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5 tips to clean your home with organic product

Organic house cleaning in Dubai is not any more difficult than doing it with harsh chemicals.

Apart from the office and being struck in traffic, our homes are the place we as well as our families spend most of our free time. We all find and try different things to detox our minds and bodies in our free time and opt for natural and real food sources to get all the nutrients we need and nothing we don’t. Still, regardless of all the hard work to limit the industrial produce intake and keep our bodies toxin-free, we often forget running proper care for our households – one based on organic products that can clean and refresh our home in natural ways—using naturally-derived оrganic house cleaning products.

So, why not investing a bit more energy in making our home the healthy, nourishing and positive space we deserve?

Natural vs. chemical-based

Chemical-based cleaning products аre easier to obtain but have major drawbacks: they're pricey, they may cause more or less severe health issues and their production, usage and disposal can harm the environment. Common commercial cleaners come packed with toxic and polluting substances intended to make domestic life simpler, faster and easier, although some cleaning chemicals are allergy and asthma triggers, so they end up making things much worse. This leads to an increasing need for a significant reduction of synthetic chemicals in the home environment.

Switching to homemade DIY cleaners might seem like a lot more work, either for yourself or for your part time maid but it’s actually pretty simple and just a piece of cake. Why? Because bio cleaning products are easy to come by and you can use them for a longer period of time. They improve indoor air quality and are way more children friendly.

There are a lot of practical and creative ideas when it comes to organic cleaning products in Dubai. One of the best ways to get some inspiration and compare cleaning company in Dubai at the same time is, the busiest and most popular online services booking site in the UAE. You can easily go through the blog, read some interesting comments, seek advice and even get a maid for 25 AED.

5 all-natural cleaning tips

  1. Use lemon to bring back your copper and other pans and containers the shine they had before. Simply, dip half a lemon in salt or baking powder and use it to scour your pans to their former glory. Get a bit of lemon juice and mix it with baking soda to remove stubborn stains from plastic containers. You can also mix lemon peel and white vinegar in a jar, leave for several days to marinate and then strain out the peel to use the vinegar as a cleaner. Lemons have strong and effective antiseptic and antibacterial properties and act as natural deodorizer.
  1. Baking soda is another one of nature's own top-notch cleaners. Easily available in stores as sodium bicarbonate, this mildly alkaline substance works as a gentle abrasive, deodorant and more. Get a dishwashing sponge and dip it in a homemade thick paste of baking soda and water. Rub it all over rusty surfaces and you will have a bright shiny surface in no time. Also, a bit more liquid blend of baking soda and water can do wonders as an all-purpose light cleaner especially effective on grease.
  1. Oven cleaning basics. Attack your neglected oven of grimy grease and cooking juices by applying a thick paste of baking soda and water directly to the bottom side of the oven to clean it. Leave it for a couple of hours or even overnight before scraping it off and gently wiping the surface.
  1. White vinegar as an antibacterial solution for your problems. Dilute vinegar in water and apply it as a perfect stain remover for various textiles. It also works great as a natural deodorizer and can work in combination with various other natural products, such as lemon juice, to absorb unpleasant odors. Simply simmer some vinegar with water on the stove while cooking fish, onion and garlic or other foods which have strong odors to get rid of the specific scent.
  1. Spark some shine for your tiles. The pesky grout between tiles in the bathroom can quickly turn into mold and become both unsightly and unhealthy. You can easily remove it by mixing one part carbonated water with one part white vinegar and spray it on the moldy areas. Try rubbing it off slowly and if the grime still doesn't scrub off, add two parts baking soda to the vinegar-water mix to make a thicker paste. Leave the mixture on the grout for at least 15 minutes before giving it a harsher rub.

This is just the beginning. There are way more ideas and solutions for natural approach to cleaning your home. You can check some of them at Feel free to check the platform, find some interesting organic solution for a cleaning challenge, look for a house cleaning service if you want to book a maid in Dubai and feel free to share your own experience so you can help people who are in your shoes.

Best homemade cleaning substitutions

Environmentally safe ingredients that you can use for a plethora of household applications are just a reach of your hand away:

  • Soap – Unscented liquid soap is biodegradable and is an awesome choice for a wide variety of cleaning applications.
  • Lemon juice - One of the strongest food acids and a very effective tool against most common household bacteria.
  • White vinegar – Excellent choice when it comes to dealing with grease, removing mildew, odors, and some milder stains
  • Washing soda - Washing soda deals with grease, removes stains, softens hard water and makes walls, tiles, sinks and tubs sparkly clean.
  • Vegetable or olive oil – Excellent woodwork preserver.
  • Alcohol – Works great as a disinfectant and vodka is a potent odor remover.
  • Cornstarch – Use it to clean windows, polish furniture, and shampoo carpets and rugs.
  • Citrus solvent - Citrus solvent deals with paintbrushes, oil and grease, and some stains.
  • Oxygen Bleach - Oxygen-based bleach gently removes stains, whitens fabric, and has a number of applications in household stain removal.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide - A common wound disinfectant - it can also work like charm when it comes to kitchen or bathroom disinfection or as a great stain remover for fabrics and grout.

Healthy home cleaning habits

Exchange Indoor Air - Many modern homes and apartment buildings around town are so tight there’s little new fresh air coming in. Open the windows from time to time during evenings in Dubai to replace the air-conditioned air which is circulating around the home.

Minimize Dust – Put away everyday clutter that collects dust, such as old newspapers and periodicals.

Keep it clean - Keeping humidity low, general tidying up, upholstery cleaning and vacuuming regularly can help in dealing with unwanted dust mites, allergens and bugs.

Keep bedrooms clean – We spend most of the time when we are home in the bedrooms. Our sleeping quarters should be extra clean. Keep your four-legged buddies away from your bedroom, especially if they spend time playing outdoors.

Buy or use gentle cleaning products - Drain cleansers, toilet bowl detergents and oven cleaners are the most toxic so we should avoid products containing ammonia or chlorine, or petroleum-based chemicals. Simply use the tips mentioned above and you will both safe money and invest in your health in one go.

Clean from the top down – When cleaning the house, clean window blinds and shelves in the beginning and then work downwards up to the floor and the carpet. Leave dust some time to settle before vacuuming.

Clean up after pets – Living with your furry friend means dealing with fur, dander, tracked-in dirt, and accidents of various sorts. Brush your pet regularly to cut down on fur balls, vacuum more frequently often, and train them through positive reinforcement to use only certain pieces of furniture. A blanket on the floor is way easier to clean regularly rather than a sofa cushion.

As with everything in life, the best result is achieved when we start from ourselves and set the example. Parting ways with common cleaning habits is definitely not easy but when you take into consideration the benefits to your health, the environment and your home – it is well worth it. Creativity can go a long way so be sure to stay curious and find more and better ways to clean your home with organic products. You can always turn to and find inspiration on popular online spots such and implement it at home. Not only you can find ideas, but you can also search for a professional cleaning service in Dubai and save yourself some valuable time that you can use with your family and friends. Set your criteria, check the price and directly book online from the comfort of your home.

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