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Restricted Mobility But Life is Good Thanks to the Caregiver

Being dependent on Jason for such basic things as getting dressed and bathing, was depressing for Natasha.

The Problem of Being Dependent on Someone

There was pretty little that Natasha could do about her situation except grin and bear. But she was sensitive enough to understand how hard it was for Jason to take care of her personal needs that no one else could deal with. Taking her to the toilet, assisting her with bathing and changing, were essential tasks that he had to deal with. Natasha knew that Jason didn’t mind helping her, but still, she felt guilty about burdening him with her needs. Along with her daily needs, Jason also had to take Natasha for the weekly check-ups to the hospital. She thought several times about getting a caregiver, it was fairly common for people to hire a caregiver in Dubai.

Almost two weeks had passed since the accident when she broke her leg and had to undergo surgery to fix it. She still had many more weeks to go, and if what the doctor said was true, she would have to spend some weeks in physiotherapy after her cast came off. It was going to be a hard two or three months, Natasha knew, but she had no clue about how to make things better. She had already hired a maid for household chores and a babysitter to take care of Alan and his needs. She wondered yet again whether she should hire a caregiver for herself. It would definitely make life easier for Jason and her. But there was always the money to think about. They already had more expenses with the maid and the baby sitter and she was on half pay as she could work only part time and online till she could walk again. She was grateful that her employers had not asked her to take unpaid leave. She would have been bored beyond belief if she did not have her work to keep her going. Under such circumstance hiring a caregiver, Dubai or anywhere, would put added financial burden that she was reluctant to take.

An Unexpected Out of Town Visit

The urgency of having someone to take care of Natasha became apparent when Jason had to go out of town for a few days. It was an important business trip that couldn’t be put off any longer. Jason had to go, but both Natasha and he knew that she could not cope without someone helping her.

They had another long discussion about the rising expenses and whether they should hire a caregiver. Finding caregivers in Dubai was easy. They had hired a one for Jason’s parents when they had come to Dubai to visit them. So Natasha was confident of finding a good caregiver in Dubai, for herself, fairly easily. From all the listed service on, she would have to carefully choose a caregiver who would suit her particular needs.

A Long Debate About Hiring a Caregiver

She and Jason weighed the pros and cons, first they thought of asking the maid to help, but they could see that the maid already had a lot of work to do. With Jason gone she would also have to take care of the shopping for the house. So, she would not be able to attend to Natasha. Moreover, she came in later in the morning and could not come earlier as she had her own two kids to take care of. With the maid out of reckoning, they thought about the babysitter, but quickly ruled that out as the babysitter had to take care of Alan. Finally, they came to the conclusion that they had to hire a caregiver as it would mean better care for Natasha. With the matter settled between the two of them, they decided to talk to the doctor before hiring one as they wanted to know exactly what Natasha would require over the next few weeks.

Doctor’s Consultation

Next day Natasha had an appointment with the doctor at the hospital. Jason drove her there and the met the Doctor. They asked about the kind of care Natasha would require for the next few weeks till she was back to being normal again.

The doctor said that she should avoid walking as much as possible, as she had had a very bad fracture of the ankle. So, she needed to use the wheelchair as much as possible. She was also advised to keep water off the cast as it could cause infection and more complications. Once the cast was off, she would have to undergo physiotherapy every day for at least a month, if not more. Natasha mentioned that she was bored of sitting at home and not being able to get out. The doctor advised her to go out in a wheelchair. Now this was tricky, as they had stairs leading up to their house and manoeuvring these in a wheelchair would be impossible for Natasha alone. Having gathered all the information they needed about the care Natasha required, they returned home.

Looking for the Perfect Caregiver

Armed with the information about her care, Natasha started looking for a service that would her the perfect caregiver in Dubai at a price that they could afford.

She again turned to her trusted Domestic Service Aggregator to search for the ideal service and caregiver in Dubai. She had used to book a caregiver online several times before so she was confident that she would be able to find one for herself again. She typed in the URL and once on the home page of, and punched in her requirement for a caregiver and clicked on the search button. She was instantly directed to a page listing all the agencies. She quickly picked out an agency that provided caregivers and was directed to the page for the agency where she could see the services they provided and other details. Once she was satisfied by the reputation of the agency, she then chose the agency and was directed to the page where she could leave notes and assign tasks that she wanted the caregiver to perform. She added tasks that she knew she would require the caregiver to perform for her. This included: assisting her with her toilet, helping her with dressing, helping her in and out of the wheelchair, taking her out shopping or to her doctor’s appointments, taking her out to the park, and most important of all assist her once her physiotherapy started. She left a note for the agency informing them that she needed a caregiver with physiotherapy experience.

Once she had filled in all the information required, she relaxed. The process to book a caregiver online was over and her caregiver would arrive at the requested date and time.

Caregiver Arrives, Life is Easier

The caregiver arrived on dot the following day. Jason and Natasha sat down with the caregiver to brief her about her duties as well as to find out about her qualifications and experience. The caregiver had some references which she showed them. They noticed that the caregiver had plenty of experience of dealing with people who required physiotherapy. She had glowing references from her previous employers. Moreover, she was properly trained in physiotherapy and caregiving. All her credentials were good enough to impress Natasha and Jason. Over the interview, Natasha warmed up towards the caregiver. She liked the way the woman conducted herself and how efficient she seemed. They were happy to welcome her to their home.

An Evening Stroll At Last!

Jason left a couple of days after the caregiver started working. He explained all that was to be done for Natasha, familiarized her with the wardrobe and the prescription. Two days later he left for his trip, happy and satisfied that Natasha was well looked after.

Natasha and the caregiver soon had their own routine. The caregiver was the first off the helps to arrive every morning. She helped Natasha to the toilet and then sponge cleaned her most days. Once a week she assisted Natasha with a shower and a shampoo, ensuring that the cast did not get wet. She then helped Natasha get dressed and helped her into the living room and onto the sofa. She made sure Natasha was comfortable. She was always close at hand to assist Natasha throughout the day.

The day Jason left, Natasha requested the caregiver to take her out for an evening stroll. The caregiver, put Natasha in the wheelchair and enlisted the help of the babysitter to help carry the wheelchair, Natasha and all, down the front steps. Alan and the Babysitter came along as it was Alan’s play time and he wanted to be with Mommy. The caregiver pushed the wheelchair out of the driveway on to the side walk. They all started strolling down the road. Alan happily chattering away to anyone who would listen. He was excited to have his Mommy out in the open again with him. Natasha looked up at the blue sky up above and took in a deep breath. What a pleasure to smell the fresh air again. She turned her head to look at the caregiver pushing her chair and sighed with pleasure. She was mobile again, thanks to the caregiver.

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