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Cleaning a Pet-Friendly Home

Living with pets is fun but also a lot of extra work. A pet-friendly house needs special attention to be clean.

Pets and a Smelly House

Perhaps, one of the most unpleasant thing anyone can encounter is a pet-friendly home that smells of the animal or animals that share the house with their human owners. This can only happen if there are more animals than there is space for within the house, or the house owner is not very diligent with their cleaning routine.

Pets that people keep

Across the world, people keep pets. The most popular ones are of course the cats and the dogs. But there are other animals like hamsters, birds, reptiles, fish, etc. that people like to have around them. If there is only a single pet, the problem may not be too acute, but if there are more than one animal living in a house, then the problem of animal odor can become compounded. There was a video doing the rounds on the social media that filmed a pride of lions frolicking in the sea. The animals were apparently someone’s pets. Imagine what a house with five great big lions living in it smell like if not kept scrupulously clean!

Problems you can encounter With Pets

Animals and odor

All animals have their distinct body odor same as the humans. But we humans do not smell as much because we keep ourselves clean and bathe regularly. Animals, on the other hand, do not bathe as often as humans so their body odor seems to be stronger. It is the same for people who do not bathe regularly or properly, after a while they start to smell and their body odor can make the space they occupy smell unpleasant.

Then there are some animals, such as cats, that like to mark their territory, they will spray everything that they think belongs to them. The smell of their spray is an indication to other cats that the territory is occupied. In the open, it is fine as the smell gets diluted and dissipated, but in a closed in space, it can be overpowering.

Shedding Hair, Muddy Paws, The List Goes on …

Having furry animals at home means shedding hair and dander. Then there is mud and paw prints to consider too. Let us not forget the occasional dead animal or other such disgusting trophies that the pets, especially cats and dogs will bring in. The list doesn’t just stop at this. The animals are prone to fleas, mites and ticks. They can bring these into the house. If not controlled as soon as possible, these parasites can take over the house and start attacking the humans too. Flea and tick bites can cause diseases and infections.

Pets and Toilet Accidents

There is hardly a pet owner who hasn’t had an encounter with toilet accidents. The pet doesn’t differentiate between the precious rug and the grass outside, it may decide to empty its bladder or bowel right there on the rug inside the house. When that happens, the smell of the urine or the feces is difficult to get rid of.

Pet Beds, Toys and Feeding Bowls

Another source of worry are the pet beds, toys and feeding bowls. If these are not cleaned regularly, they can begin to smell and carry germs of all sorts. Again, if these problems are not addressed quickly and scrupulously, the pet-friendly house becomes unhygienic in no time at all.

Can a House With Pets Stay Clean?

Some people may say that keeping a house that has a pet in it clean is an impossible task. Some may argue it is a losing battle and give up. But, the truth is a little diligence can ensure that even a house full of pets can be kept clean and smelling nice. It may take a lot of effort but all that hard work is worth it if you do not get pet hair on your clothes or in your food.

Some of the tasks that we are going to discuss can be delegated to someone else. It is a good idea to hire a maid or a cleaning service. Dubai has a large and diverse workforce, hence, it is easy to find a maid or a cleaning service. If you wish to look for a maid in Dubai, a good place to start is to search for an online cleaning service such as It is a listing site for cleaning services in Dubai. You can search for companies working in your area and short list ones that appeal to you. You can then compare cleaning companies prices online and hire one to come in and help you with the cleaning.

Cleaning a Pet-Friendly House

The first step to having a house with pets clean is to keep the pets clean. It does not take much to do so. Groom and brush your pet every day. Proper grooming can reduce the amount of hair they shed in the house. Choose a place outside the house such as a balcony or a patio to groom the pet. Most pets enjoy the grooming process and will be happy to let you do so. The grooming time can also be used to detect any flea, tick or mite infestation as well as any infection or other health problem that the pet may be developing. As soon as you see the first sign of ticks or fleas, treat the pet for it so the problem does not become more compound. Also regular deworming of the pet is essential as they can carry parasites such as tape worms, hook worms etc.

Rugs and Carpets

Rugs, mats and carpets are fur magnates. They can catch and trap all the hair that your pets shed. Over time they can look shabby and start to smell. It is preferable to not have wall to wall carpets in pet-friendly homes. Spot rugs and mats that can be taken up and washed are a better option. But if you already have wall to wall plush carpet in your home, having a pet should not mean having to remove the carpet. It will be more cumbersome to clean but with the right equipment it should be fine. You may have to invest in a very good vacuum cleaner for that. Alternately, login to your account and get a cleaning service to come in and clean your carpet occasionally.

If your pet has a toilet accident over the carpet or rug, make sure to remove and clean it instantly. Use a carpet shampoo to clean the carpet. You can deodorize a carpet with baking soda.

Mud and Dirt

Muddy paws and dirty bodies are inevitable if it is raining and the pet has been outdoors. You can deal with it by having a thick doormat at the door and preventing the pet from entering the house when it is muddy. Keep a towel to rub the pet down before allowing it in the house. If the pet has entered the house and left muddy paws, clean it up instantly.

Getting rid of the Odor

Keeping the pet clean by bathing it regularly will keep down the odor. Exercising the pet properly also helps in getting rid of some of the odor. Besides, wash the pet beds regularly. All the pet toys and bedding should be washed in hot water, sanitized and dried in the sun or in a dryer on high for at least an hour to get rid of the odor as well as the germs.

During the daily cleaning use a floor sanitizer to mop the floor. This will help to reduce germs. There are many different floor cleaning products available in the market. Some of these could be highly toxic to certain animals. Make sure you use a cleaning product that does not harm your pet in any way, is meant for the type of floor you have and will kill germs. It may be a good idea to look for a natural floor cleaner that contains no chemicals. It is better for you and your pet.

Feeding Bowls and Litter Box

Feeding bowls and litter box are two other sources of the odor. They need to be cleaned after use and sanitized. This is especially true for the litter box that needs to be emptied regularly and cleaned properly. If left unclean, the litter box and the food bowls can both start to smell.

Training Your Pet

One of the most important things in keeping your house clean is training your pet. If the pet is taught proper toilet habits and also trained not to come in when dirty or wet, it can go a long way. Dogs especially can be trained to stay out if they are dirty. Similarly, cats can be trained to use the litter box for their toilet.

Besides the points mentioned above, a house with pets has to be cleaned more diligently. All the surfaces, especially the surfaces that come in contact with food have to be sanitized every day. Dusting and wiping all surfaces is an essential part of a pet-friendly house cleaning.

You can login to website and hire cleaning services that specialize in pet cleaning. Once you hire a maid, you will never have to worry about a dirty house anymore. Enjoy your time with your pet and let the maid in Dubai handle the cleaning of the house. Contact now.

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