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Cleaning Kitchen Appliances Properly

Teach your maid in Dubai to keep the kitchen appliances clean so they last longer and you can enjoy using them.

Modern homes are filled with handy and labour saving devices and appliances. We would be crippled if any of these breaks down. Keeping them clean is a part of the maintenance routine which keeps the appliances functioning longer giving you the joy of uninterrupted usage for years.

Appliances do not come cheap. They cost a lot of money to buy as well as to repair. In this post we will talk about keeping some of the most common kitchen and home appliance and how to keep them clean.

If you have employed a cleaning maid or acleaning service for cleaning your home, then make sure that they are following the proper cleaning routine for the appliances. You should keep a checklist of what needs to be cleaned and when and make sure that your maid in Dubai cleans on schedule according to the checklist.

Cleaning and Caring For Appliances

Let us begin with the biggest and the most indispensable appliance first.


Talking about the large appliance, there is none more useful and indispensable than the Refrigerator. Every home has one and if it breaks down chaos reigns. You do not want your refrigerator to break down ever. It is an appliance that is always on and gets no break. You would never think about turning it off so it works non-stop for years. Here is how you can ensure trouble free service from your refrigerator for a long time.

While cleaning the inside of the refrigerator is extremely important, it is just as essential to keep the outside clean too. The outside surfaces catch a lot of dust and grime, so begin cleaning your refrigerator outside in. Clean the front with a cleaning liquid and soft cloth. This should be done every day. Modern refrigerators often have shiny metallic finishes where the spots, smudges and finger marks are highly visible., So cleaning the front, especially the area around the door handle is essential. Dust down the top and the sides of the fridge at least once a week. Once in a while, when you are deep cleaning the house you should pull the fridge out and clean out the back and the coils too. Some modern fridges have concealed coils which are hard to clean, but if the coils in your fridge are accessible, you should dust them with a microfiber duster to remove the dust. Just dusting the coil will give a new lease of life to your fridge. Moreover, cleaning the coils will cut down the amount of electricity that your fridge is using for cooling. Once the outside is done, it is time for the inside. You can clean the inside of the fridge once a month or so. Just remove everything from the fridge and wipe everything down with a damp cloth. For any spilled food, soak the area by covering it with a wet cloth and then sponging it down. Any spots should be cleaned and all the shelves wiped and cleaned before replacing the food in the fridge. While cleaning the fridge, throw out anything that has been in there too long. Once done, take a look at the rubber seal around the doors. If it is warped or cracking, it is time to change it so the cooling of the fridge is not affected.

If your refrigerator also has a freezer attached to it, check out what you have there at regular intervals. Anything that has been there longer than a few months should be thrown out. Make sure that the vents are open and the freezer is full but not over stuffed.


Though dishwashers are still not standard in every Dubai home, there are enough around to merit a mention in this list. Look at the way they are gaining in popularity, soon it will be a standard equipment in any home.

The first thing to clean with the dishwasher is again the exterior. Clean and wipe all the surfaces and this should be done every day to ensure that it is dust free. Once the exterior is taken care of, you may need to clean the inside from time to time. When cleaning the inside of the dishwasher, clean the filter first. Food particle and scum can clog the filter and impact the cleaning capacity of the washer. Also check the float inside the washer to ensure it is functioning properly. Wipe the insides clean with a damp cloth.

Washing Machine

Here is another home essential. Imagine the piles of laundry that you may have to hand wash every day if you did not have the washing machine at home. It is one of the most favored labour and time saving appliance and should be taken care of well. Again, the exteriors of the washing machine need to be cleaned more often than the interior. So, dust and clean the outside every day.

once a week or more depending upon your usage, clean the interior of the washing machine too. Look for the lint filter and remove the lint from the filter. On front loading machines, gently pull the door seal and take a cloth to wipe out excess moisture trapped there and any lint that may have accumulated there. From time to time, you may need to descale the machine, especially if you get hardw ater in your locality. There are descalents available in the market. Use them to run a cleaning cycle on your machine and clean the tub and the interiors of the machine. Never let water sit in the machine. If there is a fault and the machine doesn’t drain properly, use the emergency drainage to clear out all the water and then call the service center to have someone come and look at the machine. Never over stuff the machine. Make sure that you have the recommended load and not more as it can damage the motor and may harm your washing machine.


Whether it is microwave oven or a conventional one, the maintenance for both is the same. Make sure you turn off the switch after use. If there are any splashes or spills, clean as soon as the oven is cool enough for you to work in. For conventional ovens, lining the bottom with a non-stick Teflon coated baking sheet keeps most of the splatters, splashes and spill away from the body of the over making it easier to clean. Use a food cover for microwave ovens to contain the splashes. Clean the interior of the oven with a paste of baking soda and lemon juice to remove all the burned food splattered around. Baking soda is an excellent cleaner, to read more about the wonders of baking soda you may read our older posts on baking soda.

Placing hot water inside the over before cleaning it is a good idea as the steam can loosen up the grease and grime and it is easier to clean the oven.

Wipe the inside clean every week so that there is not too much of build up on the sides. The exteriors should be dusted every day and wiped clean with a damp cloth if there are any spots or smudges.


These need to be cleaned every time you use them. As soon as you have finished with them, take the jar out and rinse it with warm water and then use soap and water to clean it properly. Drain out all the water from the jug and dry it well before you store it. The lids should also be cleaned along with the jar. Before keeping the blender away, wipe it with a damp cloth to ensure that there are no splatters on it. Never overload the blender, use only the recommended amount to blend. Blend in batches if you have a lot of blending to do.


This one is easy, wipe the exterior and empty out the crumbs tray to clean it.

Coffee Maker

This depends completely upon the type of coffee maker you use. There are many different types but there is one thing in common, the jar has to be cleaned, the filter has to be emptied every time before you make a fresh batch of coffee. Also, the machine needs to be descaled occasionally. To descale, follow your manufacturer’s instruction.

If you take care of your appliances, you can catch any potential problems in the beginning and have them repaired before it becomes so severe that you have to replace the appliance.

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