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The art of decluttering

Clutter builds up slowly and unknowingly. If not tackled in time, it can take over the house and your life.

All of us have at some time or the other encountered a cluttered house that is over stuffed with things. It is hard to relax and de-stress in such a place. Having too many things can weigh you down mentally and physically. The more you have the more you have to take care of. If you do not take care of things then the house starts to look rundown and untidy, which in itself is counterproductive. It is easy to build up the clutter, but it takes a Herculean effort to get rid of it and clean up the house.

Building Up Clutter

Go out shopping and you see something that you find attractive, you may not need it, but it is at a price you can afford and you like it, so you buy it. That is one more thing added to your collection. Now, if you do this every time you go shopping, you are bringing in something new and adding it to the stuff that you already have there. The space within the house is limited and before you know it, you have too little space and too much stuff. Your house is cluttered.

It is extremely easy to build up clutter. It takes little time or effort to acquire things and then hold on to them indefinitely in the hope that you might find use for them someday. Whether it is an item of clothing or an old appliance, if you bring in more stuff than you throw out, you are likely to clutter up your house sooner or later. You build up clutter by:

  • Buying things that you do not actually need.
  • Replacing old with new without getting rid of the old.
  • Accepting gifts and giveaways that you may not use or already have.
  • Holding on to things that you feel you might need some day.
  • Keeping things for sentimental reasons. Collecting stuff out of habit.
  • Finding it difficult to part with things that you have.
  • Hoarding stuff out of habit.

Why Should You Get Rid of Unwanted, Unused Stuff

Whatever your reason for hoarding stuff, it is unhealthy to live with clutter. Clinical studies show that living with clutter causes stress and depression. It is also unhygienic to have too much stuff around you as it is difficult to clean the place properly. Moreover, everything requires space and every house has limited amount of space. If you have more stuff than storage space, it will spill over and cramp your living space. So before all the useless items take over your living space and your life, take control. Remove what is not required. Create storage space for what is needed. Organize your home and your life.

Book a Cleaning Service To Help With The Clutter

Decluttering is as much of a mental exercise as it is a physical one. You have to mentally prepare yourself to be brutal about the stuff you have and to get rid of it. So before you begin decluttering your home, you need to take charge of your mind and emotions. Then start sorting through your things to determine what goes and what stays.

You need to go through every item in your house and this could mean a substantial physical effort. You may want to hire a maid or a cleaning service. Dubai has several agencies that offer part time maids and cleaning services. You could look for a suitable service on to help you with decluttering your home. A cleaning service could not only help you with carrying and fetching of stuff, but also do a deep clean of the house while you are at it. So, at the end of the whole exercise, you will not only have neater house but a cleaner one too.

Gaining Control Over Your Possessions

The first step toward taking control of the clutter is to stop bringing in new things till you have had time to take stock of the situation and get rid of unwanted stuff. There is no point in getting rid of stuff if you continue to bring in more things to replace the ones you have discarded. Taking a close look at your buying habits is essential to prevent buildup of clutter. Whenever you purchase anything, ask yourself these questions: - Do I need it? - Is it essential? - What will I do with it? - Do I have space for it?

Buy only if you can give convincing answers to your questions. You will be surprised at the amount of junk you end up buying just because it is available. Stay away from discount sales. They are the worst culprits in convincing you to buy things that you do not absolutely need. If you really want to buy something, wait a few days and go back to the shop and reevaluate your desire. It is highly likely you will not find the thing so desirable or essential anymore. By evaluating everything you buy, you not only avoid clutter, but also save a lot of money.

Getting On Top of Clutter

Before you start getting rid of stuff you need to categorize it into four categories: * Sentimental Junk: The most difficult to rid things are the sentimental junk. These may be things handed down through the family. They might be of no use now but you cannot bear to part with them as they are associated with a long deceased member of the family. It can include old drawings, clothes, and possessions of your children that you have stored as keepsakes. These keepsakes take up a lot of room and are of little value to anyone but you. * Useless Stuff: This is an obvious one. Only you can decide what is of no use to you anymore. The things that fall into this category include old papers, bills, cards, old clothes, shoes, imitations jewellery, old gadgets, books, magazines, old utensils, out of fashion garments, shoes, old furniture, appliances, festival decorations, etc. These need to go at all cost. You need to give away or throw away all this stuff. * Things that might be needed in future: These are things that have not yet outlived their use. They may be needed in the future. These you can keep. But you have to be extremely clear that these things have not outlived their use. These could include family heirlooms, festival decorations, medical equipment, etc. This can also include stuff that you do not use regularly but do need occasionally. * Things to keep: These are things that you do use and need. Again, when going through your possessions be very careful and clear to evaluate what you will use and keep only those things that are essential.

Start one room at a time. Walk into a room and go through every item in it. Open drawers, cupboards and closets to take a stock of everything that is in it. Bring out each item in the room and place it in one of the four piles as described above. Be very clinical and objective about it.

Go through the entire house. Leave no room or any corner of the house out. From attic to basement check everything out and get rid of things no longer needed. You might surprise yourself at the amount of junk you have gathered over the years, some of it might be stuff that you haven’t looked at it years. Obviously, anything that you haven’t used in about a year is not something you are going to use at all. So, make sure you add it to the pile of useless stuff.

After you have sorted everything out, you need to get rid of all that you do not need. You also need to organize and store all that you do wish to keep. This again is time consuming.

Getting Rid of Clutter and Organizing Your Space

Getting rid of all the things that you have sorted is also essential. You can begin by sorting the unwanted stuff into piles of what you need to give away, what you can sell, and what needs to go into the trash.

For sentimental stuff, you can re-evaluate the things you have kept aside. All the drawings, report, accolades and other such things can be digitally scanned to be stored for posterity. You can then throw away the hardcopy version without feeling guilty as you do have a softcopy which you can enjoy anytime you wish without the stuff cluttering your space. A lot of keepsakes are useless things that can be thrown away. You might feel the twinge when getting rid of them, but eventually, you are not going to miss them once they are gone.

For things that you might use in future, find a space away from your usual living space to store away the stuff. A good place for such stufff would be the garage, attic or the basement. Make sure that all the stuff is in one place and stored properly and not strewn all over.

Organizing is the key to getting rid of clutter. Keeping things in their designated place and clearing away stuff immediately after use can help in organizing. Having proper storage for every item helps in organizing. The clothes need to go into closets or wardrobes or dressers. The toys need to be put back into their shelves of baskets. Shoes need to be in the shoe rack, pots and pans go back into the kitchen shelves. Plates, bowls and other crockery and cutlery needs to be washed and replaced in their designated place. Once you have proper storage organized for all the things you have, you can effectively avoid clutter and overcrowding of things in your space.

After The Clutter

After you have got rid of all the unnecessary stuff from your house, it is time for a good cleaning and reorganizing. If you are in Dubai, you can get a maid from online cleaning service. A good place to look for cleaning service in Dubai help is Just pick up a cleaning service and hire a maid to come and help you clean up your house so that it is neat and tidy again.

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