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Maintaining a Clean Home in Dubai

You can hire a maid in Dubai to clean your home, but you are the one who has to maintain it.

You may be able to hire a maid service or employ a maid in Dubai to keep your house clean, but that is not enough to maintain a clean house. Each day, from morning to evening, the house is bombarded with dust, dirt, grime and other natural forces that make it dirty and this needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. If you are wondering about the purpose of this post and about the difference between cleaning a house and maintaining a clean house, read on.

Cleaning Vs Maintaining Cleanliness

There is a load of difference between just cleaning and maintaining a clean house. While cleaning can be a one-time job, maintaining cleanliness is a habit that has to be inculcated and repeated regularly to continue to keep the house clean. It is a series of tasks that have to be performed each day to maintain the desirable level of cleanliness.

Both cleaning and maintaining require considerable effort, but when it comes to deep cleaning and festival cleaning, maintaining a clean house reduces the time and effort required to clean. If proper cleanliness is not maintained, the house soon starts looking dirty and grimy despite deep cleaning and even renovation. Both cleaning and maintaining cleanliness go hand in hand and they compliment each other. Small effort and daily mindfulness will help you reduce the money spent on maids in Dubai and keep your house looking clean at all times.

While you may need assistance of a maid service or may employ a maid for cleaning, the maintenance does not take too long and you can do it yourself even with the busy daily schedule of a working and socially active expatwoman.

You may have a maid to clean the house daily but it will still require effort on the part of each member of the house to keep the house clean after the maid has left.

Daily Habits To Keep A Clean House

Maintaining cleanliness is more about ingrained habits and conscious effort than elbow grease. It is relatively trivial tasks and desire to tidy up that will keep your house looking sparkling clean even on the days when you haven’t scheduled a maid service to clean your house. It also reduces the amount of time a maid spends cleaning your house each week and also cut down the number of days you schedule maid service for your home. The effort to maintain a tidy home has to be a collective effort from all the members who inhabit the house, it cannot be left upon just one single person. It may require for you to assign tasks and make a few rules for all the members of the family to follow. This not just inculcates a habit of being tidy but also ensures that the house always looks clean without being dependent on any one person.

Things to Consider Before You Start

But before we start, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 1. Do not despair if all the tasks assigned are not complete. There may be days when people are not feeling well, or have a lot of work to complete or are absent when everything cannot be done. It is ok to let go once in a while. 2. Do not expect instant results. It takes time, diligence and consistent effort to keep a house running smoothly and looking tidy. So, don’t expect the house to start sparkling from the word go. 3. Put routines in place and make sure that they are adhered to as much as possible. 4. Involve everyone, even children, this inculcates a habit of being tidy and organized and it must be encouraged.

Now that you have gone through these important points, let us begin.

Tips on How to Maintain a Clean Home

Some of the cleanest homes remain clean and tidy because of little things that are taken care of by the inhabitants. These are really small tasks that do not take more than a few minutes from our day but contribute to a clean home. Here are some tips to help you keep your home looking like a million dollars always:

1. Make The Bed

There is nothing more rewarding than climbing into a neat and tidy bed at the end of a tiring day. You can easily achieve this by spending just a few minutes a day. Every morning, as soon as you get up, make the bed. This is a habit that should be inculcated in every single person at home. This is the simplest task and never takes more than two minutes to complete. It makes a vast difference to the appearance of the room and also helps you in preparing for the day ahead. So, as soon as you get out of the bed and are sure you are not going to climb back into it, straighten out the sheets, plump up the pillows and put them properly at the head of the bed and it is done. Every evening when you climb into a neatly made bed, you will thank yourself for the effort you put into making it in the morning. Using fitted sheets and doing away with the top sheet, helps in minimizing the effort that goes into making the bed in the morning.

2. Use a Laundry Basket/Bag

One thing that is so easy to do is to put all the dirty clothes in a laundry bag or a basket. This eliminates dirty clothes hanging all over the bathroom, or piled up on all the available surfaces. Just teach your family members that the clothes that are dirty have to be placed in the laundry basket. Placing a special bag or basket in every bathroom helps as you can put dirty clothes straight into the basket as soon as you take them off. Create a laundry schedule so each member of the family knows when the clothes will be washed and can bring down their laundry. Alternately, if all the members of the family are old enough to operate the washing machine and dryer, they should be encouraged to do their own laundry. They should be assigned a day of the week when they can have unrestricted use of the machine and dryer.

3. Wash, Fold, Iron Regularly

Doing the laundry is not a huge task especially if you have a washing machine and dryer at home. You can put in a load before you leave and come back home ready to transfer the washed load into the dryer. Once the clothes are dry fold them up and return to the wardrobe as soon as possible. All clothes that need ironing can either be set aside for one day of the week or can be done as soon as possible. Meanwhile, set aside a basket or a shelf in your wardrobe for clothes to iron. This way you will not have to go around all over the house and your wardrobe when you do get to ironing the clothes. Regular washing and ironing ensures that you always have something to wear.

4. Put Away as Soon as Possible

For a house to remain organized, it is imperative that things should be put back in their own place as soon you are done with them. This is a habit that should be inculcated in the children too. They should be encouraged to put back their toys, books, and other things back where they belong. When everyone in the family is conscious of putting things back, it becomes easier to organize and tidy up.

5. Clean the Kitchen after Every Meal

Sounds a lot of work, but it is easier if you clean as you go. Do not leave food spills and splatters to dry up on the kitchen counter or other surfaces, clean them up immediately. It is far easier to clean up fresh spots than dried up ones. If you take a few minutes out after each meal to clean up the counters and stack up the dishes in the washer or sink, the kitchen will look neater, smell nicer and be cleaner. Do not leave the dishes for another day, do them at the end of each day so you can walk into a clean kitchen every morning to start the day afresh. Enlist the help of your family members in washing and cleaning up in the kitchen. Get every one involved by assigning duties. One person can wash up, another can clean and dry and a third can stack the dishes back in their place. You can leave the heavy cleaning to the maid service, but the rest should be completed before you sleep. Even if you have a maid who comes in to clean every day, it is still advisable to clean the kitchen surfaces and put away all the food before you retire. This helps in reducing pest and infestations at home.

6. Use Rubbish Bins

All the rubbish should always be put into a bin. It is best to have two bins one for dry and the other for wet garbage. Each member of the house should be instructed to put their garbage in bins and not leave it on the floor. Put a bin in each room and toilet. These can then be emptied out either by the maid or as per schedule by each member of the family into the main garbage bin. Separating recyclable garbage at source prevents the maid from chucking in everything into the same bin or spending too much time separating the garbage.

7. Clean One Part of The House Daily

Do get into the habit of cleaning at least one part of the house each day. It could be a whiole room or part of a room as long as you can get through the whole house in approximately a week, it does not matter. When cleaning the assigned part of the house, make sure that you go over it thoroughly. Put every thing in its place and dust the surfaces.

8. Cleaning the Washroom

The cleaning of the toilets should not be the task of one person. Whoever uses the toilet and the shower needs to get involved in keeping it clean. While the toilet bowl can be cleaned twice a week, the washbasin needs a once over every day. The shower area can be kept clean if every one who uses the shower wipes it down and dries it after leaving. This delays the build up of spots and grime in the toilet.

If you are an extremely busy expatwoman or have enough money to afford it, you can hire a maid to come in a do all this for you each day. But, that also requires supervision. To hire a maid easily, you can visit where you can find a list of the most reliable cleaning and maid service in Dubai. Hiring maids in Dubai is not too difficult as long as you have by your side.

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