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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- 15: The arrival of the Grandparents and a lot of caregiving in the house

The vacation time was repeatedly sought after but what was ahead would be more cherished.

The unforgettable vacation

Everyone in Natasha’s house was completely exhausted from the vacation but none of them complained as they had the best of time during the last few days. Days just vanished and in no time they were back in their normal life. Natasha would daily remember how wonderful the days off from office were and how she could spend quality time with her husband and her kids which she had wanted for so long now. She was still in the hangover of the vacation and would keep on talking about it to everyone in her office. The first week seemed really demanding as to setting up the daily routine back on track. From a relaxing holiday to jumping up straight into the office was something that both Natasha and her husband were struggling with. But both of them were quite content with the fact that they had the time of their lives in the last few days. Right from hosting a wonderful party in a city like Dubai to giving their house a complete make over, from celebrating the festival of Christmas with their son to enrolling him in the swimming classes and being there to see the joy on his face, all the moments will remain etched in their memories for a long time to come now and that they are never going to forget the vacation that they had just spent.

Back to the normal daily routine

It did not take the family much time to come back to their routine. Early in the morning, Natasha would jot down a list of the tasks that the maid needs to perform apart from the daily household chores, and the maid would readily take them and keep on updating Natasha as and when they were done. Natasha would get her son ready for school, make him have his breakfast and then drop him off to the school bus, then she and her husband would get ready for office and after having breakfast would leave. While Natasha and her husband were still in office, the maid would take care of their son after he returned from the school. They had enrolled him for swimming classes and he would regularly attend his learning sessions and was loving the evening time spent in swimming. Natasha also remained a little carefree regarding her son as she knew that her maid would handle him nicely and that she need not worry. After returning home, Natasha would make her son do his homework and then prepare the dinner. Once her husband was back, all of them would have their dinner and then would retire to their own rooms. Every day they followed the same schedule and soon it no longer seemed difficult. But all of them would crave for the weekend and would make the most of it by spending time with each other, either in some amusement park in Dubai or in some movie theater or in shopping.

Even in office everything was going on well and the post vacation mode was gone by now. The work had started in full swing and Natasha was able to give it the complete time as she was a little less bothered about the work at home. She was doing exceptionally well in her new role of a team leader and was being appreciated by everyone. Even her son was doing well in the swimming classes and Natasha felt quite good about their decision to teach him swimming. There are these little decisions in your life that Natasha felt can bring so much happiness in your kid’s life and this one was of those decisions.

The Surprise by the grandparents

It had been just two weeks that they were back into their routine and one day Natasha reached home only to find that her in laws were in Dubai at their home. Natasha was elated at the thought of her in- laws coming and staying with them. Her happiness knew no bounds and she started asking them that why they did not tell this to her. She would have done few preparations for their home coming. But it is never too late, she thought and told her maid that tonight they will be cooking a lavish dinner. She decided to make all the dishes of her in- laws choice so that they could feel welcomed in the household. It would be their first long stay with Natasha and her kid and she wanted to develop a close bond with them. She wanted her son to know the importance of elders in life and wanted him to learn from them. Getting the guidance of grandparents is in not everyone’s destiny and Natasha considered her son to be lucky to have got a chance to receive it. Natasha did not tell her husband about it and wanted him to be as surprised as she was to see them. She knew how delighted he would be to see his parents in their house and she was just waiting for him to come home. Few minutes later, her wait ended and in came his husband and it was as if he had got the biggest surprise of his life to see his parents inside. He could not even imagine in his wildest dreams that his parents would give him such a great surprise and he was on top of the world. Everyone had the sumptuous meal which Natasha and her maid prepared and were happy to be around each other.

The First day with the in- laws

Natasha had taken an off from office the next day because she wanted to spend the first day of their stay with them. She wanted to know them better so that she could make proper arrangements for them before leaving for office. So she wanted to see by herself what all services and things they would be needing so that she could take their proper care. Natasha’s in- laws were quite aged and she saw that they needed help in almost everything. She also realized that today she was spending time with them but soon they would be needing someone who could take their care and spend time with them in her absence. She decided to talk this with her husband and together they would find a solution for it. She was getting to see them after a long time and hence, they had loads of catching up to be done. They talked about everything from their life in their home town to their friends there and that they should be as comfortable here in Dubai in their son’s house as they were in their home town. Natasha in-laws also felt the warmth all around and thought that it was for good that they decided to visit their son. They were apprehensive in the beginning but after spending a day with Natasha all their doubts went away and they started enjoying their stay.

Natasha told her husband about how great a day she had with his parents and that how adjusting they are to the new things. But there was one thing which bothered her and that was who would take good care of them in her absence. Without even giving a second thought, her husband proposed the idea of hiring a caregiver from who would be with them for the entire day and would help them in their day to day activities. With the caregiver around, they would not feel alone and would have someone to take care. Natasha too readily agreed with her husband and both of them decided to book a caregiver as the first thing the next morning.

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