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Dealing With An Errant Maid in Dubai

A maid is certainly an asset, but only as long as she does her job efficiently. An errant maid is a big problem.

Having a maid can make our lives easy. Having a live-in maid can be a great help for a working woman. At we have already discussed dealing with maids and how to treat them with respect in various blog posts. But dealing with maids and household helps is not an easy task. It requires tact and diplomacy to deal with domestic workers.

Maid With An Attitude

Anyone who has employed maids has, at least once, come across an errant maid. A maid who is rude, arrogant or lazy. But the problem is not confined only to attitude, maids often take advantage of the employers and steal from them. We have already discussed how to deal with a thieving maid in a previous post. There have been instances of maids being over familiar and even having sexual relationships with their employers. Naturally, as an employer, you do not want your maid to be over familiar or rude to you. But it is tricky dealing with such maids.

Knee Jerk Reaction Doesn’t Always Work The instant reaction of most would be to terminate the contract of the maid or send her back to the agency. But when you take into consideration the difficulty of finding a maid and the cost involved in finding a new one, this is not always an ideal solution. If you find your maid sexually involved with a member of your family, and willingly so, then you would be wise to get rid of her. In all other cases, there are other ways of dealing with the problem and termination of service contract being the last resort.

How To Deal With Your Maid When …

It is always wise to explain all the work and duties you wish your maid to perform when you hire her. The clearer you are with the instruction the better it is for both of you. She knows what needs to be done and you can expect her to complete all the assigned work. On the other hand, if you haven’t spelled out all that you want her to do, then you cannot expect to do everything on her own. You have to invest some time with your maid initially to familiarize her with your way of working and exactly what is expected of her. If despite all this you have trouble then you need to deal with it.

She doesn’t do all the work assigned to her: Giving precise instructions always helps. Make sure she has understood what you want her to do. Just giving vague instructions like tidy up the play-room is not enough. You need to define what you mean by tidying up the play-room. Show her where you want each thing to go. How you want the room to be tidied up and cleaned. Inspect the work she has done and if she has left any task undone or poorly done, make sure she completes it to your satisfaction. You may have to do this a few times in the beginning then the maid should know exactly what is required of her. If she still continues to leave work incomplete, have a word with her. Let her know that you will not tolerate tardiness and will take conclusive action. Wait a few more days to see if the maid improves. If she doesn’t then it is time to terminate her services and let her go. You may choose to inform the agency that sent her to you and pick another cleaning service. Dubai has many domestic service providers and you can find one that is more diligent about recruiting their staff. If you need to look for other cleaning services in Dubai, visit, a platform for domestic service providers in Dubai. Here you can search for a more suitable cleaning service.

She is rude or answers back: Maids and cleaners are also humans and have moods just like the rest of us. You need to be sympathetic to your maid’s needs. She may be upset, angry or annoyed and may answer you back or is rude to you once in a while. You can choose to ignore a rude remark or angry word at the moment, but do refer back to it at a more convenient time when she is feeling better. The maid needs to understand that you are the boss and she cannot treat you, with disrespect no matter what. You need to explain that she has to be respectful and polite to every member of your family and also your guests. If she is ready to spar words with you all the time, is rude to you or your family regularly, and constantly answers back and is cheeky, you shouldn’t hesitate in telling her off. If she persists in her behaviour, report her to the cleaning service and terminate her contract. You do not need to take tantrums from a maid. If you choose to ignore, the impertinence will only get worse.

Her personal hygiene is a cause for concern: There are people who do not pay much attention to personal hygiene. You would not accept poor hygiene in your children or other family members, so, you definitely shouldn’t have to tolerate it in a maid. Dubai is a hot and humid place and people tend to sweat and smell more than they would in other cooler places. Any hired maid in Dubai has to be aware of these issues and take care of her personal hygiene. You shouldn’t hire a maid who looks untidy or whose personal hygiene is suspect. If a person is sloppy about themselves, they are bound to be sloppy about the work they do too. In case, you notice this after you have hired her, then you need to address the issue at the earliest. An untidy and smelly domestic help is a reflection on the employer. If your maid continues to ignore her hygiene, talk to her about the importance of cleanliness and neatness. Tell her very categorically that you do not want to have a maid who does not take care of herself. If she still doesn’t make an effort to improve her hygiene, you can ask her to leave.

She is over familiar with you or your guests: A lot of us believe that we should treat our domestic helps as family. This may help to make them identify with you and the family and make them work better and harder for you, but it can also cause them to be inquisitive and over familiar. It depends entirely upon you to set the boundaries of personal interaction. Once the boundaries are set, neither of you should overstep these limits. If you feel that your maid is over familiar with you or your guests, you need to have a word with her. But before you do so, you need to examine your own behaviour. Have you been involving her in your personal problems, discussing them with her? If your answer is yes, therein lies the problem. You are to be blamed for her behaviour and you cannot really admonish her without taking on some of the blame yourself. You should talk to her about her limits and tell her politely and firmly to limit herself to her job. If you find her interacting more than essential with a member of the family or a guest or visitor, intervene and politely ask her to go and attend to her work. Once you are alone with her, remind her of her limits and ask her to confine herself to her work. Use tact when dealing with a situation like this. If not handled properly it could lead to resentment from your maid. This problem should not be a reason to fire your maid. A good talk to and explaining her boundaries should suffice.

You catch her in a compromising situation with a male member of your family, a guest or a visitor: This is a very common problem that many women face. It may not always be that the maid alone is to be blamed. The man involved is equally guilty. But having a sympathetic attitude towards your maid will not work. If the involved male has been involved in a similar situation before, you may want to examine your relationship with the person and maybe get rid of him. There are always warning signs to watch out for if it is the maid instigating the relationship. She may behave in a different manner around the person, she may spend more time than is essential in the same room as him. You may find her dressing up to look more attractive around this person. She may choose to ignore your orders or requests around him. If the person is your husband, then you have a greater problem on hand. If she is sexually involved with him, she may try to compete with you. She may be rude to you and turn to your husband every time you admonish her. If you think your maid is behaving in such a manner, you need to be on your guard. There is no question of continuing to employ the maid. Terminate her services immediately. Do not give her any recommendations and report her to the cleaning service or recruiting agency. Sometimes, the maids may threaten you with sexual harassment, but do not get intimidated by these threats, take punitive action after consulting with competent authorities.

Hiring a cleaning service or a maid in Dubai is not a big problem. There are many agencies that provide such services all over UAE. If you wish to book online cleaning service you should visit website today. It is a listing service for reliable cleaning service in Dubai. You can compare cleaning company prices and hire the one that suits you best. Continue to read our blog for more informative articles on dealing with common domestic problems.

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