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Storing Skills: How to store things properly

It is a common practice to store things. But, storing things properly is a skill that needs to be learned.

Living in Dubai, you must know the importance of storage. People here are constantly on the move and require space to store things. Even if you are not moving, there are things in your house that require storage when they are not in use. Hence, it is important to learn the skills of storing. Organizing a storage space and storing the various things properly is essential for the preservation of the stored items. Improper storage may damage the item and make it worthless. From food to furniture, people need to put away things from time to time. The storage may be for a short period of time such as a few days or weeks, to long-term, such as a few months or years. Each item that is being stored requires to be put away carefully so that it is still good to use later. This requires organization and packing skills.

Why People Store

The obvious answer to that question would be because we may need it in future. But there are other reasons too. We have discussed the importance and need for storage in previous posts on blog. In these blog posts, we discussed creating storage space for small homes in Dubai and also how we need to curtail what we store. Decluttering and taking charge of all the stuff in our homes is just as important as storing things for future use.

People store things for several reasons. Mainly, we store things for future consumptions and the need for storage may arise due to the following reasons:

  • If you are going away for a while.
  • After a death in the family.
  • If you are changing houses.
  • For seasonal items.
  • For protection from natural elements and also theft.
  • Sentimental reasons.
  • Collectible items and hobby collections.
  • Extra things that can be used later.

Whatever the reason for storage, if a thing is not put away properly, it is likely to perish or get damaged. In this post, we will tell you how to store most common items properly.

Essentials of Storage

Though we have already discussed this in a previous post, it is good to have a recap to refresh your memory. A good storage space should have the following: * Decent lighting * Sturdy shelving * Proper ventilation * Cool temperature * Easily accessible * Dust and pest free * Large enough to store all that you need.

Climate control for a storage is desirable but not essential unless you are storing perishable goods inside it.

What You Need For Proper Storage

The most important aspect of any storage area is to have enough space for all the things that you wish to store. In Dubai, where the space within your own home is limited, you may need to create space for storage or hire storage space to put away all your precious stuff. Once you have enough space for storage you can start to put away stuff.

In order to organize your storage you may require these things: * Shelves or shelving units * Boxes, cartons, collapsible storage cubes, or plastic containers * Plastic sheeting * Dust covers * Airtight containers * Pallets to keep things off the floor and allow air circulation * Tissue paper, old newspaper, paper sheets for lining and wrapping * Labels, Pens, Markers * Tape, stapler, and other such items for sealing.

Before You Store

Before you begin storing things, you need to sort out all the things that you might want to store. Be very clinical and practical about sorting out your stuff. Anything that you feel you may not use again, needs to be thrown away or given away rather than stored. When sorting, keep things in three piles:

  1. For short term storage
  2. For long term storage
  3. To be disposed

All the things that need to be disposed of should be removed from the house as soon as possible. You can give these away to charity (if they are still usable), or offered to people who may need them, sold at garage sales or simply taken to a recycling or disposal center.

All the items that need long term storage can be stored at the back or the bottom of the storage area leaving space for the items for short term storage in more accessible areas.

When storing, remember to keep the larger heavier items at the bottom and the lighter or smaller items at the top. Also, the sturdier boxes should go at the bottom as they will be able to take the weight of the less sturdy boxes and cartons. So your wooden boxes, and steel trunks can go at the bottom of the storage area acting as shelving units for lighter cardboard cartons, plastic containers or storage cubes.

Always have ample space to move around the storage so you can reach each part comfortably without having to take everything out. Make sure that each stored item is securely sitting in its place and in no danger of falling off. Avoid very tall stacks of boxes as they are in danger of falling down and it is harder to access the boxes that are right at the bottom.

Also, you may require extra hands to help you with storage, especially if you are planning to store heavy boxes and furniture away for long term storage. Once you are finished with organizing and storing, you will also need help to clean up the house. You can rely upon to locate reliable cleaners and maids in Dubai to help you out. If you are looking to hire a maid online, is your best resource in Dubai. It is an aggregator of all domestic help providing agencies and services with dozens of agencies listed on it. You can pick your agency based upon your location, type of work and rates. You can compare rates and also keep a track of the assigned work online through the app.

How to Store Just About Anything

Besides the basic requirements of ventilation, dry cool atmosphere, and protection from pests, every item you may store has its own special requirement.


When storing food, you need to ensure that the place where it is stored is easily accessible, has plenty of shelves, and is cool and pest free.

Cooked food can be stored in deep freezers or in refrigerators, depending upon when you want to use them.

Tinned and bottled food can be stored on shelves in a cool dark place.

Fresh Fruits and vegetables should be stored in a refrigerator and consumed quickly. These cannot be stored for long periods of time. Potatoes, yams, onions, pumpkins (fully ripe and whole), ginger etc. can be stored for longer periods of time if stored in cool dark areas of the pantry.

Dried fruits and nuts should be put into airtight containers and stored in the refrigerator if you are not going to use them quickly.

Whole spices, grains and lentils etc. can be stored indefinitely if stored properly. They should be thoroughly dried and stored in airtight containers. If they are exposed to moisture or heat, they may get infested and may have to be thrown away.

Clothes and Accessories

Perhaps every household needs to store clothes. Most houses have a cupboard or a wardrobe to store them but there are always some clothes that are not used every day and need to be stored away. Such clothes include seasonal clothes, holiday gear, special occasion wear, shoes, woolens, etc. When not in use, these clothes can be packed away in boxes or trunks and stored away.

Cotton clothes can be stored in steel or wooden trunks, water and dust proof storage cubes or even in old suitcases. They need to be dried, ironed or folded and stored away wrapped in a muslin sheet or tissue paper. Line the bottom and the sides of the trunk with cloth or paper to prevent discoloration of clothes.

Silks and woolen clothes are susceptible to moth and insect attacks. They should be packed away carefully. Since they are delicate items they should be wrapped individually in a soft cloth or tissue paper before storing. Make sure that all the items you are storing away are washed, dried and ironed properly. Use silica gel or other such drying agent to keep the moisture out of the box in which woolen and silk clothes are stored. Use moth balls or paper to prevent the moths from breeding and destroying your precious clothes.

Shoes should be stored stuffed with paper in individual boxes. Keeping moisture out is important to prevent mold. Bags, belts and all leather items should be treated similarly.

Jewellery also needs to be stored to prevent scratches and tarnishing. If you have pearls, make sure to wrap them in a soft cloth and keep them separately. Make sure to use only white cloth to store pearls to avoid discoloration. Gold and stone jewellery should be stored in their individual velvet boxes or wrapped in velvet cloth to prevent scratches. Fashion and artificial jewellery should be kept in a jewellery organizer where each piece has its own allotted pocket or space/ All strings and chains can be hung up on individual hooks to prevent tangling and breaking.

Extra Bedding

All houses need extra bedding for when there are guests at home, but the extra bedding can be space consuming. Most duvets, quilts and covers can be put away in storage boxes and kept where they can be easily accessed in a hurry. They need to be stored in a moisture free and pest free place. Cover with dust proof covering to avoid getting them dirty and dusty.


When storing furniture, it is best to dismantle it, if possible, before wrapping it in paper and then plastic sheeting before putting it away. Ensure that all the pieces of each furniture item are individually marked and stored together. Wooden furniture or upholstered furniture needs to be protected from moisture and termites or wood vborers. So make sure they are stored in a space that has ample ventilation and and completely dry. Treat these items with anti termite treatment before storing.

When putting away things in boxes, be sure to label each box and mention a list of items that it contains. This will help you when you are retrieving the stored items and need to look for something specific.

All stored items need to be checked from time to time for damage. They should be taken out inspected allowed to breathe and dry out before being repacked.

If you need extra help with storing, do look for assistance on

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