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Office cleaning in Dubai – How to get to a cleaner office

As business develops nowadays, the advantages of having a clean office in Dubai are becoming more apparent.

Many studies and researches conducted state for a fact that people nowadays spend roughly 90% of their time within and inside their offices, and that time at work takes one complete third of your life. Spending such an amount of time indoors and having your employees exposed to an unclean working environment, often leads to unexpected and unplanned sick days and a general reduction in productivity. Because employees are pretty much confined to their working space, moving to a different, cleaner environment is out of question. Thus, when it comes to creating and promoting a healthy environment, we all want the services of the best office cleaning services in Dubai to ensure that both ourselves and our colleagues are giving their best, rather than being hindered by a dirty, grimy work environment.

Apart from getting better skilled workforce, having a clean office is a great tool in creating a strong first impression for your business and more valuable brand. Meeting with a potential business client, in grimy, murky, and dirty office will not leave a good impression and can greatly affect the way business relations are perceived. We all want to promote a cheerful, light, clean environment which promotes a welcoming, enjoyable feel for those visiting. A first impression goes a long way, a word-of-mouth in business can go even further away, yet a strong first impression can be quite lasting if done correctly. With offices cleaned by professional cleaning experts, you’ll not only strengthen a positive image for your company, but you’ll also have more motivated and healthier employees who will put in much more effort for you.

In any case it’s a win-win situation.

A clean and hygienic office or business facility is required for achieving success. Your clients set it as a requirement and your employees shall always be thankful for it, however, the most important question raised in this regard is who you will entrust to clean your business?

One of the available options is to choose to outsource cleaning errands to a cleaning business near you in Dubai. When go for a commercial cleaning company, it conducts cleaning mainly after-hours (or at scheduled gaps in for crowded or trafficked businesses), and the cleaning services provider is the one responsible for general tidying up of the premises, from cleaning toilets and overall vacuuming, to setting everything back in order and ready for the next day and removing trash.

Choosing an outsourced cleaning provider offers several advantages. Companies can avoid employing an on-staff or full-time salaried janitor or avoid their worries about organizing the facilities cleaning process themselves. Plus, level of quality of the job done to your premises is guaranteed; the office will look tidy, sharp and professional and it will be professionally prepared for the next day. Many of those impressions, comments and some practical guidelines for booking a professional cleaning company can be found by visiting popular sites like There you can check the available options, discuss your ideas, check credibility and share your feedback to help others.

Departing from the cleaning company’s reputation to services, quality, flexibility and expertise offered, there are some criteria your commercial and office cleaning company in Dubai should meet:

1. Reputation and Experience

Confidence is crucial when booking a business facility cleaner. Their employees will be in your premises, after hours in most cases, after your employees went home for the day. They will be responsible for performing diligently with minimal supervision. When evaluating the office cleaning company’s trustworthiness there are several points which are required to be raised: * Reputation – Well-reputed company in your local environment, city, town, neighbourhood or industrial branch is always a good choice. * Accounts – A business organization that serves more customers and key accounts tends to be a good pointer of a solid reputation. * References – If the company is well-known and serves many satisfied customers it will be more than happy to share references.

2. Training and employee background checks

The most reputable commercial office cleaning services in Dubai take hiring very seriously. Their selection and employment process focus only the most competent and trustworthy employees, and they provide employees with abundant training opportunities to ensure unrivalled quality and safety level. As their reputation improves, the higher is the benchmark they need to reach and by constantly raising the bar they raise the level of quality offered as well as the satisfaction in their business partners. When you conduct your research, inquire about employee training procedures: * Employee Training: Always book with a provider that invests in employee training in key areas, from cleaning, standards implementation, materials, to safety, to professionalism. * Employee Screening: Be sure to check what kind of employee screening is conducted, i.e., background checks, thorough criminal record checks, etc. * Consistency: Check if the same person or team shall be responsible for your premises or new people would clean every day. Book with companies with low turnover rate and those which keep on sending the same cleaning experts to your facility consistently.

3. Available services

Be sure what services do you need. Is it just a standard cleaning at regular intervals or your premises need special requirements to be made? Before online booking a professional cleaning service in Dubai, ensure they offer what you require. Standard cleaning packages cover: * Vacuuming, mopping and sweeping * Trash disposal and recycling * Kitchenette and launderette cleaning * Stocking consumables, i.e., paper towels and hand soap * Bathroom cleaning * Dusting

Some office cleaning providers do cover additional, tailored or specialized services such as floor waxing, rug shampooing, periodic disinfecting, up to IT hardware cleaning are some of the services not offered as a standard package by every company on the market.

4. Types of facilities served

Experience matters, we all agree on that one. And precisely that’s why it’s so important to book a service already conducted cleaning in a facility similar to yours. Inquire for a list of accounts with characteristics similar to yours in terms of industry, capacity, surface area, size, location, types of materials and working hours.

Some companies specialize in limited types of facilities, while others only cover average commercial properties. A few types of facilities to inquire about expertise include data centres, medical or childcare facilities. Also, not all companies agree on one-time booking, which is pretty suitable for corporate after-event clean-up or refurbishment clean-up.

5. Bonded and insured

Reputable commercial cleaning services in Dubai are fully bonded and insured. This is an absolute necessary, as the company shall be responsible if one of the employees gets an injury while working at your facility. You can also check some credible guidelines on, an online service booking site which brings you the most up-to-date offer and practical advices by people in your position who are looking to book an office cleaning company as well.

6. Green-cleaning practices

If your business commits to eco-friendliness and implements it as a pillar of your mission, then the right thing to do is to select a cleaning partner that utilizes green cleaning standards in their operation. This covers from microfiber tools to save on waste, promoting and using green cleaning chemicals, low-energy gear, and implements safe waste disposal standards.

Time saving There’re just not enough hours in the day in business. Period. Too many priorities, excessive and endless meetings dominate the day of decision-makers. When booking a cleaning service for your business, the office cleaning vendor should be there to provide a reliable and stress-free service and save your time as much as possible.
Proper and defined proedures In case of cleaning issue or need, be sure who should be contacted and communicated with. Setting response expectations is fundamental in the communication process. For example, what happens in a case of an emergency, how quickly the cleaning company may be at your location, and what are the possible scenario. All in all, a clear communication procedure is crucial for a successful cooperation. Be sure everything is taken care on the legal side Your cleaning contract has been signed and the chosen company is already servicing the object, however, you notice certain items seem lacking. Ensuring the agreed tasks are specified exactly as you need them is crucial both for your security and your financial and time investment in the period that follows. Regular communication Regularly attending meetings and discussions with your professional cleaning company in Dubai and promoting a proactive approach allows and encourages a reliable review of quality, records, and adjustment needs.

In any case, be sure to follow and check popular sites such as and read more on credible experience by people in your shoes and follow some guidelines on how to easily book a cleaning service in Dubai online.

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