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Cultivating better care for the elderly in Dubai

Every person, young or old, deserves having a life full of joy, comfort, and overall peace of mind.

Hence, as a person who’s concerned about improving the quality of life for the elderly in Dubai, important topics like housing conditions, available care models, and healthy living may be genuinely important to you. After all, proper details and guidelines can inspire you and direct your efforts and energy in ways that initially you may have not expected. By possessing more knowledge about the issues in your scope of interest, you can start enhancing your loved one’s vitality and creating a life of greater satisfaction.

Regional specifics

Although the UAE and the wider GCC region has one of the youngest populations in the world with only around 1% of the total population being 65 years of age or above, providing proper and good quality of life for them is crucial for giving their families a true peace of mind for their families.

Additionally, there is interesting figure to be pointed out when it comes to demographics and that is the age group of 55-64 which encompasses three times (3.27%) more people than the first one. What does it mean, it means that now is the moment to plan, envisage, test and establish better care for the senior citizens of the near future. These are very interesting numbers and data which is especially important for all those people planning and thinking of finding better solutions for their beloved family members. Many of them share their experience on popular sites such as which is the largest service aggregator in the UAE and the region. You may read more about various approaches, experiences and models and share yours as well.

Identifying problematic areas

Many experts on a global level agree that loneliness and isolation among seniors is growing and some are identifying this a key public health topic on the rise.

These conditions which are affecting senior citizens in Dubai as well are caused by a number of factors. As we age, our social network gets shrank as friends and spouses pass away, movement and professional socialization gets limited and adult children have their own lives to manage. It’s equally important to point out that for many people, such symptoms can often show up as early as in their 50s, and with each year that goes by, various risk factors associated with loneliness increase. Some of them include:

  • Living alone
  • Being 70 or older
  • Having long lasting or chronic health issues
  • Having no children
  • Having rare contacts with family
  • Shifting family structures, such as younger members moving away from parents
  • Inadequate access to transportation
  • Lack of suitable computer or technological literacy
  • Low financial income
  • Understanding elderly care models

Many families try various ways of dealing with the balance when it comes to the need for medical assistance, home and friendly environment, personal independence and time strains. Usually, they either opt-in for in-home or apartment based or externally provided nursing homes services.

The biggest differences between assisted living and nurses care as main options for care giver in Dubai are perceived through the medical services provided and the level of independence seniors have.

Adults want to remain in good health and preserve their independence during their senior years, but in many cases, traditional long-term care often weakens seniors' sense of independence and quality of life. With many senior citizens in Dubai living longer, it is relatively common for senior patients to have five or more chronic health conditions and to be required to take more than ten different medications on a pre-set daily or hourly routine. Such complex interactions between these chronic conditions and medicines requires nurses or geriatric specialists to highlight and strongly impose better health management, disease management and medication management programs. This is the area where care harmonisation can achieve the best effect.

Nursing home residents are in need of a perpetual and routine care and monitoring. They are intended for patients with more serious health care conditions requiring a registered nurse or maybe a physical therapist while some even require respiratory care facilities.

An assisted living community generally boasts with professional supervisory care services in Dubai for people who live with some memory loss or do not feel safe living alone, patients dealing with mobility problems or simply people who are still not in need of an institutional approach but rather an assisted support.

Improving the quality of senior care in Dubai

All in all, aging at home sometimes presents a more serious obstacle to an elder’s quality of life compared to a nursing home. However, we all do agree that elders are resistant to change and transferring into a facility in which the knowledge, skills and, above all, availability of care workers is way more available, oftentimes nursing homes are considered ill-matched to the care needs of residents.

Therefore, home care service should be equipped with nurse and caregiver teams who take pride in what they do and provide compassionate care. It should be paramount that the staff have the right mix of training and experience and are able to deliver people the attention they deserve. Our beloved members of family should always be in the company of someone around who knows them well. You can always find interesting models or inspiration by people who are in your shoes and dealing with similar issues. Many share credible experiences on popular sites such as and leave quite practical tips and tricks that might me used in your case as well.

Probably the best approach is to be certain that regardless of where they live, some of the basic needs are met:

Go out as much as possible

Elders should spend as much time outside every day as possible. This is calming and promotes exercise. Green places where they can maybe even grow a garden and interact with something natural are always more than welcomed.

Better organization improves safety

Fostering order inside the home through simple organizational methods helps elders navigate their home more safely.

Feel useful and needed

Everyone wants to be useful, senior members of family especially. When caring for an older adult, we should all, family members and care givers as well, do our best to make them feel like they are still an active member of family. There are many things they can handle, such as:

  • Folding laundry
  • Organizing drawers
  • Opening the mail
  • Writing to-do lists
  • Helping with cooking

    Coordinate Family Visits

    Regardless if our senior members of family live alone at home or in a nursing home we should schedule family visits to give all much-needed relaxing time together at ideal times for the elder. Preparing lovely meals and taking slow walks are an awesome way to keep connecting and spend quality time together. It is beneficial for everybody and gives elders something to look forward to. All of this with cell phones turned off.

    Stay in Frequent Communication

    Drop a call to an elder frequently just to check in. Especially when they are struggling with a new medication, on anniversaries, when they have not been feeling well or simply just to say hi and stay in touch.

    Foster Mentally Engaging Activities

    Very often people worry so much about physical health that their mental health can be put aside. It is essential for seniors to encourage their mental stimulation and their cognitive functions through fun or engaging ways which prioritize mental activity and include brain games like telling old stories from their young days or some crossword puzzles.

    Encourage a feeling of financial stability

    Make sure their finances are in order. Set up a small weekly budget based on elder and caregiver expense method. Keep them included in this process and give them a certain power of authority. This takes the stress out of money for the elder and gives them a feeling they are still in control.

    Have quality of life as a primary focus

    Be innovative, be creative and create as much loveliness and fun as you possibly can in an elder’s life. From simple fresh flowers to singing old songs up to helping them clear clutter so they can think more clearly. Spend more time with them, make sure they are eating well and regularly and assist in coordinating with the caregiver meal preparation if needed. Encourage them to get out of the building and into the community as much as they desire. Teach them to have their medications as well organized as possible so they can focus on enjoying themselves rather than healing symptoms and side effects. Show your affection and show them that you care. Mix it all up and do it all over again.

We can boast that here in Dubai our elders have easy access to some of the most modern facilities, most skilled doctors and hospitals in the world. However, their quality of care and life still need to be greatly improved by implementing small things like these types of tips and services. By dedicating our time on their quality of life, we improve it. Finally, do not be shy and feel free to share your experience with the vast network using as the primary aggregator for online booking of various services. Your opinion and help shall be much appreciated by people dealing with similar issues and challenges.

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