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Environment Friendly Cleaning Agents

The air quality in our homes can be improved by using environmentally friendly cleaning products at home.

Changing Perceptions

A lot of us have used nothing but commercially available cleaning products. Attracted to their magical cleaning qualities by a blitz of advertising and endorsements, we overlook the fact that most of these products are all chemical based and probably harmful to humans. The convenience of picking up a pre-prepared cleaning product lures us into ignoring the warnings that are written in the smallest of writing. Moreover, the bigger environmental problems facing the earth distract us from the disaster that lurks within our homes and buildings. We are so engrossed in what is happening around us that we fail to take cognizance of what is happening in our homes. The air quality in our homes is steadily declining and we do not even know of it. A lot of the modern construction material, glues, paints, veneers, polishes, etc. contain chemicals to make them stronger and longer lasting. Though this is a laudable effort, but it comes at a cost. These materials give out chemical fumes that make the air quality within our homes decline drastically. The problem is compounded in climate controlled areas where the same air is circulated to maintain the temperature within the building. There is no way for these fumes to escape and they can eventually build up to a highly toxic level. Whether we like to believe it or not, our cleaning products just add to the already existing problem.

Now, people are becoming more aware of the hazards of poor indoor air quality which can lead to several health problems. But what can one do to prevent this problem? There is a lot you can do.

Get Working Towards Cleaner Air

You can start by removing all the chemicals within your house and storing them outside. Keeping the house well ventilated and allowing fresh air to circulate through the house is a good idea.

Controlling the dust and mold within the house is also a great way of improving the air quality. Mold is a well-known allergen that can cause severe health problems including asthma and other respiratory infections. You can control mold by preventing the house from becoming too humid. Molds thrive in humidity and warmth. By controlling humidity inside the house, you can prevent mold from growing.

Carpets and rugs are great dust traps. Cleaning and vacuuming them is a good way of controlling the amount of dust they trap. Read our post about cleaning rugs to tackle this problem.

There are some plants that help to purify air. If you place them indoors they help to soak up the chemical fumes and improve the air quality within the home. These plants thrive well indoors and add to your decore too. Plants such as philodendron, dracaena, English ivy, ficus, snake plant, peace lily, etc. are great air purifiers.

To be more proactive about having clean air within your home, it would be a great idea to look into your cleaning cupboard and replace all your cleaning products with green cleaning products.

Making the Change Towards Environment Friendly Cleaning Agents

Though it may seem to be a daunting task when you start off, it is not all that difficult to change over to green cleaning products. The bigger task may be convincing your maid and your family to start using them. A lot of people believe that if it is green it is less effective and may be resistant to using the products you give them. If that is the case with your maid or cleaning service in Dubai, I would suggest that you look for another.

There are many green cleaning services that will offer you maids in Dubai who will use green cleaning products. If you wish to look for green cleaning service Dubai, a good place to start is It is a platform that connects cleaning services Dubai to clients who wish to hire a maid. You can look for a green cleaning service online through If you wish to be a hundred percent sure that the maid you have hired is actually using eco-friendly product, it is best that you provide the cleaning products yourself.

With people taking more interest in environment friendly cleaning, it has become increasingly easy to find green products on shop shelves. These products are as good as their chemical counterparts, but can be slightly more expensive. That is a small price to pay for good health and clean air in your home. If you are very conscious of the costs, then you should look into the prospect of creating your own cleaning products. This is not just cost effective, you can also customize it to your liking and best of all you know exactly what you have added to it so you can be completely sure that your cleaners are truly eco-friendly.

Creating Your Own Cleaning Products

Most of the ingredients that we will use for making the products mentioned below use non-toxic or organic ingredients that do not pose any harm to humans. Some of these recipes we have already shared with you in previous posts.

Bathroom Cleaner: Any citrus fruit is a good cleaner, but grape fruit or lemon pack an extra punch. Cut the lemon in half and dip the cut end in salt. Now use this salted lemon on the rust stains and water marks in the bathroom. Rub the lemon and salt all over. Leave for a few minutes and scrub with a hard brush and wipe with a damp cloth. You bathroom will not only be squeaky clean, it will also smell deliciously lemony.

Glass or Mirror Cleaner: Add together one part isopropanol (rubbing alcohol), two part vinegar, and four parts of water together. Add in a few drops of your favourite essential oil for a perfumed cleaner or just chuck in some grated lemon or orange peel into it for a more citrus smell. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and your mirror/glass cleaner is ready to use.

Porcelain tile and surface cleaner: this is a heavy duty cleaner for the more grimy areas. You will need half a lemon and some washing soda or Borax. Just dip the lemon into the borax and scrub it over the porcelain. Wipe it clean with a sponge soaked in warm water.

Remove grease stains from clothes: Before washing the garment or cloth, sprinkle a generous dusting of talcum powder or chalk powder over the grease stain. Let it rest a few hours before you wash the cloth. You can use the normal procedure for washing. The grease stains will be gone!

Laundry Soap: You can replace your detergent with a natural substitute that is just as good or even better than your detergent. You can even use it in your washing machine to clean your clothes. There is a berry called the soap nut that can be used for laundry. It is easily available in most organic shops. The nuts can either be boiled in water to extract a liquid soap or can be tossed into the washing machine along with the clothes. It can also be powdered and used in the washing machine in place of detergent powder.

Brass or Copper Cleaner: A mixture of lemon and salt is an excellent brass or copper cleaner. Just rub it over the surface to be cleaned, wait a few minutes and wash thoroughly in warm water. If it still looks tarnished, repeat the process.

Silver or Gold Cleaner: toothpaste, especially the non-gel tooth paste is perhaps, one of the best polishing and cleaning agent for gold and silver objects. Just apply directly to the surface and scrub with a soft brush or a toothbrush. Was clean with warm water.

Carpet Cleaner: A mixture of Borax, Vinegar and salt makes and excellent carpet cleaner. Just apply the mixture to the carpet. Leave for a while and vacuum it clean. Refresh the carpet by using a steam mop over it. If the carpet is smelly, sprinkle a generous dusting of baking soda over it and leave overnight. Vacuum the baking soda the next morning for a fresh smelling carpet. The same method can be applied for all upholstered furniture too.

All Purpose Spray: This spray can be used on just about everything. So if you do not fancy having a dozen bottles sitting in your cleaning cupboard, you should make this cleaner and use it. Mix equal parts of Hydrogen Peroxide, lemon juice and water together. Shake well and it is ready to zap away dirt, germs and bacteria.

Now that you know how easy it is to make your own environment friendly cleaning products, you will apply this knowledge to make your house as chemically free as possible. To keep reading more useful posts and learn great cleaning tips, stay in touch with the blog. We post interesting blogs every week which help you make better choices.

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