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All about Brooms and Mops

There are so many types of brooms and mops available in the market that it is confusing to know which to buy.

Do You Know Your Cleaning Aids?

Writing for the site made me realise how little I knew about choosing the correct cleaning aids. Well, we all think we know all that we want to about cleaning aids, mainly mops and brooms. In reality, we are all quite uneducated when it comes to picking a mop or a broom. There are so many different types of mops and brooms available in the market and most times we just pick one up that appeals to our fancy without thinking of how and where to use it.

Though we may have been using brooms and mops all our lives, we still have a lot to learn about which one to use where and when. Whether one you have picked is actually effective for your home and floor is a useful knowledge as it will help to clean the house more efficiently.

How We Pick a Mop and Broom

Most of us, I believe, pick up a broom and a mop at random without much thought going into it. We pick up a broom just because it is the one we have been used to using all our lives and our mothers used it too. We may have watched an advertisement or a TV sales program promoting the mop, broom or cleaning aid and we believe it is the best one to use at home. I know I have been guilty of making this mistake time and again and I am sure so have you and a lot of others like us. We bring home a broom or a mop and realise that it isn’t what we actually needed. It really doesn’t make the work easier or better than the one we were using. In many instances, I have discovered that the product was totally useless and a waste of money. Most times these fancy mops and brooms just stood there leaning against the wall till they were given away or thrown out.

After wasting a whole lot of time and money on a product I thought was useless, I finally decided to research the mops and brooms to discover which ones work best for where. Since I educated myself about mops and brooms, I have become a much better and efficient cleaner simply because I am using the right cleaning aids and in the right manner. Oh, let me set the facts straight, I employ maids in Dubai to clean, so I made their life easier too.

So, ladies, read on if you also wish to have a cleaner home with far less effort.

How We Should Pick our Brooms and Mops

As long as I remember, cleaning the floors at home meant a daily sweeping with a broom that may have been made with grass or natural plant fibres or bristles. Then taking a thick cotton cloth and dunking it in a bucket of water with a dash of floor cleaner and mopping the floors with it. This method was labour intensive and I was thankful when we progressed to long handle brooms and mops and also the ever favourite vacuum cleaner.

Living in Dubai we have the advantage of having cheap domestic labour, maids and servants who do the actual work of cleaning and tidying up. We can make the work of our maids in Dubai less labour intensive and more effective by providing them with a broom and a mop that is ideal for your home.

Types of Brooms

When picking a broom you have to keep in mind the floor space, the type of flooring, the layout of the floor, the traffic within the house, the amount and type of debris your maids in Dubai have to sweep up every day. Once you have determined all this, it becomes easier to pick a broom.

As we know from our housekeeping trips to the supermarkets, there are many different types of broom with many different types of bristles. All brooms basically fall into two categories:

  • Soft flagged Bristle: These brooms are essentially used indoors as they do not mark or mar the floor surface. They are used to pick up finer debris and dust. These brooms have soft bristles that are split have frayed ends.

  • Hard Unflagged Bristle: These brooms have stiff bristles and are best used for picking up larger debris and getting into grooves. They are best used outdoors and on rough surfaces. The bristles of this broom are longer than the flagged ones. They are hardier too. The ends are not frayed.

Brooms can also be classified according to the material of their bristles. Across the world, people use different materials to make brooms. I have seen brooms made from leaves, grass, corn fibres, plastic, twigs, sticks and much more.

The next classification of brooms is according to their size, weight and use. According to this classification, a broom can be described as: * Amish Broom: These are typically long handled brooms made with natural corn fibres or other such material. These can be fishtailed or round depending upon the part of the world you are in. They are ideal for indoor use to sweep up larger floor areas. These are not good for tight spaces.

  • Lobby Broom: this broom has a shorter handle than the Amish broom and has soft bristles. It can be made of natural fibres or plastic. They are lightweight and ideal for sweeping under furniture and in tight places. They can also be used to clean small floor areas effectively.

  • Angle brooms: these are short bristle brooms and great for cleaning along the corners and sides of the walls and all hard to reach areas.

  • Carpet Sweeper: these are special brushes/brooms made specifically for cleaning carpets. They have revolving brush with short hard bristles and a dust receptacle inbuilt into the broom. These long handled sweepers are run forward and backwards to clean the carpet.

  • Push brooms: these have hard and short bristles and look like oversized brushes attached to the end of a handle. They are ideal for patios, yards and driveways.

Types of Mops and Their Uses

Like brooms, mops can also be classified into many different types based on their use, handle type and the material they are made of. The most common materials for mops are:

  • Cotton Cloth or String: These mops may be with or without handles and made with either heavy weight thick cotton cloth or strings bound together to create the mop. These mops are perhaps the oldest and the most common types of mops and can be used as wet or dry mops and even as damp mops. They are heavy duty cleaners and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The main drawback with these mops is that they cannot be used to give a really good scrub to a stain on the floor. You may have to use another mop to do that. They are good for a rough or smooth floor.

  • Sponge: These mops have been around for a while and are good for smooth floors and surfaces such as tiles and linoleum. They are used as wet mops and for applying finishes o the floor. They cannot be used with an ammonia or bleach based cleaner as it can be damaged easily. Microfibre: These mops are great for all types of floor. Though of recent origin, they are probably the most favoured types of mops now as they dry quickly and give a great cleaning to the floors. They are particularly effective in high traffic heavy use areas.

  • Synthetic: these mops are made of synthetic fibres and are great for frequent use high traffic areas. They are more durable than the cotton mops and give just as good a cleaning.

Mops are also based on the type of mopping to be done. Some floors have to be dry mopped and other need to be damp mopped while yet others need wet mopping. Much depends upon the floor you have. If your maids in Dubai are using a wet mop on a wooden floor it is time to teach them the mopping basics.

  • Wet Mop: these mops are soaked in water and wrung out before mopping the floor. They are good for most flooring except wooden and carpeted floors. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

  • Damp Mops: these mops are only slightly damp or moist and are used to clean tiled floors and linoleum. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

  • Dry Mops: They are also called dust mops and are generally flat-type mops made of microfiber. They can be used to sweep dust or clean out wooden floors.

Knowing the difference between various mops and brooms can help us make better choices when buying for our homes. Now that you know which broom can be used for what and which mop is the best for your home, you can guide your maids in Dubai to do a better job of cleaning.

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Keep reading the blogs for more interesting articles on cleaning.

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