With the increasing need for companies to provide deep cleaning services for the ever-expanding office spaces in downtown Dubai, residential cleaning services turned attractive as well. As hundreds of companies and investors saw great potential in this building cleaning business so the need for setting the ground rules for thousands of people employed from around the world became paramount for future success.

Having a successful recipe, the majority of the households in the UAE also began employing cooks, nannies, cleaners, senior caregivers, drivers etc. Since all these families lead a dynamic life and depend so much on the assistance and affection of the maids, it is really important for each and every family that their maids are being supported completely, regardless if they are employed through a cleaning company in Dubai or sponsored from abroad, as they align as an indispensable part of the family. It may be considered as polite and encouraging as well as reciprocal service that is intended upon the employers in return to the care and dedication maids provide for the wellbeing of the household and its members.

For many people who opt-in for sponsoring a maid to come from a country abroad and live with them, the employment comes inclusive of the cost of a visa, remuneration for services provided, annual flights back and forth and basic living expenses. This is a well-regulated area even on the legal side and adhering to these practices is a must. However, what is often overlooked in common practice is the basic health insurance for maids – something that could potentially affect the initial cost calculation the sponsors further down the path. The employment and sponsoring process requires attention and procedures to be followed. There are many practical and, above all credible, tips and advices regarding the procedures on - the most popular services aggregator in Dubai and the wider region.

General practices

When someone hires house cleaning services professional from abroad for the first time, they will have to plan the budget for completing the visa application and processing, annual flights to the maid’s country of origin, monthly salary, accommodation (if they do not provide a separate maid’s room in their villa or apartment) and basic living expenses. The process is rather straightforward and not complicated, nonetheless, what many employers overlook is to include insurance in the cost analysis. Maid insurance comes in many forms: starting from basic health insurance, as a vital one, as you want the person who helps you at home to be in top physical form so that she can perform and execute all the tasks required to keep the home running efficiently.

Furthermore, it’s not only the maid’s health that is in question – common practice has shown that protecting your home and your finances in the event of the maid having an accident is also very important for your general peace of mind; occasional theft from the home is also real and possible so third-party liability is also paramount for your own good as an employer.

Laws for medical insurance in the UAE are different in various emirates. Dubai policies on one side are administered by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), while the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), is the regulator of the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi. Several years ago, the Dubai government started with a gradual implementation of the mandatory health insurance plan within the Emirate so now all members who hold a valid residence permit issued by Dubai need to obtain health insurance plans throughout the period of residency.

The law also determines that all dependents (including spouse and children) and domestic workers (including maids, cooks, drivers) of the designated employee must also be covered and eligible for basic health insurance plan. This basic health insurance is set out in the Essential benefits plan (EBP). Under the law and the regular practices, employers must not withhold premiums or reduce the salary amount of the employee to compensate the cost of the insurance policy.

Since the law has already been fully implemented, all individuals who want to sponsor full or part time maid need to ensure they provide basic health insurance coverage to the maid. Sponsors failing to provide insurance cover shall be charged with a fine of AED 500 per employee for every month of no provision and, additionally, no new visas will be granted, and existing visas will not be renewed. Many people really do not have quite the time to focus on all the formalities involved in these processes, especially in such a vibrant city as Dubai., the most popular meeting point for booking a service online in Dubai is the place where you can get answers to your questions, find suitable and credible tips, tricks and guidelines and share your input as well.

Who does it apply to and how much will it cost?

All maids who earn AED 4,000 per month or less must be insured through one of the several selected and approved insurance providers in Dubai, including those that provide Islamic insurance (Takaful). It is the responsibility of the sponsor to arrange and pay for these insurance coverage plans.

The basic package, called the Essential Benefits Plan, costs between AED 500 and AED 725 a year. Nine insurance firms have been approved to offer this package, which provides maximum coverage of AED 150,000. The DHA website lists the different providers and allows users to compare plans.

EBP – Essential Benefits Plan

The Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) contains the minimum level of cover required for maids, various domestic workers and all residents of Dubai.

This coverage mainly includes the following benefits:

  • Annual insurance claim limit of AED 150,000
  • Emergency treatment limited to Emirates within the UAE
  • Basic healthcare services package within the Emirate of Dubai
  • Treatment for chronic and pre-existing conditions (after the first 6 months)

It is worth mentioning that for basic in-patient healthcare services there is a 20% co-insurance payable by the person insured with a cap (highest limit) of AED 500 per encounter, and an annual aggregate cap of AED 1,000. Anything above these limits shall be covered by the insurer.

Concerning the cost of drugs and medicines, there is an annual limit of AED 1,500 – moreover, there’s a 30% co-insurance in respect of each and every prescription covered by the insured person.

EBP is a very basic plan which mainly aims at reducing general costs associated with health risks, checks and treatments and it is valid only for the Emirates in the UAE. Cover your domestic helpers

Liability insurance

As a sponsor you will need a policy that not only covers the maid accidentally injuring herself while working on your premises (Employers Liability), but also ensure that it covers the risk of her accidentally and unintentionally destroying someone else’s property (Maid Liability). In a hot and windy area as Dubai, a fire, accidentally started by your maid which may damage neighbouring properties, should also be taken into consideration. The causes and effects are plenty which is why there needs to be insurance back up to provide the financial support during unfortunate circumstances.

Different insurance companies offer several plans and you may choose which options fit your current situation the best. Employer’s Liability Insurance is obtainable under certain home insurance plans in the amount of up to AED 250,000 which makes you legally liable to pay in respect of injury, illness or disease to your maids. The limit varies from insurer to insurer. The initial and standard basic package includes regular consultancies at clinics, patient referrals and standard tests, maternity health coverage, and emergency care.

Even case of death or disability (Medical and Repatriation expenses) to your maid are set out in the plan. In such unpleasant cases, one should not be unprepared so the financial benefit that may be offered by your preferred insurance company would be up to a minimum of AED 30,000, however, it is something that should be agreed by your insurance provider.

Medical fitness reports

As an important aspect of the recruitment and sponsorship process is that in order to be issued a residency visa, your maid is obliged to undergo a medical fitness test no later than 30 days after they arrived in the UAE. Maids need to receive Hepatitis B vaccinations and to be screened for pregnancy and several illnesses. This is also covered by the employer as one his liabilities in this process.

Finally, what you give is what you get at the end of the day. Trust and successful and respectful relation with your maid goes both ways and everyone involved should do their best to support each other and provide conditions for a family life in harmony. Maids should keep the household in order and well maintained, earn your trust and be there for you when you need them and you as an employer should provide them all the pre-conditions, support and benefits for a well-established life in Dubai. Be sure to share your experience on the popular sites such as where you can book a maid in Dubai and drop some comments which may be of grave importance for people who are in need.

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