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Hiring maid services in Dubai - here are the costs

Many families are thinking about hiring maid services or wondering if they’re compensating it properly.

We all do agree that there are quite enough benefits in having a maid in Dubai. It is comparatively affordable – generally pretty cheaper than in the home countries of the millions of expats living in the UAE – and enables parents to have little bit more time for themselves and provides them with a much-needed feeling of independence.

Let’s face it and admit it, each day we’re all too busy getting around the city trying to get everything done. We do this while trying to be more present in our homes and closer to the people we love and cherish so they can provide them the care they deserve. Maid services in Dubai is one of the perks of living over here and, thankfully, there are plenty of them to choose from in this ever-changing metropolis. If both you and your partner work round the clock, then a live-in or part time maid is really the best option. She can also assist with some tidying up, washing, kitchen assistance and other household chores.

However, there are certain costs that we need to consider before deciding to opt-in for a professional maid service in Dubai. Much needed information is easily available on popular sites such as, where you can not only look for commercial or residential cleaning services, but you can also find really practical guidelines on how to do it, where to go and what are the costs.

Should you opt-in for a live-in or a live-out maid?

The decision whether to hire a live-out or live-in maid is generally a matter of personal choice and most likely revolves around the following reflections:

  • Scope of work - housework, cooking, children day-care, buying groceries etc.
  • Timeframe - how many hours of work per day and per week, weekends, flexibility.
  • Basic needs - do you just need a cleaner or a maid?
  • Privacy - how do you and your loved ones feel about living with someone else under the same roof?
  • Your living environment - do you have a suitable maid’s room?
  • Costs - it really depends on a case to case basis, but sometimes live-out maids need higher salary simply because they have to invest on their own for rent or housing

Live-out option revolves around a maid who is booked to your household according to a pre-set schedule but resides in accommodation provided by the cleaning company in Dubai that employs her. Her work is concentrated on a variety of housekeeping tasks. Depending on the terms agreed with the agency, it may or may not cover extra services such as babysitting or grocery shopping. In relation to the commercial cleaning services provider, the type and range of services required and duration of contract, the monthly fee is usually compensated at the beginning or at the end of each month.

The live-in option relates to a full-time helper, will assist you with a variety of household chores and will live with the host family under the same roof.

In both cases, families can either choose a maid who is already staying in the UAE under a legal residence permit or they can sponsor a maid from abroad, particularly from the pre-approved countries by the UAE Government.

What will it cost?

The majority of families across the UAE go for a sponsorship option and decide to bring a professional maid from abroad. The complete cleaning services Dubai chapter and procedure is pretty well established and managed by the UAE Government Minimum which also supervises the whole process. Monthly wages for full-time maids, being house cleaning service or building cleaning professionals in Dubai, are actually established by the respective embassies of the home countries.

This is obviously the minimum wage, so employers are, of course, welcome to revise the salary upwards if satisfied with the service. You can always discuss and check this with people who are in the same situation as you are and share your thoughts on, the premium online services booking platform in the UAE.

These pre-determined monthly wages are mainly associated with their homeland economies, the degree of education, and the English language skills they possess or feel comfortable using.

The general summary of expenses for host families covers but is not limited to the monthly compensation, general costs for extra person in the household, annual charge to the UAE government, regular medical checks, complete set of documentation (including Emirates ID), as well as compulsory medical insurance.

Let’s break it down:

Live-in maid Initial recruitment costs move around AED 15,000 – 18,000 and cover both the monthly salary and all the administrative expenses as well.

Generally, maids or deep cleaning services in Dubai are sourced through either word of mouth and personal references or through registered recruitment agencies. These agencies do charge a one-time selection fee, which comprises the cost of sourcing the right person in accordance to your requirements.

Salaries are settled between the employer host family and the to-be maid throughout the interview process and usually move from AED 2,000 – 3,500. This amount can vary depending on the terms of the agreement and often extra benefits are usually delivered.

The extra costs of hiring a full-time maid are around AED 4,000 per month and can be fragmented primarily into the subsequent categories:

Housing: The majority of Dubai residents, particularly expats, rent their homes, and we may agree that some portion of rent is marked as part of the costs for having and providing a maid suitable conditions for living under the same roof. Sponsorship: Residence visa costs AED 5,080 a year while visa renewal/sponsorship and associated total costs of paperwork are approximately AED 12,500 annually including registration and Emirates ID. Host families need to invest additional AED 140 for a Resident ID card for the maid and to make a refundable residence visa deposit ranging from AED 3,000-10,000 depending on the nationality. All of these roughly average around AED 1200 -1500 per month. Costs of medical fitness test - Normal fitness test is available for AED 325 (AED 260 + AED 50 for Hepatitis B vaccination package + AED 20 for courier and shipping and usually takes 5-7 working days to get the results. Furniture, food, phone and other expenses: These little things and incentives do add up to a few extra hundred dirhams per month. Employers may plan extra AED 400 for things like phone credit, food, clothes and toiletries. Medical insurance: Healthcare insurance is obligatory for all employees in the UAE. These costs also amount roughly AED 500-600 to the additional monthly costs. The packages can range from AED 550-3,000 per year depending on what package covers, the salary of your maid and their age. Annual flights back home: They also amount to around 500 AED per month. If the maid does not take an annual leave and spends it working, then employers are obliged to pay her an additional month’s salary. Renewal of maid's visa in Dubai - This should be completed annually either online, or through an authorized typist and application for renewal (around AED 5000 + typing charges).

Live-out maid The initial refundable deposit varies from AED 3,000 – 4,500 and some agencies ask for it to be paid as a form of commitment when signing annual contracts for full-time live-out maids. This deposit is reimbursed at the end of the contract.

Depending on the type and extent of services required and duration of contract, the monthly fee is paid either at the beginning or the end of a month and amounts around AED 3,500 – 6,000.

There are no additional costs since accommodation, food and other expenditures, fitness tests, medical insurance, annual flights and sponsorship are all covered by the agency involved in the maid’s employment.

General remarks

A maid's visa can be obtained by the male head of the family, whose salary is not less than AED 6000 a month or AED 5000 + accommodation. Bachelors are not considered eligible to sponsor a maid. Maids can only be sponsored if they are coming from the following countries: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Uganda, Kenya, Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

Maids coming from the same country as the sponsor are subject to approval by GDRFA. In those cases, it is often required for the sponsor to obtain an affidavit from his country's embassy/consulate certifying that the maid is not related to him. Regardless of the reason, illegal employment of maids without GDRFA approval may end up in getting fines of up to AED 70,000.

Many interesting and practical guidelines are worth the read on, the most popular meeting point to book a maid in Dubai online.

On another note, it’s always a pleasure to show recognition of the hard work the maid has done with a bonus during her birthday and/or the holiday seasons. Don’t consider this as a gift but as a well-deserved award.

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