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Parkinson’s disease and care giver in Dubai

As it evolves, people with Parkinson’s depend on elderly care in Dubai for a substantial range of support.

What is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a developing, neurological condition that primarily targets movement, but it can also target cognitive abilities. It results from the disintegration of nerve cells in an area of the brain called the basal ganglia.

Different parts of our brain work aligned by conveying signals to each other with the aim to coordinate our thoughts, emotions, actions and senses. When moving, a signal is dispatched from one to another part of the brain through chemicals. What the Parkinson’s causes is cells to die off and disintegrate causing inability to produce and convey dopamine, so the signal to move doesn’t get communicated as it should.

Its diagnosis has a ripple effect, expanding from the affected person up to his or her family and friends. Sharing such a journey with a person with Parkinson’s, means integrating its effects together into people’s lives, adapting daily routine and providing support as the disease evolves and progresses - effectively establishing a caregiving partnership whether being with registered nurses or a member of family. There are many people in your shoes in Dubai ready to assist or offer a much-needed support and guidelines. Check and read more information and even directly book a professional care provider for your loved ones.

Caregiver’s role in caring for people with Parkinson’s

Caregivers can assist and support people adjust to the disease’s effects on the body particularly during early signs/stages of Parkinson. Simply knowing that a loved one is cared for can boost and assist an entire family to slowly get used to the diagnosis and have a bit of a much-needed peace of mind. Even with the best treatment for Parkinson's - the patient changes. A person is physically familiar, but on the mental and emotional side - they’re different people.

Providing daily care - People living with it want and need to be as independent as possible, so one of the initial challenges is the patient to allow assistance. The level of assistance may vary based on the efficiency of medications throughout the day, however, assistance needs increase as the disease evolves. Daily care assistance ranges from helping the person to get dressed, feeding them, and assisting them move from one place to another. Confusion and unsteadiness make these roughly standard chores difficult or exhausting. A caregiver should help the patient understand what is going on and proceed gradually, with care and compassion.

Managing medications – PD patients usually take multiple medications throughout the day as a treatment for their symptoms. Caregivers may be responsible to make sure that prescriptions are refilled according to the need (before they run out), refill pill boxes and keep track of dosing schedule. Another important side of medication management is observing and noting any side effects the patient might experience and in case some are noticed to be reported to the responsible doctor.

Dealing with patient mood swings - Caregiving for later stages of Parkinson's disease often entails dealing with mood swings in patients during which they grieve the loss of their former abilities. Sometimes they are simply frustrated or or insist on doing something they should not because they are angry. As a care partner, you may set some limits on their activities and show understanding and compassion for their emotional outbursts.

Nutrition and meal planning. A well planned and balanced healthy diet is essential for those with Parkinson’s disease to help in strengthening muscles and bones.

Personal supervision and home safety. Senior care in Dubai for patients with Parkinson’s often causes an unsteady step, resulting in probable trips and falls. Having professional care services aims at insuring that patient’s health and safety are a priority.

Daily mobility. Some people even those with early signs/stages of Parkinson often need a helping hand when it comes to daily living activities like bathing, putting on clothes, eating and using the restroom while having their privacy respected.

Exercise. For people affected by PD, exercise is crucial to maintaining proper balance, agility and strength because it helps in keeping their body in shape and minimizes the symptoms. Professional working in care services in Dubai can assist with stretching, walking and other light exercise programs. Although the above will not make symptoms disappear entirely, but they can greatly relieve the symptoms if done on a regular basis.

Transportation. Driving can be difficult, restricted or even impossible for Parkinson’s patients. Having a care provider available may offer rides to appointments, therapy and other destinations, thus saving much of the valuable time for family and relatives.

Body Tremors - Body tremors are the most common symptom of Parkinson’s disease and they can be very embarrassing for patients. Body tremors usually start small and begin on one side of the body and then become worse over time and spread to both sides of the body. Tremors and slow movement will make it hard for seniors to do their everyday activities such as getting dressed and taking care of themselves. Caregiving is particularly needed while eating if the patient has extensive tremors. Serving him the meal and helping him in basic necessities are some of the most important actions a care giver can provide.

Group meeting programs - Group meeting programs can be beneficial for patients because they allow seniors to meet with others who are also suffering from the same condition so that they can discuss challenges they are facing and share tips on how they deal with and overcome their symptoms. Depression and feelings of isolation are pretty common in these patients so meeting with a support group on a regular basis can help overcoming this and getting an increased lust for life.

Safe living environment - The last thing that professional caregivers should take care of is to provide a safe living environment so that patients will not get hurt. Putting a small stool or a supporting bench in the shower or install a pair of grab bars in bathrooms and even along hallways. Mark hot or cold on faucets with appropriate labels and coloured tape. It can really do wonders when it comes to balance problems that people face. It is also important to have clean floors and make sure that the house is well lit, especially at night. Ensure there are uncluttered pathways throughout the apartment without obstacles, decorations or furniture that may cause an accident. Making these small tunings around the home will make an enormous difference for seniors suffering Parkinson’s disease.

The list is long and extensive, and it depends on a case-to-case basis, however, what is generally true is that professional assistance will greatly and positively the life of the patient. As the condition progresses, emotional support will become paramount. With the number of Parkinson affected people in the UAE, there are a lot of people ready to share their story, offer advice and help you find a professional elderly care giver. Feel free to check popular sites such as, the leading services booking platform in the region and share your story and learn how to cope with the symptoms and make them more bearable.

Day-to-day highlights for caregivers

The unknowns of the day-to-day caregiving tasks are on the top of the most stressful aspects for caregivers. Implementing tested systems in place when it comes to general organization and support will make these conditions seem less disturbing.

For professionals it is paramount to encourage activity, communication and social interaction for the patient as much as possible. As the disease evolves, these aspects of caregiving will become more and more challenging to do.

For caregiving in the latter stages of Parkinson’s disease, more and more challenges will appear. A caregiver should plan ahead and anticipate problems in order to make his role easier since the role can be extremely taxing. Taking care of oneself as a caregiver is vital in order to deliver the best care for the patient. Have paperwork done and organized. Divide chores into shorter, smaller or more handy parts to encourage independence. The trenches won’t seem so deep then.

Finally, all small adjustments or object removal is just the tip of the iceberg. Mental and emotional support is what makes the difference. Just like in best treatments for dementia, the best approach for patients affected by Parkinson’s is to show understanding, act without judging and offer support in every step of the way. It is a challenging stage of live both for the patient and for his/her family so proper communication and cooperation with the concerned family is a sign of professionalism and well manners.

Dubai is the home of many professional care givers. You can always count on to find out more about the disease and find the best candidate for your case. You can easily book through the platform and even share your thoughts and story and lend a helping hand to someone who is fighting the same challenges.

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