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Cleaning After Renovation

Renovation is essential for any property to be habitable. Post Renovation, there is a lot of cleaning to do.

Whether you are in Dubai or any other part of the world, every livable house or property requires a little bit of tender loving care to keep it looking good and in a habitable state. This means regular maintenance and once every few year major overhaul which would mean renovation and refurbishing of the property to keep it up to date and modern. In hot humid and dusty places like Dubai, the interval between renovations may be lesser as the buildings are subjected to more weathering than in colder temperate areas of the world.

Is There a Difference Between Repair, Maintenance, and Renovation?

In general, people talk about repair, maintenance, and renovation as one and the same. But, in reality, they are not. There is a difference of degree between the three, though all the three do contribute to the betterment of the property, there is a vast difference between the three.

Repair: this is restoring something that is not working to a working state. This could include things like changing a tap, fixing a loose floor board or tile, replacing a burnt out bulb or a malfunctioning switch. It does not require much time or effort and can be done quickly. It just helps to keep the property functioning as it should be.

Maintenance: This is larger in degree than repairs and is something that has to be done regularly to keep the property in a habitable state and to prevent or restore any damages to the property. This is the normal work that anyone does around the house to keep it neat and clean looking and includes – painting, cleaning and clearing of garden and lawn, servicing appliances, fixing the roof, rebuilding a collapsed fence or wall, etc. These are jobs that occur several times a year and need to be done regularly to prevent the property from falling into decay. It may require a bit more time and effort than the repair work.

Renovation: This is by large the most labor intensive of the three jobs and usually doesn’t happen more than once or twice every decade or so. Renovation involves big time improvement in the property. Renovation generally deals with adding more value to the property by making improvements to it. This could mean putting in new floors, a new roof, rebuilding a bathroom or a kitchen, making an addition to the houses like building a new room or adding a patio. Building a new boundary wall, fence or adding a dividing wall to the house also come in the category of renovation.

As you can see the amount of time and effort involved in each of these activities is different. The scale of work is also different with not much cleaning and tidying involved after repair or maintenance. But, when it comes to renovation or refurbishing, the story is entirely different.

What you can Expect During and After Renovation

If you are living in the same building while the renovation or refurbishing is going on, you can expect to have a daily battle with dust and grime that you will have to deal with while the workers are working. Whether it is masonry, painting or carpentry you are getting done, each kind of work releases a huge amount of dust and fine particles in the air that seem to penetrate into everything. If you have shifted out of the house while the renovations are ongoing, you have saved yourself a lot of work and hassle.

Any renovation job will certainly involve an amount of painting work, which can mean dealing with fumes, splashes, stains, and spots after the painting is over.

There is also a lot of dust and debris that is left behind. Even if your contractors are really good about cleaning up, there is always some debris and detritus that you can always find. The contractors might remove the larger visible debris and dirt, but they do not do a thorough clean that would deal with the fine dust and debris that is the byproduct of any construction related job.

The final cleaning is always the job of the homeowner/ building owner. The final cleaning should be done prior to moving in or settling back into the house. You may want to do this post construction cleaning yourself, but it is highly recommended that you hire professional cleaners to do the task.

Hiring Cleaners For Post Renovation Cleaning

Practically all cosmopolitan cities offer cleaning services and we know for sure that Dubai has many that offer post-renovation cleaning services.

It is much better that you let the professional cleaners and maid services in Dubai handle the job of cleaning your house before you move in. Maids in Dubai are trained to clean properly and thoroughly. They will make sure there is no trace of the renovation debris left when you shift into the house.

Renovations and refurbishments are not easy tasks. Despite having contractors, you still have to be present to get everything done exactly the way you want it. Add to that the stress of either living somewhere else while the renovations are going on, or living there and dealing with all the noise, dirt and inconvenience that comes with it. Either way, when the renovations are over, you would like to relax. So one way you can reward yourself is going to a spa while the maids in Dubai take care of the cleaning of your house. So, when you come back, you have a beautifully clean and sanitized house.

If you are looking for a maid service in Dubai or a cleaning service in Dubai that handles post renovation and construction cleaning, you can look one up on It is an online aggregator of cleaning services based in Dubai. This means that just by logging into, you can search, look for specific cleaning services, compare cleaning services prices and order your maid in Dubai easily through a smartphone. You can also check and monitor the services without hassles. So, log into and search for cleaning services that provide post construction or renovation cleaning. Check what each agency has to offer, compare prices and then pick one that suits your job and pocket the most.

What to Look for in Post Renovation Cleaning Services in Dubai?

Full and complete cleaning of the house along with complete sanitization and detox of the building is the need of the hour. After renovation, there is dust and dirt all over. There are dirty hand and feet marks, greasy fingerprints, splotches, splashes and drips to deal with. Most modern renovation work leaves a place full of toxic fumes that can become a health hazard for people with allergies. So the house has to be detoxed and sanitized properly before moving in. A Post renovation cleaning service in Dubai should offer you the following:

  • Deep clean of the entire building and the yard.

  • Dusting and vacuuming the entire house including the cupboards, wardrobes, and any furniture or fixtures in the house.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing of all the surfaces, especially those in the kitchen and bathrooms.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the floors. The cleaning service should know how to properly clean and sanitize the flooring in your house. We have discussed cleaning floors in a previous blog.

  • Cleaning all the hardware and fixtures in the house.

  • Cleaning the windows, window channels, handles, knobs etc.

  • Cleaning all the doors, door channels, handles, knobs, etc.

  • Cleaning, wiping and shining all the mirrors and glass in the building.

  • Vacuuming all the soft furnishings.

  • Removing any stains, spills, and splashes from all the walls, surfaces and floors.

  • Sanitizing the bathroom and cleaning the tiles and grouts. Cleaning the toilet bowls and wash basins. Cleaning and sanitizing the shower area.

  • Cleaning all the appliances in the kitchen, with special attention to the refrigerator, deep freezer, hob, oven, and chimney.

  • Cleaning all the carpets, rugs, mats etc.

  • Removing and taking all the post construction debris collected out to the garbage.

Finally, before leaving the cleaning service or maid in Dubai should air out the house to ensure that there is no smell of the construction work left. Using a room freshener is always nice as it does make a house smell clean. If you want to know more about post renovation and construction cleaning, do contact Do not forget to continue reading our blogs for more interesting cleaning insights.

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