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How to choose a Caregiver in Dubai?

Often in one’s life, a time comes when the roles of parents and children reverse, when the children become the comfort provider and the parents become comfort seeker. The parents need to be looked after and cared for properly. In today’s fast paced life, when both the members of the family are working, often the children are not able to handle such additional responsibilities and are in search for help in the form of someone who can not only take proper care of the elders but who can also help them in their daily routine chores like visiting the doctor for health check- up or accompanying them for evening walks or takes regular follow- up for their medicines. All this has resulted in making caregiving in Dubai, a quite sought after affair and people are in look out for responsible and trust worthy caregivers for the elders in their family.

In this article we will talk about the various things that you need to keep in mind while one is choosing a caregiver and how these will prove to be a major helping hand not only for the elders of the family but for all the other members of the family too. Also, it becomes mandatory to wisely choose the caregiver because you are entrusting a stranger with the care of your loved one and hence, a trust worthy and qualified caregiver becomes a necessity. Let us have a look at some of the things that you should do before you start searching for a caregiver.

  • Observe your parents daily schedule: Knowing the schedule of the elders in the family will not only help you in getting to know about their daily activities but will also help you in deciding the kind of care that your parents require. It will help you in listing down the different kind of duties that the caregiver needs to perform and also will help you in planning the plethora of tasks that the caregiver ought to perform.
  • Decide on the level of care: The children are the best judge of the kind and the level of the care that their parents need. If the elders in your family suffer from some serious diseases, then you may need to inform the caregiver about those beforehand so that the expectation from the caregiver is made clear and he/ she knows what kind of duties he/ she is responsible for. For example if the elder in your family cannot walk on his/ her own and needs a wheel chair , then the caregiver should know prior to being hired that he/ she is responsible for the movement of the elder and will need to move around the wheel chair whenever asked for. Also in case of any other major ailment, one needs to make sure that the caregiver has the specific knowledge and appropriate experience to handle the patients suffering from that particular disease.
  • Meal Plan: In addition to knowing the kind of tasks that the caregiver is needed to perform, the caregiver should be made aware about the kind of meals that he/ she may need to cook for the elders. It is often seen that the diet plan of the elders in the family is way different from the younger ones and hence, keeping that in mind the caregiver should be assessed on whether he/ she can cook the meals as per the requirements of the elders and as per the timings of their meal. Hence, one should list down the desired meal plan and hand it over to the caregiver and judge the caregiver on his/ her understanding of the diet specific choices of the meal.

The above mentioned tasks are mandatory on the part of the children who are looking for providing good care for their parents because knowing these would help them in choosing the right kind of caregiver according to the needs and requirements of their parents and would also help in setting the right expectations from the caregiver before one hires him/ her. But in addition to knowing things about the elders seeking care, there are certain things that one should know about the caregiver before handing them over the responsibility of taking care of their parents. Below is a list of the questions that one can ask from the caregiver while taking his/ her interview which are meant to help in judging him/ her better:

  • Prior Experience: The knowledge of where the caregiver has worked prior to this would give you a brief idea about the kind of work the caregiver is used to and is able to handle. Let us say if the caregiver has worked in Dubai for a family of 6 taking care of 2 elders, one can very well get an idea of the number of people that a caregiver can look after and the amount of work that he/ she is comfortable in doing. Also, prior experience makes the caregiver more helpful in the unwarranted events or emergencies where he/ she can keep calm and not panic.
  • Kind of duties that the caregiver can perform: While interviewing a caregiver one should not forget to explicitly ask the kind of duties that the caregiver has done earlier and the jobs which he/ she is comfortable in doing. Also one should list down all the duties that the caregiver is needed to perform in their household and make sure that the caregiver has some kind of knowledge in performing those. The tasks are different in every Dubai household and hence, the caregiver should be completely made aware of the tasks that he/ she will need to perform on a regular basis.
  • Knowledge of handling medical emergencies: A caregiver will spend most of his/ her time by the side of the elders of the family and hence, would be the first person to know about any medical emergency. Therefore, the knowledge of handling such situations is mandatory as it will be the caregiver who will be responsible to take the first- aid steps or at times take the elder to the nearest hospital if no one else is around.
  • Clarity of Job Description: The caregiver should agree to be comfortable with all the jobs listed down in the job description and should point out in case he/ she is uncomfortable in doing any of the listed tasks in the job description. This question should be particularly asked so that later the caregiver does not come up and say he/ she will not be able to perform this task.
  • Work related and personal references: One should not forget to ask the potential caregiver to give at least two work related and one personal reference. This becomes pivotal because one cannot blindly trust some stranger and should have some kind of record and the contact of few persons in case of any unwanted happening with the caregiver or if the caregiver turns out to be a fraud or a cheat. Hence, it is must to ask the caregiver about his/ her whereabouts and if the caregiver seems to be trustworthy, then only he/ she should be hired.

Thus, we saw that finding a caregiver in Dubai is not a cake walk but is quite a difficult task. By hiring a caregiver one is not only handing over the responsibility of the elders in the family to the caregiver but is also entrusting a stranger and making him/ her a part of the family. Thus, ensuring the safety of the elders of the family is of utmost importance and it can only be done if proper back ground checks are performed before hiring the caregiver.

Given the kind of fast paced lives that the people of Dubai live, hiring a caregiver not only becomes a luxury but has turned out to become a necessity.

With the added responsibilities of managing work along with the home, it becomes difficult to give the proper kind and amount of care that the elders of the family need and thus, by hiring a caregiver, one can at least be care free from the side of the elders. But at the same time it becomes imperative for the members of the family to look for a caregiver who understands the problems of the elders and help them in their day to day life, and we at may, in turn, help you. By correctly knowing the needs and requirements of the elders, one can very well find a responsible and trust worthy caregiver who would pay due regard to the elders and help them live their lives in a smooth manner.

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