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Common Household Bugs Found in Dubai and Dealing With Them – Part 2

Pest infestation is widespread in Dubai homes. Learn about common pest and how to deal with them in this blog post.

In the first part of this post, we learned that Pests love warm climate and places and seek your homes where they can have easy access to food and shelter. Pests in any home can cause serious infections and diseases and should be dealt with immediately and decisively. Other pests may attack your furniture and other valuable possessions and destroy them.

Just having a clean home is no guarantee of a pest free home. To keep a home free of invasive insects and animals takes a lot of effort on the part of the home-owner and the domestic staff or cleaning service that has been employed to take care of the cleanliness and hygiene of the home.

Pests Found in Dubai We Have Already Discussed

In the first part of this post, we discussed the two most commonly found pests across the world as well as in Dubai. These were the rats/mice and the cockroaches. We discussed how they can pose a serious threat to your health and possessions and suggested ways to deal with these vermin. This included ways in which you should prevent them from entering your homes and if they have invaded your home, the ways to deal with them on your own as well as calling in the experts to deal with the problem. In this, the second part of the blog post, we will discuss other pests found in Dubai and teach you ways to control an infestation and get rid of them from your house.

Some More Common Household Pests Found in Dubai and Dealing With Them

Besides the rat, mice and the cockroaches there are many more bugs, vermin and pests that sneak their way into your home without you even noticing them. You only come to realize their presence once they start doing the damage and are already thriving and multiplying in your home. Let us look at some more of these pests and how we can safeguard our homes from them.


No one likes flies buzzing around their ears or sitting on exposed parts of the body. They are irritating and a big nuisance. They are also carriers of diseases transmitting bacteria and other disease causing pathogens to the food. Flies are responsible for diseases like salmonella, tuberculosis, typhoid, etc. They contaminate the food and this is the reason why we need to banish them from our homes.

There are three types of flies that are common in UAE and Dubai. Each of these flies has different breeding and living pattern and needs to be dealt with individually. These are:

  • Fruit Flies: They are attracted to ripening fruits. Fruit flies hover around ripe and over ripe fruit. They seek out fermenting and over ripe fruits to lay their eggs. The larvae live off the fruit and make it inedible.

  • House Flies: These are the common flies that you see in the homes. House flies are found around food and multiply very fast as each adult female house fly lays up to 150 eggs. During the warmer months, the house flies can complete their journey from egg to adult is as little as 7 days. They breed in warm moist places that have decaying organic matter.

  • Drain Flies: These breed in faecal matter and around drains, septic tanks and sewage. Drain flies are mostly found around bathroom and kitchen drains. They breed in the organic matter that collects around the drains.

To control the problem of flies in your home, the best way is to prevent them from breeding. Remove their favourite breeding medium to control them. Clean all the drains and make sure there is no water stagnant in them. Moisture is a flies best friend and it needs it to breed. Keeping a clean house will prevent decaying organic matter from accumulating or providing a breeding ground for the flies. Ensure that there are no fruits or vegetables left decaying in or around the house. Keep your garbage bins covered and clean. Make sure all food is covered. Leave no crumbs around for the flies. Cover all doors and windows with fly mesh to keep not just flies but also other insects out. If the infestation is bad, use a fly spray inside the house to deal with the problem. There are many very effective fly sprays available in the market. There are also flytraps that are available. You could use them for a more environmentally friendly way of dealing with the fly menace. The most important thing is to keep the house and the surroundings clean and hygienic. If you need help, hire a cleaning service or a maid to help you with the cleaning. You can find help on

Bed Bugs

Dubai is no alien to bed bug infestations. Though the bugs themselves do not spread any diseases, their bites can be very itchy and can cause secondary infections at the bite site. Though they are commonly found in beds, the bed bugs also live in crack and crevasses in your house and any furniture they can make their way to. Each female adult bug lays up to five hundred eggs in its lifetime. Each egg reaches the adult level in about a month’s time. So, a bed bug infestation can very quickly escalate to alarming levels.

Bed bugs, normally, feed on human blood but can also survive on rat, rabbit, mice and chicken blood. They are extremely hardy and can survive up to 15 months without feeding. They are mostly found around human habitation and can be transmitted through luggage, clothing, etc. They do not nest like other insects but huddle together in groups in favourable places where they can reach humans easily to feed on the blood. Their favourite places include – mattresses, headboards, bed frames, etc. As their numbers grow they may spread over the entire house and then over to the neighbouring houses.

Hygiene has nothing to do with bed bug infestations. You can find them equally in sparkly clean houses as in filthy ones. The bugs are most active at night and bite people in the dark when they are asleep. The only way you can identify a bed bug infestation is by either spotting the insect or by finding blood stains on the bedding, rusty spots on the bed-clothes, mattresses and the walls, etc. The bugs give off a musty odour which is a sure shot sign of bed bug infestation.

Dealing with the infestation requires a concerted effort from you and calling in a professional exterminator. There is no way you can alone deal with the problem. Once the exterminator has been through the house take down all curtains, pillows, cushions and other bed-clothes and wash them in hot water and dry them at the highest setting in the dryer. For toys, stick them in the dryer with the highest settings to kill all the eggs and nymphs. Remove all the carpets and have them professionally cleaned. Fill in all the cracks. Cover mattresses with dust-covers for at least a year after the cleanings. Vacuum the house regularly and seal the vacuum bag properly before disposing it off. A sustained attack on the breeding sites will soon see the end of the bed bugs in your home.


Another common pest found in our homes is the ant. These tiny creatures find their way into our homes and are found all over the planet. They enter our houses in search of food. They most commonly live in dry warm soil or in cracks under the floor or paving. Ants can contaminate our food and are considered pests because they tend to attack in large numbers. Some ants bite humans and their bites can hurt a lot. Though there are thousands of different species of ants in the world, there are only about 70 different species found in UAE.

If you keep your house neat and tidy and food properly stored, you are unlikely to have ants invading your house. But in case you do have an ant infestation, the best way to deal with it is to call professional exterminators to deal with it. To prevent ants from nesting around your house and entering your home, you need to prevent any access to food. So, the garbage bins should have tight lids, All food should be stored in airtight container. Clean the kitchen surface and area so there are no food crumbs available to the ants. Seal off all gaps and cracks through which the ants may gain entry to your house. If you see a trail of ant, quickly clean the area with soap and water to deter the ants off. Clear all clutter from within and outside the house. If you see lots of ant nests and trails in the house, it is time to call the professionals to exterminate them.

To Sum It Up

Most cases of pest infestation happen because we are unaware and do not take proper care of our houses. The first rule of a pest free house is to maintain a clean house that does not allow entry to pests. Preventing a pest from entering the house is the key to pest management. We still haven’t dealt with all the pests that can find their way into your Dubai home. We may take up the rest of them later in another post. If you require professional help in cleaning your home, do visit It is an online platform for all types of domestic services. There are many different agencies listed on the site. You can compare services and prices of the various agencies and pick the one that suits you the most. Book online cleaning service through and make your home sparkly clean. Learn more about us and contact us today.

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