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Deep Cleaning Room by Room

Each room in the house serves a different function and hence, the cleaning requirement of each is different.

We discussed the necessity of deep cleaning every few months in a previous blog post. We learned about the essential deep cleaning techniques in the post and how to go about it. When deep cleaning the house, it is essential to start from the top most area of the house and work your way down and outwards. This ensures that the areas that you have already cleaned, do not gather dust and grime again. We also discussed the method of cleaning each part of the house. Our effort at is to continue to help, educate, inform and entertain our blog readers. This blog post is another endeavor in that direction. Here, we will go a step further in educating you about deep cleaning and discuss the cleaning method and requirement of each room in the house.

Room By Room Approach

Our house is divided into many different rooms and areas that serve different functions. The kitchen serves for cooking, the washroom for bathing and toilet functions, the bedroom is for sleeping, the living room is where we spend time with our family and friends. Then we have the pantry, stores and attics that function as storage areas for things that we need occasionally or seasonally. These are also places for redundant things that we find hard to part away with. Garage serves the function of keeping our vehicles safe as well as extra storage space for large things. The outside areas may include a balcony if you are in an apartment or a multi-storied building, yard if you are on the ground floor, patio or veranda and if you are lucky a small garden. Each area needs to be maintained and cleaned so it is neat, tidy and healthy for living.

Since each area contains different furniture and fittings, each needs to be handled differently. What may work for the kitchen is certainly not going to work for the garage.

Check out For Help in Cleaning

Deep cleaning can take a lot of effort and time. It requires moving around a fair bit of stuff and may also require shifting and lifting heavy stuff. If you have older children at home they can help you, but in case you don’t have another pair of hands, you should consider hiring a cleaning service or a maid for the duration of the deep clean. Hiring online cleaning service is fairly easy in Dubai. Visit the website and pick up a service that is close to your location. You can compare prices for maids and check for the services offered before booking them. It will certainly make the deep cleaning a less onerous task when you have help around.

Things to Do in Each Room

Here is the to-do list for each area of your house. Take each room at a time and run through the checklist to see that you have attended to everything in the room.


Here is a list of things that you need to do when deep cleaning the bedroom: 1. Take off all the bedding from the bed and put in for a wash. 2. Check the mattress for infestation, damage or mold. 3. Vacuum the mattress and if needed turn it over. 4. Leaving the mattress out in the sun for the day is a good idea if you have the space to do so. This helps to get rid of any dampness in it and also kills many of the germs. 5. Wash all the pillows if they can be washed. Dry them in the sun or on the high setting in the dryer. If they cannot be washed have them dry cleaned. At the very least, vacuum them and put them in the dryer on a high setting for at least 10 minutes to sterilize them. 6. Wash and dry comforters and other bedding in the sun. 7. If you have chairs or sofa etc. in the bedroom make sure they are cleaned properly too. You can use baking soda to clean and deodorize sofa and padded chairs. Read how to do it on blog. 8. Empty out the wardrobe. Remove all shelf liners and vacuum it thoroughly. Put in fresh shelf liners and rearrange your clothes in the wardrobe. Check each item of clothing before placing it in. Remove any old clothes that you do not wish to wear anymore. Put away the seasonal clothes that you may not need for a few months. Wash and iron those clothes that have been sitting in the wardrobe a long time. 9. Dust and polish everything in the bedroom. 10. Change the lampshades or clean them. Wipe the light fixtures. 11. Shift the bed and other heavy furniture to clean underneath. 12. Take down the curtains or blinds and clean them. Wipe and clean the windows. Check the wire mesh for damage. 13. Roll up the carpets if you can and clean them. Deodorize all the rugs and mats. 14. Vacuum or dust down the wall surface or wipe it clean. If there is too much damage to the wall surface, consider repainting.

Living Room

The cleaning of the living room is similar to that of the bedroom. Instead of the bed you have sofas, seat pads, cushions, etc. that need to be cleaned, aired and sanitized. 1. Take off any seat pads, cushions, curtains rugs or mats etc. and clean them. If possible wash them or have them dry cleaned. If not, then leave in the sun for a day. Use baking soda to deodorize the seat pads and rugs. 2. Vacuum the sofas, making sure of getting deep into the crevasses and corners. 3. Treat any stains and spills. Here is a blog post on dealing with tough stains and spots. 4. Take down all the things from shelves including books. Scrutinize and see what you want to keep and what needs to go. Dust and vacuum the shelves, replace shelf liner and rearrange all the stuff back. 5. Open and empty out all the cupboards and examine what is in each. Throw away any useless things. Clean and replace. 6. Clean the wall surface and the electrical fittings. Change or wash lamp shades.

Kitchen and Pantry

Kitchen and pantry need special attention as they can be the biggest cause for infestation in a home. 1. Empty out all the cupboards 2. Check all the food and things in the cupboards and pantry for expiry, infestation or mold. Any food or thing that does not look fit for consumption should be thrown away. 3. Wipe down all the cupboard surfaces and replace the things. 4. Clean the tiles and the grouting. Re-caulk any damaged area. Clean under the sink and behind the appliances. 5. Wipe and clean all the appliances. Check for damage and replace any things that are not working. 6. Clean the kitchen counters. Wipe with a disinfectant. 7. Clean the cooking stove, oven and hood. Make sure to clean under over and behind each and every fitting in the kitchen. This too has been discussed in a previous post on blog.
8. Clean the garbage bin and pour bleach into the sink drains to clean and sanitize the drains. Add a cup of baking soda and vinegar to the sink drain to help deodorize and unclog it. 9. Wipe all the surfaces down. 10. Clean out the refrigerator. Wipe it inside and out. Do the same with the deep freeze. Check the deep freeze for any food that has been sitting there for too long. Throw all the expired food out. 11. Clean and vacuum the entire kitchen. 12. Wipe the floor with a disinfectant.


Probably the most neglected area of a house is the shower/toilet. We may clean it every day but the constant use builds up spots and dirt that can only be tackled during a deep clean. The washroom tiles need to be attended to just as you had done with the kitchen tiles. Examine them for damage and cracks and repair as required. Use a strong stain remover to tackle the water stains and marks from the tiles. 1. Clean all the tiled surfaces. 2. Clean the shower cubicle and use a stain remover to remove all the water marks. Use a glass cleaner to completely clean the shower. Replace shower curtains once a year. 3. Clean and unclog all the drains. 4. Use baking soda to deodorize the drains. 5. Clean the toilet bowl inside and out. Do not forget the areas behind the seat. Clean the flush tank. Sanitize the toilet bowl and seat cover. 6. Clean the sink and counter. Check the medicine cabinet for any expired and old medicines or cosmetics. Throw these out and replace them. Wipe all the surfaces clean with a sanitizer. 7. Clean the fixtures with warm soapy Each room in the house serves a different function and hence, the cleaning requirement of each is different. 8. Clean the floor.

This takes care of the most common areas of a typical house. Cleaning the yard, store, garage and attic we will discuss in another blog as these areas need a more thorough care than the other areas of the house.

Keep reading blog for solutions to common problems and great tips and trick to make your life easy. Visit the website to hire and maid in Dubai.

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