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Essentials of Deep Cleaning in Dubai

Daily cleaning cannot take care of all the cleaning needs of a home. Deep cleaning at least twice a year is essential.

Most of our regular cleaning is restricted to vacuuming and dusting the house, cleaning the toilet seats, the shower area and the wash basin, washing and wiping the kitchen surfaces. We do not have enough time for a thorough clean every day. Moreover, it is not required every single day. Our homes have many places that are not cleaned every day. These include our stores, wardrobes, attic, garage and other such places. These areas do not need a regular cleaning as we do not access them as much or they take too much time to clean. Then there are the furnishings and fixtures within the house that do not need to be cleaned every single day. Mattresses, cushions, curtains, couches and other such items cannot be and more importantly, should not be cleaned every day. These only need to be attended to occasionally.

Every few months, a thorough cleaning is required to ensure that your house is clean, healthy and clutter free. This requires a deep cleaning of the house.

Deep cleaning Vs Daily Cleaning

A deep clean is a more intensive cleaning as compared to a regular cleaning. Each and every nook and cranny of the house is cleaned and looked through. It involves not just dusting, mopping and vacuuming, but also includes decluttering, dealing with stains and spots, cleaning of all fixtures, cleaning of the toilets, kitchen appliances, changing and cleaning the soft furnishings, etc.

While daily cleaning and tidying up takes a few minutes of your day and not much effort, deep cleaning is labour intensive and may take you more than a day to get through the entire house.

Living in a hot and humid place like Dubai, it is common to find bugs and pests in the house. You can deal with most of them during your regular cleaning, but there are some pests that sneak their way into areas that you do not attend to every day. They live and breed there, unknown to you. A deep clean ensures that you look into every neglected corner and clean it properly, dislodging these unwanted guests in your house. If you want to read about how to get rid of common household pests, there is a good blog post on website.

In a humid place like Dubai, there is a problem with mould too. During your regular cleaning you often overlook things that are stored and this may cause them to grow musty and mouldy. A deep clean will ensure that all your belongings get aired and cleaned properly and the mould treated. This preserves your belongings and they last longer.

When Is Deep Cleaning Required?

Living in a hot humid region of the world, you would need to deep clean your house at least twice a year. The humidity and heat of Dubai make a perfect breeding ground for yeast, mould and bugs, etc. Though most of our homes are air conditioned and probably dust proofed too still, you would be surprised at the amount of grime that can build up in just 5- -6 months.

A deep clean is definitely recommended every 6 months. If you are planning to shift, the right time to deep clean the house would be right before you move. This would ensure that you do not take anything that you might not need to your new house. It is a great time to air everything out, have a good think about what you wish to keep and what can be discarded. Also, it is nice to leave a squeaky clean house for the next occupant. You certainly do not want the new occupants to think of you as a filth pot!

You also need to deep clean the new house you are moving into. You never know how the previous occupants had left the house. Also' you cannot be sure how long the house had been vacant and whether it had been cleaned in the interim period or not. So, you need to make sure that the house you move into is clean, has no bugs or pests and is properly aired before you move your family into it.

It is a good idea to deep clean the house before a major festival or celebration in the family. Your house should be sparkly clean and fresh for the occasion. If you are holding a party, you may consider a deep cleaning of the house after the event too. With so many people around, there are bound to be spills, stains, dirty footprints and food left in unexpected place. It is a great idea to hire a maid in Dubai to help you deep clean after a party. If you wish to book a maid online or a cleaning service, you can easily look at the various domestic service agencies operating in Dubai on

If you are painting or renovating the house, it is a great idea to deep clean the house after the completion of the job.

Starting Deep Cleaning

It is prudent to take a stock of your home and cleaning supplies before you begin with the deep cleaning. It is best to start from the top of the house and make your way downwards. If you are wondering why, the reason is simple, all the dust and muck finally settles down and if you start at the bottom, you will have to clean it up all over again after you have finished cleaning the top. So whether it is the house or a particular room, always clean the top and work your way down. Also start from the deepest part of the house and make your way out. This is to ensure that the areas that have been cleaned do not get dirty again when you are cleaning the other parts of the house. If you have an attic, start there first. Then make your way to the stores, pantries, bedrooms etc. Then tackle the toilets and kitchen and leave the common and most heavily used areas for the end. The last thing to clean should be the outside areas.

Areas To Focus Upon While Deep Cleaning

While deep cleaning you need to pay attention to those areas that you do not cover during normal cleaning. These would include:

All appliances: inside, above, and behind all appliances such as refrigerator, deep freeze, washing machine, dryer, dish-washer, oven, cooking hob, microwave and any other heavy equipment or appliance you may have in your house.

All furniture: move all furniture from its place and clean all around it, under it and over it. Treat all stains, spills and built up grime. Clean the top of all heavy and tall furniture. If required, give it a coat of paint or polish before replacing it back in its usual place.

All Soft Furnishings: cushions, seat pads, curtains, throws, carpets, rugs, foot mats, etc. need to be taken down and examined for damage. All the soft furnishings need to be cleaned or refreshed properly before being replaced. The carpets and rugs can be sent to a professional cleaner to be cleaned and refreshed. The curtains can either be washed cleaned and rehung, or they can be replaced to give a new look to your house. The doormats should be examined and if they are too worn, should be replaced. The cushions need to be cleaned and washed if possible. If they are too old, it is best to replace with new ones. The pillows also need to be treated just like the cushions. Seat pads, mattresses couches etc, need to be vacuumed and aired. If there are any stains on these, remove these before replacing them. Baking Soda is a great cleaner for such furnishing. It not only cleans it also deodorizes. You can read how to use Baking Soda to Clean just about everything here on this blog post.

All fixtures, decorative items and Fittings: curtain rods, paintings, pictures, light fixtures, bathroom and kitchen fittings, etc. need to be examined for damage, checked that they are working properly. They should all be cleaned properly. Some fixtures may need more attention than the others. Paintings and other such decoratives need to be handled carefully and cleaned properly depending upon the material they are made of. Light and lamp shades also need to be cleaned properly.

All Cupboards, Cabinets and Wardrobes: Take out all that is stored in the cupboards, cabinets and wardrobes. Go through each item and assess its use. All the things that are no longer useful should be cast away. Vacuum and clean the insides of the cupboards and wipe the shelves clean. Line them with fresh shelf liners. Clean all the items before replacing them back inside. Stack books, clothes, etc. neatly. Any glass should be cleaned properly.

All Windows and Doors: whether you have wooden shutters or glass door and windows, they need to be cleaned from time to time. It is wise to wait for the rains to be over before cleaning the glass windows. All the glass needs to be cleaned with a glass cleaner and wiped properly to avoid any streaks. The doors need to be wiped clean and if required painted or polished to give them a new life. All steel or brass fittings should be polished to a glossy shine.

All Walls, Floors and Surfaces: examine all the walls and surfaces for any damage. If you spot any, deal with it instantly and repair the damage. If required, repaint the walls and ceilings. This may not be needed every time you deep clean but you should repaint the house at least every alternate year. Dust down all the surfaces starting from the top and making your way down to the floor. Any wooden floors and claddings should be examined for damage and polished. Wash and polish the stone floors. All tiled surfaces should be cleaned with a descaling agent. Bathroom tiles need to be examined and grouting checked. Any cracked or chipped grouting should be repaired. Use a stain remover to clean the bathroom tiles and grout. Pay special attention to the shower area, shower door, behind the toilet seat, under the wash basin and sink. All the fixtures such as the taps, drains, pipes etc. should be checked for blockages and leaks. If there are any, these should be dealt with at the earliest.

Besides this, you need to deal with any outside areas too. They need to be cleaned out just as thoroughly as the inside of the house. Throw away all the accumulated junk and declutter your yard. Clean and sanitize your garbage bin and waste cans. If required replace them.

You may find that deep cleaning a house is not an easy task. If you are a fulltime housewife, you may want to do it yourself. If you are a working woman, you might need to hire a cleaning service in Dubai to do it for you. You can look up a suitable cleaning service providing deep cleaning services in your locality on

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