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Top deep cleaning tips for your bathroom

Deep cleaning the bathroom and keeping it in order and tidy is of crucial importance for our health.

Still, many people often put it somewhat aside until the last possible moment because it can turn into hassle if prolonged for a while and the specific odors, the mildew and some of the surfaces can be so difficult to get impeccably clean. Many people decide to book a maid in Dubai and compare cleaning services available on the market and even get a maid for 25 AED.

This is always a good option because not only you will save your time, but you will also be sure it is properly done by professionals. You can analyze cleaning services Dubai on, the most visited website when it comes to online services booking in the UAE and the region.

Smart appliances, showers, mirrors, toilets and more are now part of the modern bathroom. However, none of them can save you from the cleaning process neither daily nor weekly. Nonetheless, a regular cleaning schedule acts as an awesome prevention to building up grime and germs and save you previous time in the long run.

Bathrooms represent good environment for dirt and bacteria, so regular deep cleaning is more than important. Now, let’s end the cleaning debates once and for all.

Best tips and tricks

Interestingly enough, in most rooms around the home, the key to both thorough and efficient cleaning process is working your way from top to bottom, left to right, in order to avoid going over the same surface twice.

Bathrooms are somewhat different, though. Good practices show that spraying the toilet and shower with active cleaning products firstly then moving on to the rest of the surfaces while the cleansers do their work is the most efficient approach.

Cleaning the shower – the efficient way

Pour some cleaning product with active ingredients and fully submerge and soak the shower head nozzle while focusing on the other parts. Remove it at the end of the process and run the water to rinse it off. Feel free to give plastic shower curtains and liners a session in the washing machine with some of your regular detergent and a few old towels, which will help in scrubbing of soap scum and mildew. Then, simply hang them again for easier drying. If you have shower doors, you can apply some nonabrasive cleaning product and let it sit for an hour, then simply rub it off in circular movements with a microfiber cloth and rinse with water and then get a dry microfiber cloth to wrap up the process. Weekly scrubbing is generally enough for the tub. Special attention should be given to the drain.

How to clean tiles, ceilings and walls

Use an all-purpose cleaner with active ingredients to spray tiles, walls, countertops as well as the ceiling and turn on the hot water of the shower until steam builds (roughly takes about five minutes). Then, turn off the water and let the steam and the cleaner do their magic for roughly 20-30 minutes. Finally, wipe down these surfaces with a clean cloth. Wipe the tile floor, at the end, only after the rest of the dirty work is completed.

Sparkly clean toilet - what to do?

Start by applying cleaning solvent with a bit stronger active ingredient to remove stains caused by mineral deposits and lime scale but gentle enough not to damage surfaces. Leave it for a while and then brush and flush. Then deal with the toilet brush itself by pouring bleach over the bristles and douse with a pitcher of clean water. Finally, fill the canister with warm, soapy water and let sit for some time before dumping the dirty water into the toilet.

Cleaning the bathroom sink

Find some cleaning product which does not damage surfaces or even use some white vinegar or baking soda and pour it down the drain and flush with hot water. This will both clean the inner part of the sink, but it will also unclog the drain and make the flow easier. For the faucet, disposable disinfecting wipes, can do the trick because they can significantly reduce bacteria. When the handles are done, flossing the faucet is the best way to tackle the narrow space between the base of the faucet.

Tips to clean the bathroom floors

Most bathrooms are lined with tile floors, as they stand best chances against water. To deep clean tiles and grout, the most practical way is to start by vacuuming the hard-surface setting as it proves more effective than sweeping. The latter can also cause present dirt to scratch your tiles and to embed in grout. When done with vacuuming simply follow up with a microfiber mop dipped in active tile and grout cleaning solution. Grout brush can be used to tackle any stains in those particular areas.

Tips and tricks are never enough, and many people have different experiences with certain types of cleaning products, solutions or even different types of surfaces, both when it comes to ceramics, tiles, walls, faucets, drains etc. You can always share your experience and check what others have used on, the leading online services booking marketplace. If you opt in for a professional cleaning services provider in Dubai, you can set your parameters and find one which matches your budget and schedule and [directly book online] from the convenience of your own home.

Why deep cleaning is so important?

When we talk about a professional deep house cleaning service, we are not describing a part time maid service that will wash your dishes or make your bed. It engulfs a top to bottom scrubbing of your house, from ceilings to floors, that gets rid of the grime buildup that general housekeeping simply can't deal with.

The bathroom is definitely one of the most difficult areas to maintain tidy and clean and it often makes people reluctant to do their daily or weekly cleaning homework. Busy Dubai lifestyle and time restrictions all make things even more complicated, so general cleaning often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list causing deep cleaning much needed and necessary for maintaining healthy living environment and improve the overall wellbeing of the household. Here are some of the most important aspects why this is so important:

  1. There is nothing worse than going to someone’s home and needing to use the toilet and the toilet and the bathroom are dirty.
  2. Cleaning your bathroom is important for hygiene reasons; you don’t want germs spreading through your home that would’ve been prevented with a deep clean.
  3. Bacteria expands in warm and damp environments and this is a fact. A deep clean of the bathroom shall prevent bacteria to accumulate, grow and become a nuisance.
  4. A deep clean allows you to clean areas on a quick clean you might forget, typically, the drain, for me this is because it is the most disgusting job to do
  5. Deep cleaning your bathroom regularly will allow you to keep an eye on potential maintenance issues or decoration that you need to address.
  6. Healthy house - Over time, your home becomes infiltrated with dust, dirt, excessive mold spores, viruses, and bacteria. A professional deep house cleaning dramatically reduces the contaminants in your home that can make you and your family sick.
  7. Better Cleaning - While a professional deep house cleaning gets your house cleaner than you can on your own, it also helps you clean better. Many of us don't feel like they can deal with general house cleaning tasks. Professional deep house cleaning helps in putting you back on track.
  8. Improved Image - A clean house is a happy house. Your home is a reflection of who you are as a person. An organized home with a superior clean will both increases your sense of wellbeing and impress those visiting your home.
  9. Increased home value - A well-maintained home has a greater real-estate value than one where the owner did not make the investment. Dubai boasts with one of the most competitive real-estate markets in the world. Well maintained home speaks volumes about the general appearance and value of the property.
  10. More free-time for yourself- Regular deep house cleanings makes regular cleaning and maintaining your home easier and less time-consuming. This means more quality time to spend with your family and friends. We would all rather spend weekends walking around JBR area and Dubai Marina rather than all day scrubbing floors.

Finally, whatever the benefits for the property or the preservation of the tiles or the ceramics, there is nothing more important than the healthy living conditions we all need to provide for ourselves and our families. Since, bathrooms get the highest traffic around the home, deep cleaning is more than a necessity. Whether you will do it by yourself or you will look for maid services in Dubai to save you some precious time in this bustling metropolis, is the best place to learn how to do it most efficiently. You can go through the list of providers, compare cleaning company in Dubai, set your criteria and find the best match. You can find a house maid for 25 AED and you can even book online directly with a click of a button.

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