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Chronicles of a Working Woman - 18: Preparing for house guests with the help of cleaning service

Not wanting to give her Aunt any reason to complain, Natasha decides to deep clean her house in preparation.

Early one Saturday morning Natasha opened her email to find a message from her favorite Aunt Meg. Natasha is excited to read that her Aunt has decided to take the long journey to Dubai to visit her. Aunt Meg is Natasha’s Mom’s sister and almost a surrogate mother to Natasha. She had never married, had no kids of her own. She had been a constant presence in Natasha’s life when she was growing up and there was a very strong bond of love between them.

The Meticulous Cleaner

Aunt Meg was a very meticulous and responsible person and had instilled the same qualities in her niece too. She was also a neat freak, as Jason liked to call her. Aunt Meg’s attention to details and cleanliness were legendary. She never hesitated to tell off a friend or relative if their house was less than spotless. Natasha still remembered the day Aunt Meg visited her in her hostel room when she was in college. She came into the room unannounced planning to give Natasha a surprise visit. Natasha and her room-mate had not had time for housekeeping and the room was completely disorganized. When Aunt Meg entered the room, she forgot to greet them. She was horrified at the state of the room, not that it was too untidy or dirty! She just started tidying up and cleaning it without saying a word to Natasha. She did not stop until the room was spotless. Needless to say, Natasha’s friends teased her for the rest of her time at college about this incident. Since then, Natasha had made sure that whenever her Aunt visited, her house was clean and spotless, so she would have no cause to complain.

Jason’s Reaction To The Visit

Natasha waits for Jason to come down for breakfast before giving him the news of the visit. Jason too is very fond of Aunt Meg, but he dreads her cleaning sprees. The last time she had visited them, Aunt Meg had completely rearranged the house and Jason had a hard time finding his own stuff. Alan is very excited to hear about Grand Aunt’s visit. He loves her as she is very good with kids and loads of fun.

Natasha and Jason start discussing the impending visit and all the places that they could take Aunt Meg during her visit to Dubai. Then it came down to the basics of where they were going to put her up. Natasha felt that their guest room was not in the perfect shape for someone like Aunt Meg, who wanted everything to be just right. They discussed the possibility of putting her up in a hotel room but Natasha was not very comfortable with the idea. She wanted her Aunt to be with the family all the time.

Deep Cleaning The House

Finally, after much brain-storming, Jason and Natasha decided to clean up the guest room, put in new curtains and furnishing and make it perfect for Aunt Meg.

Natasha decided to take a few days off to complete all the preparations before the visit. Just when she thought she had everything under control, Aunt Meg wrote to inform her that her best friend Nancy had decided to accompany her on the trip. Natasha had known Nancy since her childhood as Nancy and Aunt Meg had been best friends since school. With Nancy also coming with Aunt Meg, Natasha had her work cut out for her. She would have to accommodate the two ladies in the house and she needed the whole house looking sparkling clean. Natasha decided, she would undertake a deep clean of the entire house rather than just the guest room. She wanted the two older women to know that she was not only a successful career woman but also great at running her house.

Cleaning The Guest Room

On the first day of her leave, Natasha decided to do the guest room first. They did not use the room regularly and a lot of the stuff they did not use regularly had ended up in the cupboard there. Natasha wore an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt, she covered her hair with a scarf before she started the cleaning. When she entered the room, she remembered that there was a loft in the room. She hadn’t really looked in there for a long time. So, she started by pulling up the step ladder to the loft and exploring all the things that had been stuffed in there and forgotten. She opened the door of the loft and the first thing she saw there was Alan’s old baby stroller. She started to pull it out of the loft, but it was caught on something and she had to yank it hard to free it. In the process, she almost lost her balance of the ladder. Remembering her accident not too long ago, when she had fallen and broken her leg and had to hire a maid to help her through the crisis, Natasha decided not to take any risk and get help with the cleaning.

Find a Cleaning Service In Dubai

Natasha had had great success of hiring a reliable maid in Dubai through When she wanted extra hands to help her with the deep cleaning, she again decided to turn to her trusted online cleaning service resource. She went straight to the home page of to look for a cleaning service that could start immediately. She found many different agencies there offering cleaning services. She put in her location to narrow down the search and put in the date to hire the cleaning service. She was presented with a list of agencies with their hourly rates. She looked for one that suited her time schedule and rates. She compared the services and rates of the listed agencies and picked one up. She booked the cleaning service online and prepared a list of instructions outlining the work she expected the cleaning service to do. While waiting for a response, she looked through the blog. She found some very interesting articles on the blog, including three on deep cleaning the house. She read the blogs on deep cleaning to learn exactly what she had to do to get her house sparkling clean before her guests arrived.

Cleaning Service In Dubai

Natasha had hired a cleaning service before in Dubai, but only for short cleaning jobs before or after a party. Now that she was hiring them for a bigger cleaning job, she was not too sure how they would deal with it. But, she was confident that the cleaning service she hired through was competent enough to undertake the job successfully. So, instead of just cleaning the guest room, she had hired them to deep clean the whole house.

A little while later the cleaning service arrived. They immediately set to work. They began from the guest room working their way from the loft down.

Getting Rid of The Junk

As they started cleaning the loft, they brought out all the stuff that had been stored inside. Natasha saw that most of the things she had that were no longer of any use to her. So she decided to give away what she could and throw out the rest of the stuff. Looking at all the useless stuff they had in the house, she decided to go through each room and look through all the storage areas to look for things that they could discard or give away. She cleared out Alan’s and her wardrobes and kept all the clothes, shoes and other things that she did not want or could not use anymore, in a pile to give away. Most of Alan’s clothes were still good and she knew her regular maid had young kids who could use the clothes. So she kept them aside for her.

She also asked Jason to go through his things and separate all the things that he no longer needed or used. It was good to clean up the house and get rid of all the accumulated junk.

The House is Clean and Ready

The maid and cleaners from the cleaning service went through the whole house cleaning and taking care of everything that needed to be cleaned. There were a few minor repairs to be done to the house and Natasha arranged to have them attended to immediately. Soon the rooms were clean, the curtains washed, the stains removed, the tiles clean and the rugs vacuumed. The whole house looked neat and tidy. It smelled clean.

Natasha was ready to welcome Aunt Meg and Nancy. She knew her house looked its best and that Aunt Meg could not find anything to complain about.

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