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Hire a maid for 25 AED - Compare cleaning in Dubai

Cleaning services Dubai market covers a wide range of services that differ in quality, service and price.

The cleaning services industry is constantly a growing one and it offers individuals with entrepreneurial vision to swiftly and pretty effortlessly integrate and establish a lucrative niche market for themselves. Regardless whether is is about cleaning someone’s household or salesfloor offices of a particular business entity, cleaning services are always in high demand.

Both domestic or house cleaning service and commercial cleaning options include the basics such as general tidying-up, floor vacuuming and general dusting into the package. However, they are also trained and ready to provide more specialized services as well. From carpet scrubbing, curtain pressing and washing up to, deep and spring cleaning and window washing.

All these providers are trained, accredited and equipped with the necessary tools, solutions and equipment for professional service.

Cleaning services market

Whatever services we require, whatever we choose to work with or who we choose to hire – we have to make sure to assess our need completely and make a background before we make the final call. It is completely the same for hiring cleaning services Dubai. Why? Simply because we are trusting our home as our most valuable asset, in their hands and dedication.

The UAE market basically features two categories of cleaning services. The overall cleaning industry is comprised or either commercial large-scale agencies which are able to offer deep cleaning services for whatever business customer and the small, mainly family owned enterprises focused on residential cleaning services.

This gives you the liberty to choose the type of company you employ for yourself entirely based upon your cleaning needs. If you live in a large villa with an extensive garden, swimming pool and the like of it, there is a certain possibility that you would opt-in for the commercial cleaning services, especially since they come with more up-to-date equipment and qualified employees. They are also more likely to offer quality warranty for the services provided. Yet, this option comes with a certain (higher) price tag. These commercial and large-scale operators are often leaning more on the expensive side than the local smaller players offering similar services.

On another note, if you live in a flat in an apartment building or a small house, it would be a better idea to hire your part-time maid or a cleaner through an operator who works locally. Hey, top-notch cleaning equipment is probably not what they are famous for, however it does a pretty decent job suitable for most homes. A lot of these operators can be easily sourced online because they are listed on internet meeting sites such as where you can compare cleaning company in Dubai online easily.

Comparing services, prices and packages

Before book a maid in Dubai, you need to do your homework and compare cleaning services including the rates offered by each provider. There is a quite big variation in rates between operators covering similar services for households in the UAE. In order to make this simpler, it would be a good idea to focus your search through an online aggregator such as before making your final call for booking online cleaning services in Dubai. These aggregators basically represent a really practical platform for clients and agencies to interact, discuss, network and compare offers. Once you find what you need and whether the services you want fit in the budget they suggested, you are ready to hire a part time maid in Dubai.

Dubai as a bustling city boasts a wide variety of home service providers waiting to become your maids in Dubai to nannies ready to lend a helping hand with your loved ones. So, if you are a fan of comparing and booking services without the usual hassle of paying up front, online marketplace is just what you are looking for.

The platform offers instant access to countless service providers in the UAE – listed without a price threshold so you can land a deal at any time (starting as low as AED 25 per/hour for a recurring cleaning).

Doing your thing comparing and booking services right away from your smart device is‘s greatest perk. The platform features options great for rounding up all your top picks, and making a decision based on your budget and general preferences. Here are some of them:

Read customer reviews

Online customer feedback is a great influencer of the masses and the way a typical customer does his/her shopping. Bearing that in mind, users have the option to check the reviews and comments given by previous users before booking a service provider. Once the booking is made, notifications alerting the pending appointment come right your way.

Transparent pricing

All the information listed and transparent so you can easily take a look at the partner cleaning companies in Dubai and see what the difference in price is. Providers set their own pricing ranges as well as the services provided in complete independence without the platform’s involvement.

Reliable cleaning

The platform promotes only professional and reliable cleaning services Dubai from their partner companies. It allows users to evaluate the maid's work after the service has been completed, hence affecting the decision of other users who want to book a similar cleaning service.

Pay online (after it is done)

Here’s the absolute favourite perk about - Customers make the payment directly online from the convenience of your home, and the debit on the card is executed only 3 days after the service to give users time to eventually block the payment if unsatisfied with the service.

Monitor your home from an app

Another pretty cool feature is that after booking a service, customers are able to track and monitor the service provider from their smartphone. The app marks the cleaner’s smartphone as a tracking device - giving you the option to track whether the cleaner is still in your home or has already wrapped up the task. It’s a great safety feature as well.

How to do it

The booking process is rather straightforward. The booking wizard is the first thing you bump into when loading the site. You initially mark the service you need, the duration in hours (here you have practical help with the needed hours for some common apartment sizes listed), location in Dubai, number of maids as well as the frequency of cleaning – one off, once a week or multiple times.

The next step is to mark the time and frequency when the cleaning shall take place. You can mark whether the maid to come every week or in two weeks, which date to start and what day of the week. You also set the hours of the day you want the maid to do the cleaning.

This leads to the selection process for an agency. Here you can use a wide variety of filters in order to find the wanted result which matches your needs, preferences and budget. Every agency has its own rating for the services provided and you can use this rating to filter out agencies with lower or higher rating according to your ideas. You can pick from 0 to 5 stars rating and of course, the higher the rating – the better service they provided to the customers who rated them.

Hourly base rate is coming up next and probably the best part is that you can get a maid for 25 AED /hour for recurring visits. From 25 to 150+ AED per hour, the selection is extensive and wide and there is an offer regardless of your budget. Also bear in fact that all agencies are licensed operators in Dubai.

The cleaning agency selection wizard is so thorough that it also allows you to select the cleaning service provider based on the cleaning products used, from using own’s products to having the agency to cater for them or even to provide bio-based environmentally friendly solutions exclusively for your household.

The cherry on the top of the cake comes with the use of polishing machines as a separate filter to accommodate even the most demanding and peculiar tastes. This brings us to the next stage and that is maid services in Dubai selections including maid’s nationality, setting special tasks up to putting notes for the maid.

You then put down your exact contact details and your address and voila, you are ready for the payment. Having the opportunity to pay online for the maid services is probably one of the best perks of using this service. No hassle, no worries, everything is summed up in several easy steps and you end up with more free time on your hands. Plus, you are protected by all the way through. Sounds neat, doesn’t it?

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