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Cleaning services in Dubai – Home cleaning after vacation

With the vacation time ending, getting a clean home in Dubai is more than essential.

Apart from the obvious benefits of going on vacation such as the relaxation, peace of mind and change of pace while it's happening, an additional advantage of vacationing is becoming more self-aware to appreciate and enjoy your own personal environment, home, daily routines, and everyday peculiarities again. Unfortunately, we are well experienced that there’s nothing that slays this positive buzz more, than heading back to a home that brings about all unpleasant demands the minute you step at the door. When going on vacation, the last thing everyone worries about is coming back to a messy home. All in all, your apartment may not get too messy in your absence, however, it will surely be dusty when you return if proper precautions and steps aren’t taken.

By taking some practical, advisable and purposeful actions before you head of for the beach, you can be surer that the home you return to keep the welcoming side with open arms and that comeback is as soothing, predictable, and pleasant as possible.

Leave the closets open

It does sound nice enter an apartment that scents just as enjoyable as the vacation hot spot engraved recently in your memory, right? Well, it can, the basis lies in accessorizing your home with some of the best scents and aromas on the market. Also, be sure to leave all closet doors open as well as the doors to each room. The more the air can flow and circulate while you’re gone, the less stale it will smell when you get home.

Set the Digital Thermostat

Whether your home is on Palm Islands or JLT Dubai, make sure that you set your thermostat to keep the temperature comfortable within the house the entire time you’re gone. Bills shall be a little higher than usual, but extreme heat and humidity can be detrimental to both the interior and the exterior, especially in relation to wooden parts and pest problems.

Deep clean your home

Before you depart, make a super quick deep clean in every room. When each room gets a bit of attention although this is not a pleasant option before heading off, it will result with higher peace of mind in knowing your apartment shall be neat, organized and sparkling when you return. No time to do this by yourself? That’s completely fine. Simply check popular sites such as, check the comments and the available options and book a professional cleaning company in Dubai to cater of your apartment while you’re gone. Voila, now you have the perfect way to encore any vacation!

Before you leave: * Take out the garbage. * Run the dishwasher, empty it, and leave it open to allow better air circulation. * Empty out the fridge and save yourself hours of troubles. * Perform general clutter off of the apartment.

Returning home and back to work after a vacation usually feels like a penalty for overlooking your responsibilities for a limited amount of time. There is a bunch of laundry to do, a heap of emails and regular mail to process, and a small after vacation crisis that must immediately be attended to so you can feel better and more fulfilled.

To make it easier to step back into non-beach life, there are few tips and tricks worth mentioning:

  • Clean before you go. Tidy up your desk at work and make your home as shiny as possible before heading off to your vacation. You can even change the sheets on your bed, so things will be fresh and ready. The first thing to do when back home is starting a load of laundry and wash your vacation garments. It helps in realizing that you need a fresh start.
  • It is highly advisable to take an extra day before going back to the office. Most of us we do perceive this extra day as the vacation from vacation it is highly beneficial for your reintegration in the everyday work-home cycle. It is a day to get familiarized again with your habits.
  • Give yourself a free day the upcoming weekend. Rest, sleep in, have relaxing cup of coffee, catch up on items around the house, or do nothing at all. Now that your loved ones are already back in school, it’s time for you to start thinking about getting your home ready for deeper cleaning. You saved a lot of time and efforts with the pre-vacation clean but regular maintenance is better to provide healthier and cleaner environment for your family. With booking professional cleaning service in Dubai you will not worry any more about kids tracking dirt and sand indoors or spilling snacks everywhere. You can check popular sites such as

Most important things to clean after summer vacation

  • 1. Patio furniture Most typically used household cleaners are too harsh for open-air furniture and can cause it to tarnish. A good sweep and a proper clean with liquid dish detergent should do the trick. Be sure to use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of filth and then spray it all down with a hose then let it air dry.
  • 2. Carpet stains One of the most important advices. Do not leave todays work for tomorrow. Be sure not to put off treating stains only because you have been planning to have the carpets shampooed in the near future. The longer they remain untreated, the more permanent they become.
  • 3. Windows and screens Sunny and glazing days as well as sandy winds in Dubai cause window glass suffer slight damage. Over time, grime can make way into the glass, and it will be hard for the windows to look clean from that point on. Washing glass surfaces with warm water and a drop of liquid dish detergent is a good recipe to rid of the stain. Also, be sure to use a proper squeegee on the glass and with a simple job your will leave it streak-free.
  • 4. Pool toys Practical tips are always welcomed. People use tools, guidelines and experience and develop interesting and easy and ever-day solutions to deal with common issues. As an example, you can combine 2 cups white vinegar and 1 gallon of warm water and spray the dry pool toys while they’re dripping wet then wait for several minutes before you rinse thoroughly. Give them enough time to dry on the scorching sun before putting them away for the year. You can many other tips and tricks, credible comments and guidelines on how to book cleaning service in Dubai online on popular sites such as Share your own as well and keep the network growing.
  • 5. Sleeping bags, outdoor equipment and tents You can put your outdoor equipment inside out and shake them energetically to remove dirt, sand and dust. If the bag’s label states they are good to wash in a machine then just clean by following the directions.

  • 6. Fridges and coolers Wash fridges and coolers inside and out with mild water after you unfreeze them properly. Rinse well and then wipe the whole surface and dry it with a towel, then be sure to leave the fridge door open so it can dry completely. If you close the door there’s a great chance it will catch some mould. Before storing it with items once again, put several sheets of wadded newspaper to absorb odour and avert moisture accumulation.
  • 7. Garage Although most people in Dubai live in apartment building, those living in housing and residential areas know how dirty a garage door can get in summer. Especially due to the sandy winds bringing tons of dust from the desert. Back your car out and wash the floor completely, then use some sand, clay or corn-starch to take care of the oil that dropped from the car. Finally, sweep it all away and wash it thoroughly with a water. Be sure that the floor is dry enough before putting your car back inside.
  • 8. Take your time Now, be sure to do all if the points above gradually and don’t start doing all of it at once while having to re-adjust yourself to regular working hours in the office as well. No one is saying that all of these things have to be cleaned right after the summer vacation. Except for carpet stains, everyone can take your time and deal with one or two a week throughout the season. The weather in Dubai allow it to perform all of these for an extended period of time.

Finally, professional cleaning services in Dubai are just around the corner and can introduce a concept which will help you to have everything ready and back to normal while you are spending your time and efforts doing something that you really want. There are many options available so be sure to check and go through some real-time comments and credible tips on how to find a suitable cleaning expert near

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