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Deep Cleaning - Attic, Yard and Storage

Deep cleaning of a house must also include the much-neglected areas such as the attic, yard and garage.

We have already discussed deep cleaning in previous posts on blog. In the first post on deep cleaning we discussed Essentials of Deep Cleaning in Dubai, which described the concept and the process it involves. In the second post we discussed the room by room approach during deep cleaning. This dealt with those areas of the house that are used most often and usually cleaned and organized on a regular basis. They often do not need too much time or effort to deep clean as they are not very dirty or disorganized.

Attending to The More Neglected Parts of The House

Often, when we are cleaning the house, we neglect to clean and organize areas such as the garage and attic, or even the yard and the garden, which often become the repositories of all the discarded stuff or things that we store in the hope of using them in the future. These areas of the house become dusty, dirty and the hiding places for pests such as lizards, insects and spiders. When deep cleaning the house, it is essential to clean and organize these areas too.

The reason that we fail to attend to these areas on a regular basis is because they may not be easy to access or they may be in a part of the house that no one goes into too often, or they may be so full of stuff that you find it difficult to handle its cleaning.

While deep cleaning or at least once a year, it is wise to go through these areas of the house and clean them. These areas include:

  • Attic
  • Loft
  • Pantry
  • Balcony/Terrace
  • Basement
  • Store
  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Yard
  • Garden

These areas require a special effort and you are advised to get all the help you can to clean these up. There are many very good and reliable cleaning services in Dubai that you can hire to help you with deep cleaning. If you want to hire online maid or cleaning service, you can go to where you can hire all kinds of domestic help from maids and cleaning services to babysitters and gardeners in Dubai. You can connect with the best agencies that provide maids in Dubai easily and quickly, hire a help and issue a list of tasks to be completed for the maid or the cleaning service online. So before you get down to cleaning the neglected areas, do hire help on

Deep Cleaning Of Storage Areas

No house is complete without storage areas. Modern apartments may have a pantry, a loft or a separate space to utilize as a store. Bungalows or houses with space around them might have an attic, loft or even a shed to store lesser used things. Cleaning these areas is a big task that should not be undertaken alone. This may require substantial lifting and shifting hence, you need to have someone to help you.


Attic is a space that is not very common in Dubai. Some houses may have it and hence we will discuss cleaning it here. Since the attic is always at the top of the house, it should be the first place that one should clean during a deep clean. Getting into the attic is often a difficult task as most attics do not have a direct access from within the house. Most attics have either a pull-down ladder or require a step ladder to reach. Traditionally, all the stuff that is no longer needed but still has a value for the house owner, is stored in the attic. Since it is a hard to access area, it is not often cleaned. Most of the things that end up in the attic are forgotten and can stay there forever. Hence, it is a good idea to clean it out once a year and get rid of anything that you feel is no longer required or is past its hey days.

You will definitely need extra hands to help you with the sorting and cleaning of the attic. The first thing to do when you start cleaning the attic is to check for any leaks or damage to the roof. Once you have done that, you can then begin to check all the stored items for any damage from weathering, termites or other insects and pests. If there is any sign of an infestation, you need to control it as soon as possible. Next, go through the items and throw away anything that you do not need or is damaged. There is no point in holding on to it for longer than essential.

Sweep and clean the attic floor. Vacuum it, get rid of all cobwebs and dust. Rearrange the items that you wish to retain. Cover them up with dust sheets or store them properly in crates or boxes. If there is any damage to the roof, have it repaired before cleaning.


Modern apartments have lofts instead of attics. If any of the rooms in your house have a loft, this should be the first place for you to clean before you clean the rest of the room. Lofts, like attics, can become the graveyard of all unwanted and forgotten things. These should be cleaned and attended to like you would the attic.

All the stored stuff needs to be taken out and examined for damage and use. Whatever is no longer useful should be discarded or given away.


This is one of the most important storage areas of our house. We may access it every day but do not, necessarily, clean it every single day. This is the place where we store all our food items. It may contain dry grains, canned food, boxes of spices and jars of preserves. Where ever there is food, there are chances of infestation. In Dubai, ants and cockroaches can raid a pantry if the house owners are not careful. Also, dry grains are susceptible to weevil, worms and other infestations.

Spills and dropped food can create an unhygienic storage space cause food spoilage and diseases. Hence, cleaning a pantry is an essential part of any deep cleaning process in the house.

Most pantry spaces consist of shelves that may be open or have doors on them. Each shelf has to be emptied out and all the food stored has to be examined for infestation, spoilage and viability. Any packed food has to be checked for use by date and all expired food must be thrown away.

Any food that is spoiled or infested needs to be discarded. Once you have checked all the stored food, clean the shelves, remove any shelf liners and vacuum the entire pantry. If there is ant or cockroach infestation treat the area for it before you finish cleaning. Re-line the shelves and replace the food on the shelves. Sweep and vacuum the floor and make sure that everything is dry and placed properly.


These outside areas of the house are not used too much in many houses and end up becoming dumps for all discarded things. Over a period of time, the junk can build up and needs to be cleaned. Even if these spaces do not become dumps, they are not cleaned every day and need a thorough clean every once in a while. These spaces should be cleared of all accumulated junk and given a thorough clean. They should be checked for weather damage and if there is any, it should be treated immediately.


In some houses, the basement can become a space for all discarded junk. The basement too needs to be cleaned in a similar manner to the attic and the yard. All the junk should be cleaned out and iot should be checked for any weathering, wearing and damage. If there are any repairs needed, call someone to address it and then clean and vacuum it. The basements often are damp. So check all stored items for damage from dampness and moisture.


A store can be used to keep away things that are not required all the time but needed from time to time. A good example of the type of things to put in a store are – seasonal clothes, festive decorations, old pieces of furniture, books, etc. A store cannot be cleaned every day, but since it is easier to access that the attic or loft, does get an occasional clean. A deep clean of a store requires you to go through all the items stored therein and take an inventory check. Anything that is no longer useful needs to go. Clean all the shelves and the store area and check for infestation, damage and moisture. Treat is required and then clean, dust and replace all the items you are keeping.


Though a garage is built with the express purpose of storing a vehicle, but often it also ends up housing all the things that cannot find a space in the house. Very often things that have been moved out of other storage areas such as the attic, store or the loft, find their place into the garage, where they remain out of sight and out of mind, until you decide to clean the garage. You might be surprised to see the amount of stuff that can accumulate in a garage if you are not cleaning it at least once a year. The first thing to do when cleaning the garage is to move out all the vehicles from the garage so you have space to work. Then start to look through all the stuff that has ended up there. If you are like other people, most of the stuff here is junk and needs to be discarded and taken away from the house. Once you have done that, the real cleaning starts. The garage can be very dirty as it can have oil spills, mud and grime all over it. It is best to wash down the floor of the garage with soap and water. Then dust and clean the other areas and replace all that you have decided to keep. Bring the vehicles back in and your work here is done.


Much like the garage, the shed can also become the last resting place for all things that need to be thrown out. They need to be cleaned in the same manner as the garage. All the things in there need to be examined and those that have seen their day, need to be thrown out. Then the floor and walls should be cleaned and wiped properly.


If you have a garden, you have your work cut out for you. You need a gardener or you need to be an avid lover of plants to keep it in a good shape. Often the gardens are neglected and can become overgrown. The pots and the flower beds need to be cleared out and the trees and bushes should be pruned. All the dead plants and leaves need to be raked and collected to be either disposed of or to be composted. New plants should be put in and the garden needs to be watered. Any garden features, railings, etc. should be cleaned and repainted if required. The weeds need to be pulled up and the garden needs to be fertilized. It is best to hire a gardener or a gardening service to help you with most of the garden work. You can find a reliable service in Dubai through

It is highly desirable to paint the house while you are deep cleaning it. It saves a lot of effort and any repairs on damage can be undertaken at the same time. If you do not want to repaint the house, then do wash down the walls and sweep them clean for a complete clean of the house. Once the house is painted and cleaned, it is an immense source of pride and joy for its owner.

For all cleaning services and maids in Dubai, do check out Also, keep visiting our blog for new posts on a variety of useful topics and to learn new tips and trick on running a household smoothly.

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