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Clean Glass To A Sparkle

There is hardly a home in Dubai that is without at least a bit of glass or mirror. Learn tips to keep it clean.

In our previous blog, we learned tips on summer cleaning. A large part of it also including cleaning glass and windows. One has to agree that glass windows, doors, cabinets and mirrors look beautiful and add an element of elegance to any building or room. Whether it is a glass table, or a beautiful crystal ornament or even glass cups, containers and dinnerware, every house has something or the other that is made with glass. Though it, is lovely to look, those who have to maintain the glass know just how difficult it can be to keep it clean and spotless.

Frustration of Cleaning Glass

If you have every tried to clean a glass pane, you will understand the frustration of trying to clean it so that there are no streaks, spots or lint left on the pane. I often struggled with keeping both sides of the pane clean. I would clean one side, only to discover that the other side has streak marks on it. I would clean the other side, only to see that there were still spots left on the first side. It was a very frustrating job, and I spent, what seemed like hours, trying to clean just one window pane. Every time, I thought of cleaning the windows, I would get the jitters at the amount of effort and time I had to put into it. Then I discovered the right way of cleaning the glass. In this post, we will learn how to clean not just window panes and mirrors, but also many other things made of glass that we have in our house.

This post will help all those people who have to run a clean house. So whether you have a maid in Dubai or not, you should still read this post so you can teach your maid a thing or two about cleaning efficiently. I am sure your maid in Dubai will be glad of these tips too.

For Cleaning Glass

There is a whole range of wonderful tools available in the market for cleaning glass windows and door. These range from highly professional quality vacuum type window cleaners to simple squeegee. With the right tool it becomes extremely easy to clean glass windows.

  • Squeegee – it is used to wick water or cleaning liquid away from the glass surface.

  • Lint free Cloth - To clean, wipe and polish glass

  • Vacuum Cleaner – To remove dust

  • Scrubbing Wand - to scrub the glass, used along with lint free wand cover.

  • Window Scraper - To remove encrusted dirt from the glass. Use only glass scrapers to prevent damage.

  • Water Bucket - To keep water or cleaner to clean the glass.

  • Extension poles – to reach the hard to reach areas easily without climbing ladders.

  • Ladder/Step Ladder – to clean high glass partitions, windows or crystal chandeliers, etc.

Besides these tools, there are some exceptionally good glass cleaning tools available in the market. These are basically meant for professional cleaners or for homes/buildings where there is a lot of glass that needs to be cleaned regularly. Some of these include:

  • Window wiper vacuums: these are basically wipers attached to a vacuum cleaner which sucks up all the water or cleaner used to clean the window as it scrapes. It leaves no streaks or wet areas on the glass.

  • Trigger Spray Mops – these are a combination of a window mop, wiper and a sprayer. So one can spray water, wipe it away and then mop it clean.

  • Condensation Squeegee – this is a squeegee that scrapes up water and deposits it in a reservoir built into the handle. You squeegee up instead of down with this one.

  • Steam Cleaners with squeegee attachments – the steam cleaners work just as well on the windows as they do on the floor. The steam dislodges the dirt and grime and the squeegee attachment wipes it off.

Besides the tools you will also require a good window and glass cleaner to clean the glass. There are many different types of cleaners available in the market. They range from dry tablet form cleaners to more common concentrated liquid cleaners which can be mixed with water to clean windows. If you are wary of commercial cleaners, you can make your own glass cleaner. There are many recipes that are easily available.

How to Clean Windows

Cleaning glass windows is an essential part of any housekeeping task. In places like Dubai where there is a lot of dust and humidity, this may be a task that has to be undertaken every here are some of us who rely on professional cleaning services in Dubai to clean the windows, but a lot of us get our maids in Dubai to handle the task. If you wish to have your windows as clean as a window cleaning service, without actually hiring one, here are a few tips for you to teach you maid in Dubai.

  • Use a good glass cleaning solution. You can either make one for yourself or buy one from the store.

  • Always clean windows when they are in shadows. This prevents the cleaning solution from drying out on the glass before you clean it and leaving streaks.

  • Vacuum and dust the window sill, frame, and grills before starting with cleaning the glass. This makes the cleaning process less messy.

  • Use a mop and a squeegee of a window vacuum cleaner of any other such tool to start cleaning the glass.

  • To conclusively know which side of the glass has streaks, wash the inside of the window from side to side and the outside from top to bottom. The different strokes will tell you which side the streak is on.

  • Next, use a dry lint-free cloth to polish the glass to a shine.

How to Clean Glass Topped Cooking Stoves

These days glass topped cooking stoves are much in demand, and rightly so, they look great, work like a dream and are modern. Though you may think that these would be easy to clean, let me assure you, they become a real drag to clean. Every spill and splatter is clearly visible on the glass surface. Any encrusted or burnt food cannot be scraped off as it may mar the surface of the glass leaving it scratched. If you are like me who doesn’t like even a small blemish on your cooking stove, you would be constantly frustrated with the cleaning efforts of your maid in Dubai or Dubai cleaning services. You cannot always be sure of the cleaning skill of a cleaner before you hire a maid in Dubai. Here are a few tips for keeping this hard to clean glass top in tip top shape.

  • Clean up all spill immediately. Never leave them to burn off and stick to the glass as it will be difficult to remove it without damaging the glass.

  • Use a professional cleaning agent for glass or ceramic cooktops. Do not use homemade remedies as this may damage the glass.

  • Use a separate cleaning pad for your cooktop. Make sure it is absorbent and lint free.

  • Spray the cleaner all over the top and then use a paper towel or a pad to wipe the surface clean.

  • Any encrusted food or spills should be gently scraped off using a razor edge spatula.

  • To avoid scratch marks on the glass top, make sure not to slide anything with a rough surface across the glass top.

Cleaning Glass and Mirrors

Mirrors and glass cabinets or partitions are pretty common in modern homes. They add to the interior décor of any place and make the room look light, airy and bright. But only if they are cleaned and polished to a bright shine. Dusty, grimy and streaked mirrors and glass indicate poor housekeeping. Cleaning these is similar to cleaning a window. The same tools and methods work for these as well as they do for the windows. Cleaning mirrors is relatively easy as it has to be cleaned and buffed on only one side.

Using distilled water to clean glass and mirrors is a good idea as it does not leave any mineral deposits or streaks on the surface.

If you wish to hire a cleaning service in Dubai to clean your glass and windows, then is your best resource in Dubai. It is an aggregator of online cleaning services in Dubai and helps you to find the perfect cleaning service or maid in Dubai according to your schedule and budget. It lets you compare cleaning service prices and services online. To pick up a professional maid in Dubai log in to now. To learn more cleaning and housekeeping tricks, hacks and tips, keep reading the blog. We regularly post new blogs posts that may interest you. So, check into blog.

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