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Training for caregivers: how to handle difficult situations

Care giving is a kind of job which can be most rewarding for the ones who sincerely like it and give it their hundred percent. It is a job which can provide one a phenomenal amount of satisfaction. Nothing can be compared to the joy one gets by bringing a smile on other’s faces and if they are the elderly lot of the society, the joy in incomparable. Care giving although seems to be quite a simple and an easy task but at times can be quite challenging and demanding. Taking care of the elders of the house is not everyone’s cup of tea and undoubtedly needs some specific kind of traits and qualities in the individual handling this task. Thus, there are a set of qualities which every caregiver should possess that would not only help him/ her in taking proper care of the elders but would also help in improving the task management skills of the caregivers. These qualities are of utmost concern when it comes to selecting a caregiver, given the high demands of finding a caregiver in Dubai.

In this post we will talk about all the courses that a caregiver can and should take which would help in increasing the skill- set of the caregiver along with increasing his/ her chances of being hired. These training programs will definitely provide an extra edge to the caregiver over the others and would also help in proving his/ her mettle in the household where he/ she will be hired.

There are different set of educational programs and trainings which a care taker can undergo. Below is a list of the different kind of programs and methods that are meant to train the caregivers in an efficient manner:

  • Educational forums along with workshops: These forums are a means of collecting the right kind of caregivers with similar interests and organize workshops for them. These forums have time and again proved to bring about impeccable growth and learning in caregivers because it is general human tendency to grasp more while learning in groups and in these workshops they are given tasks in groups like handling an emergency situation in a family etc. and hence, their knowledge and practical exposure increases.
  • Technology based learning courses: These courses are meant to make the caregiver technically more strong and adept to modern means of emergency handling. The learning is mostly related to help the caregiver handle any medical situation by making them aware of the new medical procedures or the technical equipment which can be used to avoid the worsening of the situation.
  • Personal Counseling: These types of the care giving programs are more inclined towards the caregivers who are closely associated with helping the elders who are dealing with some kind of psychological illness. These trainings teach the caregiver the various means to calm the patient down and the different kind of pep talks that one can give the seeker when he/ she is down. These are mostly psycho- educational trainings which are directed towards helping the care seeker in uplifting their mood and helping them feel good about themselves and the people around them.
  • Care Management: Care Management basically deals with teaching the caregiver all sort of activities that can help in taking better care of the elder members of the house hold. It also lays emphasis on how a caregiver can improve the health of the elders by more effectively managing their health conditions. Right from feeding the elders, proper kind of food at the right time to taking them out for a walk and other similar activities which can help in improving the health conditions of the elders are advised to the caregivers in addition to providing them some first aid tips and techniques.

All the above mentioned programs are completely different in nature and address totally different issues. All of them are meant to cater to different types of caregivers. For example a caregiver who is taking care of an elder who has lost his/ her spouse will need more of the personal counseling training than a caregiver who is looking after a medically ill couple who would be more interested in learning Care Management and Technology based learning. After knowing about the different set of programs, a caregiver should analyze the type of the course or the training that would best fit to his/ her present requirement and which would help him/ her in increasing the skill set and also managing tasks in a more effective manner. Once this decision is made, the caregiver can get enrolled in the desired course and get trained on it.

In Dubai, we do not have a vast number of courses that are offered for the education of caregivers but there are certain courses which can be bought online and the trainer then travels to your country and imparts training. Below is a list of the best care giving programs that the caregivers in Dubai can undertake by forming groups and calling the instructor to your city and get trained and there are others which send all the training materials in the form of modules and recorded lectures in the CDs through which a caregiver can get himself/ herself trained. These correspondence courses are no less than live instructor- led courses and have proven to bring a phenomenal change in the working routine and skill set of a caregiver.

  • American Red Cross Family Care giving Program: This care giving program offers nine modules which train the caregiver in various niches like proper nutrition, better care of the elders or get a better understanding of the safety and other precautionary training. The modules range from home safety to legal and financial issues, from general care giving skills to healthy eating or from caring for a loved one to helping and positioning the loved one. One can also buy a care giving video set and get trained.

  • Caring for You, Caring for Me: This program is offered by Georgia Southwestern State University and mainly addresses issues related to the stress and strains of a caregiver and give proper guidelines in handling them. These are mostly for the caregivers who work for a family. The program is conducted in 2 sessions where all the caregivers are brought together in a relaxed setting where they are asked to discuss the common issues faced by each one of them and are advised ways to handle such situations and issues in a more effective manner. The program helps in calming down the caregivers and help them reduce their frustration and stress levels by sharing common concerns and problems.

  • Powerful tools for caregivers: This training program offered by Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging is mainly designed for self- help of the caregivers. It focuses on the self- care means of the caregivers and emphasizes on the importance of taking care of one’s own self both physically and mentally. It also trains the caregivers on coping stress levels and communicating in a better manner by making them increase their self- confidence. The trainers conduct six sessions of 2 and a half hours each that make the caregivers aware about the importance of self- care and how it can help them in being better caregivers. If the caregiver takes proper care of his/her own self, only then he/ she will be able to take good care of others.

All of the above mentioned programs teach the caregiver the importance of maintaining good health and how to deal with common issues that lead to stress and frustration. These courses also teach the caregivers, the proper ways in which they can improve and provide better care to the ones seeking it. These courses are not based out of Dubai but provide the caregivers with a provision of forming groups and calling the trainer to their place for training. Also, they provide the caregivers the study materials which can help in their better understanding and learning and we at try to list down only the caregiver's companies which are experienced or which have taken some or the other form of these trainings. Thus, we saw that there are a plethora of options of the trainings which a caregiver can under go and increase his/ her skills. Care giving is a kind of profession which demands continuous learning be it through training or be it through experience. Each day comes with a new challenge in the life of a caregiver and hence, getting one equipped with the right kind of knowledge to tackle those challenges would definitely help the caregiver in providing better care to others.

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