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How to Clean Floors

Basic hygiene in a house begins with cleaning the floors. Different Floor surfaces have different requirements.

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Hire a maid in Dubai

In todays fast paced world, when each one of us is busy in our lives, the thing that suffers our negligence the most is our house. Even if you are not working full time and are a stay at home mother, somehow you are too occupied to give your time to the mundane tasks of cleaning the house, doing the dishes, tidying the exquisite show pieces, making beds, mopping, dusting etc.

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Why should you get an insurance for your maid in Dubai?

Hiring a maid is one of the basic necessities of every household these days. In todays fast paced life, when each one of us is busy with something or the other, a maid is someone who can help us in managing our house in an effective manner. While hiring a maid on one hand is a luxury which each one of us wants to afford, at the same time there are certain responsibilities which come along with hiring a maid. Along with taking care about the general living expenses of the maid, the sponsor of the maid needs to take care about getting the maid insured.

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How to deep clean your house

Be it the yearly house cleaning spree or the hosting of a grand party at your house, we all have been in a situation wherein we want our house to be as shiny as a diamond. We do not want any clutters of dirt and dust to be seen anywhere in our house and want cleanliness pouring from every nook and corner. In this article, we will talk about various ways in which we can deep clean our house, yes, just the kind of cleanliness drive that will end up giving you the above mentioned results. It may sound a little daunting at first but is easier done than said.

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How to remove stains

Stains are something which do not spare anyone. You wore a beautiful white dress for your anniversary dinner and somehow spilled the tangy red pasta sauce on it or you were out for a wedding in your most beautiful outfit and someone else spilled his drink on your dress. How much we try but somehow or the other we end up messing our favorite clothes. But what to do when your most beautiful dress is stained with that red wine. Well, you need not worry because however impossible it may seem to get rid of those stubborn stains, there always are certain ways out which can help you in removing them.

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