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25 AED cleaning service in Dubai-shininess that counts

Washing your windows can turn into a tedious chore and with Dubai’s sandy outdoors, who can you blame.

If eyes are considered as gates and windows to the soul, then actual windows provide the first peek of a home’s soul— unless they’re streaky. Perfectly cleaned glass is pretty satisfying to watch, but there’s also nothing so frustrating as actually wiping them and making them spotless. Whatever is your scrubbing task for the day - windows, mirrors, or a glass-topped coffee table, making it easier is the top priority of just about anyone. Achieving streak-free level for a glass can be quite easier and with the right approach, tools and a few tips, you can spark them up in no time.

If you feel you are not up to the task or you have a very limited time, you can always get a maid for 25 AED and have a professional who will cater for your windows. Nowadays it is quite straight-forward to find a maid online by visiting, the favorite meeting place when it comes to online services booking in Dubai and the region. You can look around the services offered, locations, timings and reviews, so you can compare cleaning companies in Dubai.

Do Your Prep Work

Before you dig in and make the glass cleaner your primary weapon, it’s important to do a little prep work first. Three areas around the household definitely need a prep work so you can make your job way easier - the kitchen, your bathroom, and your outside windows. Grease and dust are your worst enemy in the kitchen while the mirror in the bathroom will likely suffer the most and get heavy use. When it comes to outside windows, Dubai dusty weather is different than any other place on Earth. The elements don’t leave glass clean not even for a moment especially during storms. Starting from sandstorms to bugs, window exterior can also become quite dirty.

Before starting with the cleaning dirt, dust and are something that you should definitely get rid of. Give the entire area a good rinse and use a rag to wipe off any dirt. While you are taking care of the inside of a window, lay a towel across the sill to be sure it won’t drip and make mess on the floor. Be creative and use a cotton swab or toothbrush for the corners and don’t you worry about streaks–the shine comes later.

Is it a sunny day? Well, yeah, in Dubai it is sunny every day, however, try holding the window cleaning off until a bit cloudier day, regardless how difficult is that in Dubai – because it might be easier to see smears on a sunny day, but the sun drying the windows too quickly causes streaks in the first place.

Practically speaking, it's way easier to wash windows that are free of dust, so vacuum the sash, frames and sills first. You will also avoid muddy, soupy chaos on the floor afterwards.

Thought of using that old newspaper yet? If you've only got a couple of microfiber clothes at your disposal, buffing glass with crumpled newspaper will give your windows a sparkling, streak-free finish.

5 Tricks to Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

Use soapy water and scratchy sponge to deal with medium-grade dirt

If microfiber cloths do not manage to deal with the dirt on your window – maybe it's not stubborn, but it's definitely copious – you might need to take a solution of washing up liquid and warm water to it. Start by wiping the soapy water on with an abrasive sponge, then rinse the windows with clean water; use a squeegee to get any further soapy deposits off; then use the microfiber cloths for a streak-free finish. Making the water too bubbly is something you should definitely avoid – soapy suds will be left as filmy streaks on your windows and you'll wish you'd never started.

Always go by the book – top to bottom and vertical to horizontal

Equip yourself with the necessary cleaning supplies such as white vinegar, preferably distilled water, spray bottle or a large bowl, microfiber cloth, newspaper, and cotton swabs. Spray the cleaning solution on your cleaning cloth, or simply dip the cleaning tool in this solution and wring out the excess fluid. In case the glass surface is big or if you are using a newspaper for cleaning then it would be better to spray the solution on the glass itself. Rub the glass surface in a circular motion to remove all the spots. Following, do your magic with vertical strokes, trailed by horizontal swipes which will make the glass opaque and shiny.

Remove stubborn dirt with vinegar

Vinegar is still considered as a really effective way to remove stubborn dirt. Better yet, it's non-toxic and anti-bacterial. If you want to practice your cleaning alchemy skills you can make your own vinegar-based window cleaning solution, by simply adding two tablespoons of it to a small bucket of warm water. Wipe the surface with the vinegar-based solution, rinse it with clean water and finish it off with microfiber. If dirt is really, really ground on, then leave it sit for a few minutes before tackling with your sponge. Wipe the sponge across the surface in an S-flow (get to one side, then turn around and go the opposite way, one row down). Soak your sponge as needed but do this fast so the water on the windows doesn't have time to dry before you wipe it off; if needed, do your window in sections.

Clean dirty glass with a window vac

If your apartment has a large glazed extension or if you're lucky enough you have lots of large windows all around the flat and all of it is highly prone to dirt build-up on windows due to the Dubai weather, a window vac can help you get the window cleaning job done quickly – and with good results. Pick a cordless model with a higher battery capacity, and bear in mind that these cleaning appliances do tend to do the job best with a cleaning fluid, so if you're looking for a natural solution that doesn't involve chemicals.

Use Paper coffee filters

A slightly more innovative (or old-fashioned) way of mirrors and windows cleaning is by using paper coffee filters. They're cheap (so you can buy an extra pack instead of having to forego your morning cup of java) and absorbent and won't leave your windows smudged. Simply dip the filters into a bucket of the homemade cleaner and wipe the windows clean and then dry the surface off by using a new, dry filter.

These are only few of the examples of how you can use best experiences and make your job easier. This works regardless if you are doing the cleaning by yourself or you booked a house cleaning service or a part time maid., the largest marketplace for services offers an excellent platform for doing a great market research and hire 25 dhs per hour cleaning services Dubai. You can easily do your research and directly book from the convenience of your home.

Book a maid in Dubai - less worries and more free time

With a busy lifestyle as in Dubai we all need more time to enjoy some quality time with your family and loved ones or doing things we enjoy instead of taking care of household activities. All daily activities are time-consuming, so many families decide to hire a maid in Dubai and Sharjah, visit sites like find suitable companies and individuals and improve the life-work ratio in their everyday life.

Still, hiring a house maid and give her full access to your private and natural habitat requires a really special relation and earning trust and respect goes both ways. Now, as in everything in life, any time when a personal enters your private life and it is allowed to spend time alone and without supervision in your home – whether it’s the cleaning lady or pluming technician or even a doorman – there are certain risks involved.

Most of the people are precautious enough and they do tend to check even slightest details before hiring a maid. Starting from background checks, recommendations, personal interviews, mock or test work assignments, you name it – all of these actions can be spotless.

Hiring a Home Cleaning Maid Service in Dubai

The best and the easiest way to start looking for a maid in Dubai is on You can search for, filter and compare cleaning services in Dubai based upon the location, price and reviews. There is also a app that allows you to keep trach of the work completed and the check-in and check-out of the cleaning service. Payment to the cleaning service hired through can be made online. All listed services are legal and licensed, they are also whetted and verified so that your home and belongings are completely safe and secure.

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