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How to Clean Floors

Basic hygiene in a house begins with cleaning the floors. Different Floor surfaces have different requirements.

Almost every home has its own floor cleaning routine and in most Dubai homes, it is a daily chore. Generally, cleaning floors means just mopping it with some water mixed with a floor cleaner and the job is done. Well, for some floors, that would indeed do the job, but you cannot treat all the floors the same way. Different floors need to be cleaned in different ways. Cleaning Service Dubai are mostly aware of the various ways to clean different kinds of floors but still, you need to know what are the cleaning requirements for your floors so you can prevent any inadvertent damage to it.

Why Clean Floors?

Cleaning floors seems counter-productive as they almost immediately after start to get dirty again. But, if you did not clean the floors regularly, you have a big health hazard on hands. Dirt from shoes and paws, food crumbs, dust, etc. all these attract pests, insects and germs into the house. Hence, cleaning floors is a necessity.

This is even more true for a hot, humid and dusty place like Dubai where germs can breed rapidly and mould, fungus and pests can take over the house in no time. Cleaning the floor everyday should be a part of the daily chores. If you find it difficult to clean the whole house every day, make it a habit to clean at least those areas that tend to get more dirty. This way you can stay on top of the cleaning when you actually get down to it.

If you can afford it, you should hire a maid in Dubai. Domestic helpers do not cost much and can take care of a lot of house work for you. So, you do not have to spend too much time over weekends in cleaning and housekeeping. If you wish to hire a maid in Dubai, you can do so easily online through This online aggregator of domestic and cleaning services can help you locate a cleaning service Dubai that is close to your location. website is easy to use and you can search for Agencies providing cleaning services in your area. You can compare cleaning companies, prices and inclusions before picking a cleaning service that suits not only your requirements but also your budget.

You can even download the app so you can leave instructions and know exactly when the maid has finished the job and what she has done. So, you don’t need to be at home to oversee the cleaning of your home.

Once you have a maid or a cleaning service scheduled to come and clean your home and floors, make sure they understand the type of floor you have in your home and the correct way to clean it. You definitely do not want your expensive floor to be destroyed by a maid who cleans it up with soap and water!

Types of floors and Cleaning them

Floors can be of many different types. They can be as varied as hard packed dirt to expensive stone inlaid floors. The most common types of floors that are found in Dubai are mentioned below. We also discuss how these floors can be maintained properly so they look great even after years.
Plain Cement floors These are simple poured concrete painted over with cement. They can be coloured or plain grey of the cement. They can have simple designs painted in or just have a border. These floors can be vacuumed, swept and mopped with water and floor cleaner. If maintained properly, these floors can look great and they are easy to maintain. These are perhaps the cheapest floors you will find.

Carpeted Floors

These can be of many different types from deep plush to a simple felt carpet. We have already done a complete post on carpet and rug care before. You can read the post but, here we will just summarize it quickly. A carpet should always be vacuumed. Never sweep or mop it. It can be brushed along the pile with a carpet brush. Any spots or stains should be treated immediately and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Get is cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year so that it doesn’t look dirty or smell.

Laminate Floors

A lot of homes now have laminate flooring. This looks like real wood and is a cheaper and ecofriendly alternative to a real wood floor. These floors need to be taken care of so that they look great even after years. There is little that can harm a laminate but, water is its worst enemy. Never let water get into or under a laminate floor. It will destroy it in no time. The laminate floors need to be dry mopped and vacuumed. If there is a spot on the floor use a damp cloth to remove it. Never use a wet mop over it. Also never polish a laminate floor.

Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors can be expensive to install and thus need a lot of attention to their care. They can either be waxed or treated with polyurethane or some other such coating. Before you begin cleaning the floor, it is best to check the kid of coating it has. The cleaning process for each is different. To check the finish, rub your finger on the floor. If it leaves a smudge then it is a waxed floor and if it doesn’t then it is covered with a polyurethane coating.

For Waxed hardwood Floors: if your floor has a wax finish to it, then the best thing for you to do is to sweep or vacuum it and then dry mop it. You can use linseed oil or other such similar oil to add a bit of shine to it. Never use water to clean a waxed floor. Do not use a wet mop or a steam cleaner over it. Once a year, polish it with wax to refresh the floor. Any spots or stains should be dealt with immediately. If there has been a spill lift it up and then apply a coat of linseed oil over it to cover the spot. Every 2 – 4 years sand and repolish the wood floor to restore its good looks. Walking and scuffing can take its toll on the wood and it can begin to look tired if care is not taken.

For Polyurethane Finish: This finish actually seals off the wood and protects it from water and damp. You can sweep, vacuum and wet mop a wood floor that has been covered with polyurethane coating. To clean the floor, best stay off any harsh chemicals or vinegar based cleaners. Instead, use a pH neutral soap and water solution to mop down the floor. Do not use a steam cleaner on the floor. Depending upon the footfall in the area, you may have to polish the floor every 3 – 5 years with the polyurethane coating again.

Vinyl Floors

Premium vinyl floors can look very beautiful and they are also easy to clean. They can be swept, vacuumed and wet mopped to clean. They are hardwearing floors and can be cleaned with vinegar based cleaners. You can use steam cleaner on it without worry too.

Stone Floors

Natural stone floors can be cleaned with almost anything except vinegar and corrosive cleaners that can destroy the surface and cause it to pit. The best way to clean a stone floor is to sweep or vacuum up all the dust and then mop with a damp mop. You can use a steam mop over a natural stone floor. Clean up any spills as soon as possible. Some stones like marble can soak in stains and spills. Stone floors can look great for years if they are cared for. They are expensive to install but last a lifetime. You may need to polish the floor every 5 – 10 year depending upon the type of stone floor you may have.

Tile Floors

They should be cleaned in a similar manner to the stone or vinyl floors. Tile floors can be extremely hardwearing, resistant to spots and stains and is completely resistant to water damage. It can be cleaned very effectively with a vinegar based cleaning agent. Even acid based corrosive cleaners can be used without worry. You can use a steam mop over it to clean stubborn spots and stains.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of how to clean your floors, we hope you will keep your floors looking great for years to come. If you need domestic help or maid in Dubai, do contact Keep reading our blog for more interesting details and tips on cleaning.

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