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Dubai cleaning services - Why cleaning your home in autumn

With autumn squeezing out the last summer days in Dubai, getting a clean home is more than essential.

With a small average drop in temperature and higher frequency of movement in our homes after we come back from vacation, fabrics in the home can be a haven for the germs, bacteria, mould and mites that thrive in the generally warm Dubai environment. Although with the desert climate in Dubai there are not any particular temperature drops or long cold winters and the variety of clothing is pretty the same all over the year, an autumn clean is definitely an essential way to achieve a healthier environment in the begging of the busiest part of the year.

While a spring clean is about making your home sparkle ahead of the summer sun, an autumn clean is essential for avoiding clutch of dust, sand and dirt accumulated over the summer season when we are mainly travelling somewhere. With the kids back in school, there will be a lot more things to worry about in the household. Sport practices, math classes, sick schoolfriends etc. are just a part of the equation.

A couple simple actions can add on to increase chances of a healthy autumn environment and keep seasonal bugs at away. Experts agree that some of the most important cleaning practices such as keeping duvets and pillows clean is easier than most people think, especially with pieces that can be washed in a laundry machine at home or issues that can be tackled by a professional cleaning service in Dubai.

Booking cleaning experts is probably one of the best options to have everything covered and save your time in a period when time is more than a luxury.

Businesses in Dubai and in general in the Middle East operate in waves and have their picks in the autumn period so most of the active professionals in such a bustling city are busier than usual and wasting their time on cleaning the household is a luxury many of them are not ready to go for. Thus, one of the most popular option is to check in popular sites such as and opt-in for online booking of cleaning services that can deal with all the things left behind after the summer. Experts also agree that because people are so busy at work, they tend to forget some of the main guidelines in home cleaning which they can do on their own:

1. Fresh thinking The main problem pointed out in regions with specific climate such as Dubai when it comes to transferring on germs is the major lack of air ventilation and warm and moist air (mainly due to indoor washing and drying). It is an absolutely ideal setting for typical bugs and germs to flourish. Household members are also more likely to be bringing germs into domestic spaces during the summer and autumn months due to increased movement and activity and, especially during the summer, due to inability to bring in fresh air as a result of extremely high temps.

To combat this, with the average temps in autumn in Dubai decrease, try to open windows as much as possible. More ventilation and fresh outside air can help to refresh stale air and get rid of the likelihood of having tiny particles sneezed or coughed into the air when people are ill to spread. Remember, AC and closed windows also create perfect environments for dust mites, bacteria and mould. Dust mites perform very well in warmer surroundings but do not do well in the cold.

2. Floors, furniture and fabrics Rugs, couches, cushions as well as duvets/mattresses are another popular spot for mites and bacteria, which should all be regularly cleaned. If you think it is an area that is not that much contaminated. think about all the food crumbs, spills, thousands of dead skin cells and sweat that accumulate in these materials during everyday life.

Also, the arrival of autumn is a perfect timing for carpets and rugs to be professionally cleaned. Be sure that vacuum cleaners are working well and perform well – using much older appliances may well lead to leaving a great number of allergy-causing particles around. You can also opt-in for one of the professional cleaning services in Dubai and be sure that the complete cleaning process is done professionally and thoroughly. There are a lot of interesting comments, advices and practical tools on finding a good quality company on, a popular online meeting point for people looking their way through the Dubai services sector. You can check what others gone through in their sourcing process, what are the good sides and what are the bed sides and how to easily book a professional cleaning service online in Dubai.

3. Don't let the bed bugs bite We all perform differently when it comes to our bedtime habits and body types – whether we are talking about drinking a cup of tea in bed (and risking potential spillages) or excessive night-time sweating in autumn leaving traces on the bed.

Some of the most practical and easy to clean mattresses can be washed in a domestic laundry machine and dried as quickly and easily as bed linen thanks to the scorching Dubai sun, so it can be used again on the bed the same day already.

If you suffer from allergies extensively, you should know that it is generally accepted that synthetic pillows and duvets are non-allergenic – meaning they're sort of friendly for allergy victims. However, be sure to always check the cleaning label, as some products have to be professionally maintained, cleaned and handled by experts and by using specific tools and products.

As with pillows, mattresses are just another weak spot easy to be conquered by the mighty mite. Recommended frequency to vacuum mattresses by experts is weekly in order to reduce risk of mites, however, even if just doing this during an autumn and spring clean is better than not doing at all.

4. Open windows Mould and condensation mainly occur when moisture builds up significantly and most often damp is created inside, thus increasing humidity and encouraging bacteria, dust cells and fungi to expand – causing or deteriorating respiratory infections.

5. Vacuum properly Shiny carpets boasting off with clean and fresh looks can still contain a huge amount of dirt, dust and mould and higher indoor temperatures and lack of fresh air can just speed up the process in which bacteria, moulds, mites and yeasts flourish.

Hiring a professional cleaning service in Dubai

Keeping your home clean is vital – but definitely not always amusing. We all admit that one. Very often, even if we are keen on cleaning at a particular moment, our schedule does not allow us to focus on that particular activity as much as we would want or in other cases we simply do not have the urge to do so.

Despite the fact that online booking a cleaning service in Dubai comes as a sort of investment, there are various benefits of having a professional cleaning service cleaning your home. These are some of the most practical ones:

More free time – By using services of a cleaning expert you can easily save 2-3 hours per cleaning session. For the great majority of busy professionals in Dubai, having this opportunity is an immense advantage. Honestly speaking, irritating necessities such as home cleaning can easily turn into an obstacle for you to spend some quality time outside work especially now in the busy season after all the holidays and summer vacation time. By hiring or booking online proficient cleaning services, you are in reality offering yourself some flexibility to manage your own free time while having the job done.

Proper training makes a difference - Regardless of what you do for a living, if you have been doing it for a while you probably became skilled at it over time. It is same for professional cleaning service staff members in Dubai. The more experienced they are – the better they will do their job in your home.

The right equipment and tools - Professional cleaning services does not only possess good skills at what they do, but also have the right equipment for the job. This means that you get a better, more thorough approach and a better final result. A reliable company uses only carefully picked, experienced and trained cleaners. Knowing this, there’s no reason to worry about the level of service you will get and whether it meets your main expectations and personal preferences.

How to find the right partner for you - Many factors should be kept in mind before booking online cleaning service. As in many areas here in the GCC, word-of-mouth still runs the show and a good choice would a well reputed company which provided excellence in carrying out its services. The experience and potential level of the company also matters a lot but often do not fit into the budget side so there are some alternative solutions as well.

In any case, you can visit, one of the most visited sites for online services booking in town. Many people who are in your shoes give practical info and guidelines on finding a proper and professional cleaning company near you in Dubai or offering tips and tricks on how you can do the most important things on your own.

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