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While busy lifestyle gets the hold of us, we have to rely on a part time maid in doing our home errands.

In most cases, professional maids are effectively integrated within our living environment and actively participate in our life slowly becoming an additional family member whose assistance comes as a really helping and supportive move which will definitely lower stress-levels in our daily life. Help4u.today as the most famous online services marketplace always offers the easiest and simplest way to provide you with the service you need and save you valuable time that you can use for your family. Just give it a go via our App and book a maid with a swipe.

Maid vs. clothing stains

Dealing with stains is a process that affects everyone and having to deal with them regularly especially if you have kids may turn into a quite a challenge. Just imagine how the anniversary dinner may end up with a drink spilled on the new sofa or your new white dress with a red pasta sauce all over it. However, you should not panic and regardless how impossible it may seem to get rid of those stubborn stains, you can always rely on certain ways which can do wonders in removing them.

Some practical tips you will find below will provide you with another approach in getting rid of some nasty stains, you just need to understand what type of stain it is, and you can then address them in the proper way. Having a maid at home will definitely save you from those issues and give you more time for yourself. Let’s go with first things first, before learning how to remove the stains, knowing what the different types of stains are would definitely come in handy.

Types of stains on clothes

Before dealing with a stain, you need to find out more about the fabric of your clothing – whether it’s cotton, synthetic, wool, or silk. This will affect the way how you remove a stain and may affect the clothing itself so before doing anything, do check the garment’s care label for any instructions.

How to remove stains from cotton:

Cotton is known resilient fabric, so you or the maid can use numerous techniques to get rid of stains from cotton garments without damaging the fabric. This freedom to work with does not include the wash temperature as very hot temperatures usually cause cotton to shrink.

How to remove stains from synthetics:

Synthetic fabric comes in a wide variety of forms and colors and are quite resilient and respond well to regular detergents that contain enzymes, however, harsh chemicals like bleach are definitely not a good idea.

How to remove stains from wool:

Wools on the other hand is way more fragile than cotton and many commercial stain removers will surely damage wool fibers, so it is paramount that you read the instructions on the label. Most cleaning services Dubai also advise using a specific detergent designed for wool, and then dry the garment flat to keep its shape. If needed, take the garment to a professional for specialist stain treatment.

How to remove stains from silk:

Regardless if you are cleaning a bid stain or focusing your attention and treating a small stain, it’s important to use a suitable silk detergent and to soak the whole garment and avoid water spotting. Silk is incredibly delicate, so tough and severe stains are better treated at the dry cleaners.

Tips on treating stains on clothing

Removing berry stains

The berry stain should be washed as normal and left out in direct sunlight for some time to feel the benefits of the bleaching effect of the sun’s rays. The more it sits under the sun the easier it will be to treat it afterwards. For the tougher stains, rubbing lemon juice over the top, or laying a slice of lemon on the stain is an excellent idea. The lemon acid together with the sun’s effect do wonders in dealing with berry stains. Finally, you should just rinse, dry and repeat the whole cycle if necessary.

Removing tomato stains

Tomato stains are quite often and sometimes quite stubborn if not treated immediately. Vinegar is an excellent cure for harsh tomato stains. It works best if you soak the tomato stain for 30 minutes in neat white vinegar (1 to 2 tbsp), then rinse the spot and finally add and rub appropriate detergent directly into the stain before washing it on a cool cycle. Repeat as necessary or get a maid for 25 AED and let a professional to do the job for you.

Removing ink stains

An ink stain is usually quite tricky to remove, especially due to the ink’s chemical composition. You can easily compare cleaning companies in Dubai, however, soaking the area in an alcohol-based product, like methylated spirits or even hairspray, is the most common and best solution in this case.

Removing oil stains

Maids can treat oil and any form of greasy stain with a handful of commercial solutions widely available in supermarkets, however, experienced professionals know that a squirt of dishwashing liquid or washing detergent applied directly and rubbed in will not only clean the stain but decrease the use of unhealthy chemical products. Letting the dishwasher liquid to sit for a while and then washing it on a hot cycle is the best solution at least for most stains.

Removing blood stains

Time is definitely of importance with blood stains – the sooner you address the stain, the better the result. Start by creating a paste with salt and cold water and slowly rub this paste directly onto the stain, preferably within 10-15 minutes of the stain occurring. Be sure to rinse with cold water and repeat the process as necessary. Be quick because the longer the stain has to set, the removal process will be harder, so take action straight away. If you don’t have time to thoroughly clean it, just rinse and then soak the piece of clothing in cold salty water until you have the time to do it. Be sure to remove the stain as much as you can before the wash itself and avoid rubbing as this will just push the stain further in.

Hiring a maid - more time for yourself and less worries

Hiring a maid or a house cleaning service gives you the freedom and above all, the time to enjoy some quality time with your family and loved ones or doing activities you like or go relaxing instead of taking care of household activities. All these cleaning activities are very time-consuming, and time in a bustling city as Dubai is indeed a luxury. Therefore, many families decide to hire a maid in Dubai and Sharjah, visit sites like help4u.today find 25 dhs per hour cleaning services Dubai and give the maid a chance to help them in their everyday life. You can simply rely on the app for booking online a maid and complete the book a maid near me process from the convenience of your home.

However, having a maid in your household and letting her in your private and environment requires a really special relation and earning trust and respect definitely goes both ways. Now, as in everything in life, we should all be careful and precautious because any time when a person enters our private life and it is allowed to spend time alone and without supervision in your home – whether it’s the cleaning lady or pluming technician or even a doorman – there are certain risks involved.

Most people tend to check even slightest details before hiring a maid. Starting from background checks, recommendations, personal interviews, mock or test work assignments, you name it – still hire a maid only when you feel that the person you decide to turn into a member of your family is trustworthy and dedicated to her job. There are plenty of maid services in Dubai, however not everyone fits your requirements.

Matching expectations and responsibilities with the maid

Some people expect their apartment to be magically transformed and upgraded right after hiring a maid, however, even for trained professionals it may take some time to get your home to the desired and workable standard of the maid. Additionally, be sure to talk about and predefine the level of freedom they enjoy in your home if you have any fragile or worthy items that should be particularly addressed with caution.

Finally, booking a cleaning service in Dubai will give you the needed peace of mind that you are dealing with a professional who shall become your reliable partner and family member. There is a long list of services you can check on help4u.today for a better understanding of the market. You can sort their database, check reviews, share your opinion and even directly book online and start planning your free time. The best alternative to book a maid in Dubai.

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