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Hire a maid in Dubai

In todays fast paced world, when each one of us is busy in our lives, the thing that suffers our negligence the most is our house. Even if you are not working full time and are a stay at home mother, somehow you are too occupied to give your time to the mundane tasks of cleaning the house, doing the dishes, tidying the exquisite show pieces, making beds, mopping, dusting etc.

The simple solution to the above mentioned problem lies in hiring a maid.

The idea of hiring a maid is even though loved my most of us but there have been a few unwanted stories as well. Following is a procedural line of events that you need to follow when hiring a maid in Dubai.

Preconditions and Documents needed for obtaining a Visa

The first and foremost step in hiring a maid is obtaining the maids Visa. The Visa can only be obtained by the head of the family who is required to have an income of more than AED 6,000 a month or AED 5,000 + accommodation. The bachelors are not allowed to keep domestic help. You are only allowed to hire a maid from countries like India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. You will first have to apply for a residence Visa which will be the employment permit of the maid to enter Dubai and then once she starts working, you will then have to apply for Medical Fitness Report. The maids passport needs a residence stamp and then only she will be issued a domestic worker card. Also, you need to submit the following documents for obtaining the residence visa:

  • The passport of the sponsor
  • The copy of the passport of the maid
  • The application form which needs to be typed from an authorized typing office
  • Minimum 3 passport sized photographs of the maid
  • In case of a government employee being the sponsor, the salary certificate of the sponsor in Arabic
  • In case of a private employee being the sponsor, the labor contract of the sponsor and accommodation contract which shows a minimum of 2 bedroom apartment
  • If the maid is from the same country, then one needs to present the affidavit from the embassy certifying that the maid is not related to the sponsor.

Steps to follow

  1. First of all you need to get the application form filled up from the authorized typist which will cost you about AED 110 and additional typist fee.
  2. Next you need to submit all the documents with a courier sticker attached for non-urgent visa to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. In case you have applied for an urgent visa, you need to obtain the employment entry permit and then pay a refundable amount of AED 2000 with the application.
  3. You then need to send either a copy or the original visa to the maid and in case you are sending a copy, you need to deposit the original visa at the Dubai airport or DNATA visa desk or at DNRD counter.
  4. Once your maid has arrived in the country, you need to apply for the resident permit and medical fitness report within 30 days. You need to pay for the form and submit to the DNRD counter.
  5. Next comes the medical screening wherein the maid will be screened for diseases like HIV, TB & Leprosy, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, pregnancy and will be given a vaccination against Hepatitis. The fitness tests can cost from AED 325 to AED 740 depending on your budget.

    Getting the Domestic Worker Identity Card

    Next comes the Domestic Worker Identity Card that every sponsor needs to get for the maid.
  • Before obtaining the Identity card, you need to get the medical fitness results and pay for the resident visa
  • Along with the medical fitness report, you need to submit the resident visa application to DNRD counter from where you will obtain a token for automated system queue.
  • Once your number comes, you need to submit the application along with the documents mentioned in the first section.
  • Next you declare the salary that you will be giving to the maid and then receive 3 printouts of the unified contract. This needs to be signed both by the sponsor and the maid. Next the officer will return 2 copies to you along with the stamping of the maids passport with residence stamp valid for one year.
  • Post this, you will be handed over the Domestic Worker Identity Card and the refundable amount, if any.

We saw that hiring a maid in Dubai is not a walk in the park but is rather a daunting task, thus you may want to employ a maid only when you require. If that's the case you may be interested in discovering, an online platform where you can match the comperitors, pay online and monitor through the smart App the service.

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