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Cleaning Service in Dubai After Renovation

After renovation cleaning has to be immaculate so no construction debris is left. Call a cleaning service in Dubai for a job well done.

Renovating a property can be both physically and mentally challenging. Once the renovation is over and the builders have left, your work has just begun. It is amazing just how much debris there is to take care of and dispose off after any renovation project. Even if you have a very neat and diligent team of builders, there is still a lot of cleaning up to do. Thankfully, there are cleaning services in Dubai that undertake after-renovation cleaning so you do not have to sweat over it for days on end to get all the dust, debris and spots out of your house leaving it smelling fresh and looking beautiful.

Before Renovation or Remodeling

Getting an extension for your home or having a brand new kitchen is very welcome and exciting, but it comes at the cost of constant noise, dust, dirt and debris. These are all inevitable part of any construction project and have to be dealt with patience and diligence. You need to secure and protect your valuables so that nothing is damaged during the process. While your house is being remodeled, you can do the following to avoid a huge after renovation cleaning in Dubai.

  1. Remove all Valuables: Yes, this is the first thing you need to do. Put away ll those expensive items you have on display. Hide away your paintings and take down the lovely silk curtains you have. You need to do this to avoid any damage that may be caused to these things due to the dust that is an integral part of the renovating process.

  2. Use Covers: Cover all your expensive electronic equipment. Dust is the number one enemy of any electronic equipment and should be avoided at all cost. Invest in some decent dust covers and use them to cover all your electronics and also all your furniture so the dust doesn’t settle on these and spoil it.

  3. Empty the Area: The area that is being renovated should be empty of all furniture and your personal belongings. Anything that you do not want to be destroyed, you should remove from the area and store away. The same goes for the path that the builders take from outside to the area being renovated. Ensure that the builders take the shortest path to the area.

  4. Protect the floor: Yes, covering the floor and protecting it is essential if you do not want to end up with a huge floor cleaning up exercise afterwards. So, cover the floors with plastic sheets or thick cloth to avoid dust and grime being embedded into it. One has to be extra careful with wooden floors as dust can not only scratch it but also destroy the polish on it. Keep foot mats and old rugs to clean the shoes of dust and debris. Instruct your building crew to do so too.

  5. Seal it Off: Best way to avoid your entire house getting covered in the fine construction dirt is to seal off the area from the rest of the house. If it is possible avoid going through the area as much as possible. Close the doors between the area being rebuilt and the rest of the house if possible. You can also use plastic sheets to seal off the area keeping the rest of the house relatively free of the dust.

  6. Clean Daily: Do not forget to continue with your regular cleaning activities. You may need to adjust your schedule so that you clean after the builders have left for the day. This will ensure that at least for a few hours a day. You can go to sleep knowing that you are sleeping in a clean house, to some people that is a huge relief. So go ahead continue cleaning.

  7. Remove the Debris Regularly: Talk to your builders and instruct them to remove the construction debris every day. This will ensure that you do not have a huge pile of debris to deal with once the work is done. It will also minimize the amount of dust and dirt that is in the air inside the house. Have the debris carted away from the house regularly to a designated offloading area so you do not have a pile of dirt sitting in your yard sending up clouds of dust not just into your home but also into the homes of your neighbors.

If you follow the above suggestions, you will find that it is far easier to deal with the renovation as well as the cleaning that you may have to do afterwards.

After Renovation Cleaning

Once the renovation is done, before you heave a sigh of relief, there is much work to be done. The area that has been renovated may look clean but the rest of the house has suffered and what you need is to deep clean the house and the renovated area to remove all traces of construction dust, debris and fumes.

Though you may want to do it yourself, it is best to hire a home cleaning service that specializes in renovation cleaning or deep cleaning to come and do the cleaning. Hiring a cleaning service is not all that expensive and you should treat yourself to this luxury after weeks of dealing with the dirt and dust. Moreover, the work is hard and needs the effort of more than one person to complete. The after renovation will also include moving the furniture back into the renovated area and putting thing in order all around the house. So conserve your energy for the task ahead and call in a home cleaning service in Dubai. You can visit the website to hire a house cleaning service in Dubai. The website allows you to browse through a variety of domestic services providers including cleaning services in Dubai. You can sort through the listed service providers according to location, services offered as well as rates. It allows you to compare rates and read genuine customer feedback on the listed cleaning agencies. Once you are fully satisfied with your choice, you can book your cleaning service online and schedule it for a time that is convenient to you. If you do not wish to be there when the cleaning is being done, you can leave and monitor the tasks through the smartphone app. You never have to go out searching for a cleaning service or even to pay for it, allows you to do it all online.

Once you have your cleaning service scheduled, here is what they will need to pay attention to while cleaning: Renovation cleaning is very similar to deep cleaning and requires just as much eye for detail and thoroughness as a deep clean and then a bit more. Since most contractors do not do more then just remove the debris and sweep the area before they leave, there is a lot of cleaning up to be done in the renovated area as well as the rest of the house. Let us take each separately.

Cleaning The Renovated Area

a. Remove all the debris

b. Sweep the floors and dust the walls and all the surfaces

c. Vacuum the area

d. Wipe all surfaces with a wet cloth

e. Clean and dust the fixtures and all the hardware in the room.

f. Wipe the fixtures with a sanitizing wipe

g. Open the doors and windows to air the room out and let the fumes out.

h. Check for any built-up crud on the floor, paint spots and spills and clean these up. Use a cleaning agent and tools that are compatible with the floor to avoid damage to it.

i. Shift in the furniture, hang up the curtains and blinds, put up the pictures and do the interiors to complete the whole process of renovating.

Cleaning The Rest of The House

a. Clean and dust all the cabinets and wardrobes inside out, don’t forget the top of the cupboards too.

b. Clean all the surfaces including walls

c. Clean the windows and the glass

d. Clean all the net shutters, make sure you do a thorough job as the netting in the shutters is a dust trap for fine construction dust.

e. Look for any spots and dirt marks on the walls and deal with it.

f. Clean all the electrical fixtures and fittings. All fans will need to be cleaned. Air-conditioners will have to be serviced to remove dust from the filters and the grills will need to be cleaned.

g. Sanitize all the switches and switchboards, handles, knobs and latches.

h. Sweep, vacuum and mop the floors. Polish the wooden floors to give them a new shine.

i. Bring out the stored carpets and rugs lay them back in place, but before you do that air them out and vacuum them.

j. Clean the furniture. All upholstered furniture will need to be cleaned properly.

k. Dust and wipe everything in the room before replacing it. Take down the old curtains and replace them with clean fresh ones. Remove all pillows and cushions and wash them before you put in new covers and replace them.

l. All the tiled surfaces need to be attended to. Clean the grout and the hard to reach areas in the toilets and the kitchen. Remove all dusty rugs and replace them with clean fresh ones.

m. Open the doors and allow the fresh air into the interiors.

n. Out in the yard, remove all debris and have it carted away. Clean and sweep the yard, wash down the patio or other paved areas to remove all traces of the construction.

o. Replace the old rugs and foot mats with clean or new ones.

p. Sit back and enjoy your clean and renovated home.

Though some may think that a cleaning service is an extravagance, but when compared with the cost of renovation, it is just a miniscule amount that you should spend to make your house livable again without exhausting yourself out.

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