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When to Know that a Loved One Needs Professional Care

Often we do not realize that the care we provide to elders or patients living at home may not be adequate.

We often believe that we are doing more than a professional caregiver would be able to achieve. But often, we are living in a fool’s paradise, burning ourselves out by not realizing that the patient may require a professional carer or they may be in need of assisted living.

Very often, the task of caregiver in Dubai falls on the people who may not be able to cope with it. The most able family members are often working or away and the old, frail, young children and the elderly have to perform the task of becoming caregiver to the equally sick, frail or young. This is certainly not an ideal situation as often, the caregiving is not adequate and the patient suffers. Moreover, the stress and strain of constantly taking care of someone often causes the caregiver to suffer a burnout and become incapable of caring.

Undoubtedly, it is difficult watching your parents, grandparents or loved ones get older. But acknowledging the fact that a family member needs a professional caregiver in Dubai is better than giving them inadequate caring and leaving them partly neglected due to our own inability to cope. It is better to help them live with dignity and maintain mental and physical by engaging a professional caregiver.

Signs that indicate that the Caregiving is not Adequate

Often there are clear signs that the care being given to a patient is not enough and that the care receiver needs more attention than is being given. It is important to recognize these signs as they indicate that you may need to hire a professional caregiver or babysitter in Dubai. Some of the most obvious signs that all is not well include:

  • Sudden weight loss- It may simply be a sign of decreased appetite associated with aging or illness. It may also mean they have forgotten to eat or are unable to get food for themselves. It is also indicative of lack of proper care.

  • Lack of personal hygiene - Dirty clothes, not bathed for days, tousled hair, are all signal of forgetfulness. The patient may also be experiencing pain making their body movements extremely limited. Being unkempt is a sure sign of lack of proper care.

  • Burns or injuries - This may mean weakness, poor balance, substance abuse or forgetfulness. It may also indicate caregiver burnout and frustration that needs to be addressed immediately.

  • Not taking medication as prescribed - Not taking medication on time or in proper dosage also signals poor mental faculty. It demonstrates that punctuality is needed in medication adherence and caregiving is not adequate.

  • Onset of Dementia - Poor memory, difficulty communicating or fear, these may be early signs of dementia. Dementia patient are very taxing on caregivers and professional caregivers are required to ease the burden on family members.

  • Their finances are getting out of control - Losing money, being in debt or donating large amounts of money also are signs of dementia which needs specialized care.

Though the thought of leaving your loved one in the care of complete strangers can be a daunting one, sometimes, it is essential for the wellbeing of all concerned. Though under severe medical conditions, a hospice or a care center is an obvious choice, most patients do not want to be separated from their immediate family and wish to be at home. Also, the word “hospice or care center” has gloomy connotations and often the patients start believing that they are being sent there as they are dying. This may hasten their downfall and they may actually end up being more sick and incapacitated than if they were at home. Looking at these problems, the only other alternative left is to hire a personal caregiver in Dubai for the ailing and sick.

Choosing a Caregiver

We have already done a series of blog posts on caregiving and how to choose a caregiver. But it may be a good idea to do a quick recap of all that we have already discussed. The first thing to be done before you look for a caregiver is to assess your own requirements and what you wish the caregiver to do for the patient.

Make a Note of The Routine: the first thing to do is to keep track of the routine of the patient and observe the level of assistance they require for each of the routine task such as – toilet, bathing, dressing, eating, medication, exercise, entertainment, etc. Some patient may require only minimal assistance while others may require assistance for everything including locomotion.

Special Needs: Some patients may require specialized care which may include a special diet for the patient, dressing of wounds or administering medication through IV, etc. Monitoring of vital signs at regular intervals, special care for patients with serious diseases or mental ailments, etc. need to be considered when choosing a care giver.

Amount of Care Required: You have to decide how much assistance you need for the patient. It could be part time for a few hours a day for patient not too incapacitated or could be full time 24 hour care for patient who need constant attention.

Once you have determined the amount of care needed, then you can start looking for a caregiver who would fit the bill. A good place to start looking for a qualified caregiver is It is a directory listing for domestic service providers and caregivers in Dubai. It lists all qualified and whetted caregiving services in and around Dubai. You can login to the website and then go through the list of all the care giving services registered in Dubai and pick the one that suits your needs and budget. The site provides facilities to compare prices and services of each service provider. You can sort through the list based on location and pick a caregiving service that is closer to your location in Dubai. But before you hire a caregiver you should know what to look for in a caregiver.

What to Look For in a Caregiver

Experience: a caregiver who has experience in caregiving similar to your needs is definitely a more attractive proposition as you will not need to work so hard to teach them everything.

Qualification: Check whether the caregiver is qualified to provide for all the needs of your patient or not. Some patient with specific medical needs may require a caregiver who has qualifications as a medical or nursing assistant. There are many certification courses for caregivers and if they have taken a course, it is definitely a plus point.

Handling Medical Emergencies: is the care giver able to handle the kind of medical emergencies that your patient can suffer. This is a very essential point and should not be ignored, especially for special needs patients.

References: ask for references from all potential caregivers. Do make sure to check out the references before you decide to hire someone. This is extremely important to gauge the competence as well as demeanour of the caregiver on whom you are going to depend to take care of your loved one.

Police Verification: Make sure that all the paper work of the potential caregiver are in order. Make sure to have a police verification done before giving a stranger access to your home and your loved ones. A caregiver should have no prior records of any criminal activity or of any misconduct. Also ensure that if the caregiver is an immigrant worker, their papers, visa, identifications and work permit are in order. You do not want to get into trouble for hiring an illegal immigrant or a person working without a work permit.

To avoid the pitfalls that accompany trying to find the ideal candidate who is also completely overboard and legal, trust The service providers registered with the aggregator are all thoroughly checked from all legal aspects. You can be assured that the caregiver you hire has all the required permissions needed to practice her profession.

Remember a caregiver becomes a very important person for the patient. They have to learn to trust the caregiver and once the trust is established, the bond between the caregiver and the patient is a strong one. You need to learn to accept this as part of the caregiving process. Treat your caregiver with respect so they take care of your loved one properly.

There is no shame in hiring a caregiver to take care of a patient in need of care. It is not a failure on your part to take care of your family, it is the need of the day. Accept it as a part of the process. In the end, hiring a caregiver helps not just the patient have a better life but also provides the family much needed relief from constant demands that can accompany an ailing person.

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