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Best tricks and top tips to clean your kitchen in Dubai

It is not easy to be an expert on how to clean the kitchen, especially when living and working in Dubai.

Hey, we all have to admit that our kitchens are not spotless nor flawlessly sparkling clean at every given day. Either ourselves or a family member, a part time maid or even a guest will be indulged to get in the kitchen and prepare something yummy.

However, when you have a pretty dynamic Dubai-designed and traffic dependent lifestyle and you need to take care of children simultaneously, well, things can get pretty crazy, to say the least. Meaning that sometimes it just isn’t possible to take care of the dishes and the kitchen floor immediately. By the way, for messy cooks like most of us are, it is even more challenging.

Because it is not easy to manage all errands, be punctual in the office and having a clean kitchen, there are some very practical tricks and tips how to clean the kitchen more easily and how to compare cleaning services if you are up for hiring maid services in Dubai.

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Keep it minimal

The easiest way we think we should have our kitchen organized is to line it up from end to end with appliances, dishes, utensils, jars, even something in between. Well, we are not going to reach far that way. It is a false satisfaction that the kitchen is packed and tidy. It is not.

Without a bunch of junk laying around far and wide up your counters, you will have so much more room for prep work. Moreover, if you are free from moving and storing everything somewhere else first you will feel more motivated to actually clean the counters and wipe it all out. Finally, if an object or an appliance is not where it should be, it’s super obvious it is out of place.

On the other hand, every person arranges the kitchen as one think suits him/her the best, yet, the more items are stored away in cupboards, the better. If the cupboards are already full - throw out, recycle, donate, or sell things that you never or very rarely use.

Start off with a clean kitchen

This is a soothsayer’s advice - don’t start cooking until unless it is in a clean and tidy kitchen. If you start cooking and the kitchen is already not representable to say the least, you’ll just create more work for yourself afterwards, get depressed and end up being even more demotivated to clean something that was already dirty in the first place.

Before showing of your culinary wizardry, simply make a 15 minutes cleaning spree around the kitchen and start with a clean slate and you’ll be more motivated to keep it clean.

Be useful - clean while waiting

If you accidentally end up with some free time in the kitchen (it does not happen to often), use it wisely and clean a kitchen corner. For example, if waiting for a pot of water to come to a boil, wipe the counter or wash and store some of the items you already used instead of just standing around. Unload the dishwasher, rearrange some items to open up some working space for yourself, put away cooking utensils that you’re already done using or just throw away unnecessary packaging. You’ll be surprised at how much work you can get done while sitting idle during the in-between times of cooking.

Use cling film to line your fridge shelves

It looks rather clumsy, but it does magic. It is an amazing little trick for giving your fridge a nice and clean look. Simply line each shelf with a layer of cling film and replace it with a new one after 6-7 days. It will make cleaning any smaller spills, leaks or food stains much easier – it works like a charm.

Upgrade your AC unit to smell fresher

This is a must. We all have issues with the AC from time to time if you frequently use air conditioning in your home and in Dubai it is a necessity if you know what I mean. Using it frequently in such an environment it may start to smell musty and the air will feel stale. So, before turning to a professional AC cleaner for more serious issues and general maintenance, keep it fresh by taping a dryer sheet to the front vent to collect the moisture and leaving it on for a few hours.

Bring back the shine

While all-purpose cleaners or store-bought cleaning products are always an option, using natural resources would definitely not only help you save money but serve a greater purpose as well. You can start by sprinkling a substantial quantity of baking soda around the sink and then squeeze a lemon around to wet the baking soda. Then, just use the juiced lemon skins as your semi-professional scrubbers. As you begin scrubbing the sink, the soda powder shall start to get a bit sticky which is perfectly normal. Rub it thoroughly before you rinse it out to finish off. Don’t forget to buff your faucet and taps a bit while there.

Keep odors at bay

Many times, the villain is the drain that causes a stink and not the kitchen sink itself. So, while you’re at it, pipes need a wave of refreshment as well. How? Well, simply pour two-three spoons of baking soda down the drain and then pour some white distilled vinegar on top of it. About half a cup should do the trick for two tablespoons of baking soda. Some bubbling going on down there should be expected as a proof of a proper chemical reaction.

Remove food chunks immediately

As it often happens, food bits and vegetable peels are a regular accessory in the kitchen sink leading to clogs up the drain strainer. This is definitely not the right way to do it. This both stops dirty water from draining out quickly, but it also forms bacteria which easily spreads around the sink. The right way - empty or clean the drain strainer as soon as bits of food find their way down there.

Flush water out of the sink as soon as possible

It is the normal way to go, however it often happens the other way although it really makes a difference. Without it you will have to stick your hands in dirty, greasy water, making sink maintenance more difficult.

Clean up spills as you go

This is another thing we neglect when we are in a hurry. If a spill does happen just wipe it up, it will be so much easier to clean up everything else afterwards. Dried-on gunk needs to be soaked or scraped first, before giving a proper scrub. However, it could have been cleaned up with a simple wipe.

Set fixed days and times for doing certain things

Interestingly enough, forgetfulness is of the main reasons for not getting certain chores done in a day. Busy Dubai life comes in addition to this. However, when you have pre-set days intended for doing certain things, it will be much easier to actually remember what those things in the first place were.

On another hand, you can always turn to professional help and hire cleaning services Dubai. You can check, the busiest aggregator to book a maid in Dubai and look through the database, set your criteria and find the most suitable offer for your needs. You can directly book from home and spend the time doing something you enjoy instead of cleaning the kitchen.

Give your kitchen appliances a good scrub

Modern homes come equipped with practical, handy and labor-saving tools and appliances. Our every day would be way more complicated without them. Keeping them shiny and clean is a part of the maintenance process which keeps them in shape and functioning longer giving you the ability to use them longer and more often without a hassle.

On another note, they do not come cheap and come as an investment to be purchased and to repaired alike. If you have already done your homework to compare cleaning company in Dubai and employed a residential cleaning service or a cleaning service for cleaning your home, then make sure that they are following the proper cleaning routine for the appliances. You should keep a checklist of what needs to be cleaned and when and make sure that your maid in Dubai cleans on schedule according to the checklist.

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