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Common Household Bugs Found in Dubai and Dealing With Them – Part 1

Bugs, pests, and insects thrive in warm climates such as that of Dubai. Getting rid of them is a challenge.

Our homes are not inhabited by us alone. There are hundreds of uninvited creatures who sneak their way into our houses. Warm climates are especially conducive to insect and bug life and it is a challenge for most home-owners to keep their houses free of vermin of all sorts.

Clean House No Guarantee of Pest Free Home

It is a misconception that a clean house is vermin free. A house that may look neat, clean and organized can also have all kinds of little creatures lurking in corner and crevices of the wall inside and outside the house. If you have pets, then your problem is compounded. Some of these pests, bugs and insects are harmless, but there are others that can spread diseases and cause serious damage to property. Thus it is important to clean your house thoroughly every few months to ensure that your house is really not a breeding ground for pests. It is easy to find a cleaning service in Dubai to come and do a complete cleaning of your house if you are unable to find time to do it yourself. There are many cleaning services listed at the website You can pick and hire online, cleaning service near your home. Whether it is a daily, weekly or just a spring cleaning you require, the agencies listed at will be able to help you out.

In case, you have a full-time maid living with you, she can be entrusted to deal with these pests. Some of the pests are easy to get rid of others require a lot of effort and even strong insecticides to get rid of, especially if the problem has escalated.

Why Get Rid of Pests?

You may wonder why we are so paranoid about pests and getting rid of them. Some may even say, they are also living creatures and need a place to live. Ok agreed, they are also living things but their place is not within your home. These pests pose a serious hazard to the health of your family and your possessions. Here is how you can be affected: * Some pests carry germs that can make you sick.

  • They carry allergens that can give you allergies.

  • Faecal droppings and cells shed by the pests can cause irritation and contaminate the air in your house.

  • Pests bring in bacteria which can infect you and give you diseases such as salmonella infection, dengue, malaria, etc.

  • They breed and multiply very fast and can over-run your house in no time.

  • They can destroy your furniture, clothes and spoil your food.

There are many more reasons we can cite to convince you that pests have no place in your home or around you. But these should suffice for now.

Common Household Pests Found in Dubai And Dealing with them

There are literally hundreds of bugs that we can find in and around us. But not all of them make their way into our houses. The top pests found in Dubai are:

Rats and Mice

Perhaps the most common and most destructive pests found across the world has to be rat and mice. They thrive everywhere and breed very quickly. They are also the worst health hazard of all the pests that make their way into your house. They leave a trail of disease and infection behind them. They can give you diseases like salmonella, meningitis, etc. They also carry the flea that causes plague.

The most common rat found in Dubai are the black rats and you certainly do not want these creatures living in your house. They destroy your furniture, gnaw their way through the walls. If they get into your closet, then your clothes will be chewed up. They pose a serious fire hazard as they can get into wall cavities and chew through your electrical wiring, causing a short-circuit and a fire.

Dealing with rats and mice is not a huge problem. The first thing to do is close all the crevices and crack or gaps through which they find their way into your house. Then you can begin to deal with the problem of getting rid of them.

The easiest way is to use a mouse trap to catch them. There are many different types of traps available in the market. Pick the one that you like the best. There are also electronic mouse traps available that kill the rat and are very effective in dealing with the rats.

Another way to deal with them is to use a rat poison to bait and kill them. This is not a very good alternative, especially if you have babies or pets in the house. It is equally harmful to larger mammals and humans alike.

Mice are wary of certain smells and animals. Having a cat is a good way to get rid of mice and rats naturally. The smell of fox or fox urine is sure to keep the rodents out. For closets and pantries, mothballs and peppermint might work better as these smells also repel mice.

If the problem is very severe, then you will need a professional exterminator. Once the exterminator has rid the house of the rodents, find a cleaning service on to come and give a thorough cleaning of your house to make it sparkly clean.


These are such hardy pests that they can even survive a nuclear blast. A cockroach can live up to a week without a head. Now if that is not enough to scare you off them, you need to know that they carry a trail of disease with them. Cockroaches live in the filthiest of places and come into our homes in search of food and a warm safe place. As they move around your house, they leave a trail of bacteria, germs and parasites behind them which can make humans extremely sick. They can cause allergies and give you severe stomach infections. They live in tiny cracks and spaces behind cupboards, etc. in your kitchen, pantry and elsewhere in your home.

Getting rid of cockroaches takes time and determination. The first thing to do is not to leave any food or crumbs out for the cockroaches to be attracted to your house. Cleaning your kitchen, stove top, sink and wiping it clean will ensure that there is no food for the cockroach to feast on. Seal all cracks and holes so there is no place for the critters to hide. Just preventing them access to food and water will take care of the worst of the problem.

Hygiene is the first step to dealing with the cockroaches. You can try swatting at them, but it will take a long time to get rid of them and they breed faster than you can get rid of them. A better way to deal with it is to use a bait to kill it. You can use a store bought bait or use your own. To make your own bait use a mixture of flour, sugar and boric acid powder. Place it in areas that the roaches frequent. It may take a while to finish all of them off but it eventually will.

You can also use insecticides to deal with the cockroaches. There are many different insecticides available in the market for you to choose from. If you do not want chemicals in the house, keep a spray bottle of soap water handy. As soon as you see a cockroach spray it with the soap water and watch it die. If the problem is very severe, you can find potent liquid concentrates to get rid of the cockroaches. Just mix in water as per instructions and wipe all surfaces and seal all cracks with it. If you do not want to get your hands dirty, then call a professional exterminator to clean up your house of these noxious creatures.

More to Come Later

The list of the common pests found in Dubai is by no means confined to just two – the rat/mice and cockroaches. We will continue with the rest of the common household pests found in Dubai next week. The list includes many more invisible creatures that lurk in your bed, your body and your clothes, without you even knowing about them. They live on your pets and then make you and your pets sick. So don’t forget to return back next week to read about the rest of the pests found in your home and how to get rid of them.

Meanwhile, make sure that your house is clean and hygienic. This, itself, should eliminate most of the problems you may have with pests. To find a reliable cleaning service or a maid in Dubai, visit You can compare cleaning services prices and hire a maid online to help you with a deep clean of your house so your house is clean, hygienic and pest free.

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