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How to hire a live-in caregiver?

Old age is something which is inevitable but it tends to get frustrating and daunting if there is no one to take proper care of an elderly person.

Given the hush and rush involved in today’s fast paced life in Emirates, it becomes challenging for the children to look after their parents in a manner which they need. Taking care of aging parents is a task which is undoubtedly a necessity as well as a priority for any couple but the mundane hustle bustle between the professional and the personal life seldom leaves them with the opportunity to provide love and comfort to their parents. Hence, begins the look- out for someone who can not only help the couple in taking proper care of their parents but would also make the children guilt free. The search ends by finding a suitable caregiver who would not only keep the elders in the family happy but would also help in improving the overall atmosphere of the house. Hiring a caregiver would take the burden off the children’s heads and would result in the improved quality and stress free living in the household. But along with the luxuries, opening your house to a stranger brings with it, its share of added responsibilities- the responsibility of finding a trust worthy live- in caregiver being the most crucial.

Entrusting a stranger with the care of your parents is not a walk in the park but is a big step. One never knows if the parents find it un- welcoming or whether the parents would approve of the new person who has been made responsible for taking their care. Hence, it becomes pivotal to make the elders of the family an integral part of the hiring process and all their needs and demands are taken into prior consideration before interviewing a live- in caregiver.

Hiring a caregiver: Things to keep in mind

Hiring a live- in care giver in Emirates need some special attention as there are certain mandatory rules and regulations which need to be followed before one can keep a helper from some other country in their house. The real challenge lies in not only finding someone who can provide care to the elders of the family but also in the bureaucracy which is involved in hiring a caregiver. By a live-in caregiver, you mean that you are hiring one employee who will be staying in your house full time and whose entire responsibility lies on your shoulder as you are the employer.

Before one can hire a live- in caregiver, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is obtaining the caregiver’s Visa. The Visa for a live- in helper can only be obtained by the head of the family that is the one who will eventually be sponsoring the live- in caregiver. Also, this needs to be kept in mind that the only the caregivers from India, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Indonesia are allowed to be hires. The sponsor needs to first apply for a residence Visa which will act as a permit to work also known as an employment permit for the caregiver. The passport of the caregiver needs a residence stamp post which he/ she is eligible to be issues a domestic worker card. Along with this, there are a set of documents which need to be submitted for obtaining the residence visa of the caregiver. The documents include the passport of the sponsor along with the copy of the passport of the caregiver to be hired, the application form along with 3 passport sized photographs of the caregiver, the salary certificate/the labor contract of the sponsor along with the accommodation contract. After presenting the above mentioned documents, the sponsor also needs to ensure that the live- in caregiver is given a return airfare to his/ her home country, he/ she has a separate sleeping area in the house and is provided with an employment contract which shall be the supreme document in case of some mis happening between the sponsor and the live- in caregiver. Also, once the live- in caregiver starts working in the house, the sponsor needs to take care of the medical fitness report. As we can see that the entire procedure of hiring a live- in caregiver involves a huge amount of documentation and money. Even if you decide to take the shorter way, you will have to rely on recruiting agencies that recruit overseas and hence, again there will be some associated cost. So to save you from all this bureaucracy, we provide you a simple solution of hiring the live- in caregiver from We, at strive to make your lives comfortable by providing with a plethora of options to choose from.

Mandatory checks before you hire a live- in caregiver

Even though we at facilitate in your selection of the live- in caregiver, there are certain things that you will need to keep in mind before making the final call. Below are some steps mentioned that you need to perform before hiring a full time live- in caregiver:

  • The sponsor needs to have an income of at least 6500 AED, only then is he eligible to hire a live- in caregiver.

  • Only the individuals who are staying with the family are allowed to keep a live- in caregiver.

  • The caregiver that is hired can in no way be related to the members of the family. In fact, not even a distant relative can be kept as a caregiver.

  • Only one caregiver can be hired by one female expatriate.

  • If an individual has previously had some issues with the caregiver like the caregiver was arrested or any other criminal activity done by the previous caregiver, the individual is not allowed to sponsor another caregiver.

  • One can sponsor a caregiver only after 12 months of the previous helper being released which means an individual can apply for a new caregiver only when the last caregiver had left before 12 months. Although there are cases where one can transfer the sponsorship of the caregiver from one to another.

Thus, we see that just by keeping the above mentioned things in our mind and by following the procedure correctly we can make the lives of our elders way more easy. For any elderly person, nothing can be comparable to the joy of staying at home and seeing his/ her children daily. Sending the elders to old- age homes or not being able to give them proper time not only makes the elders of the family irritable but also makes the other member of the family unhappy. Hence, a caregiver who can stay with the family comes to everyone’s rescue and helps in the smooth functioning of our lives. A caregiver, if chosen wisely and in accordance with the needs and requirements of the elders, can help in bringing a great deal of improvement by helping the elders in managing their health properly. A live- in caregiver can give the elders proper nutritious meals and that too on time and also would also take care of their medicinal or other needs. If the elders of the family are happy, the atmosphere in the house automatically becomes more cordial and congenial and nothing a beat a happy household with laughter all around. Hiring a live- in caregiver is a sensitive issue and needs proper time and research before making the final call. One needs to sit back and ponder upon the actual needs of the elders of the family and discuss with them their expectations out of the caregiver who will be living with them through and through, day and night. It will the caregiver who will be their first help in case of any emergency or unwarranted situation and hence, the coordination of the caregiver with the elders of the family is very crucial. But one needs to keep in mind that no caregiver would be perfect right from day one and would do all the tasks exactly as one would want them to be done. One needs to give some time to the live- in caregiver to settle down properly and understand the needs and requirements to the family properly. Once this is done, once the caregiver is fully mixed up with the elders, then nothing can be a more enchanting sight than to see the elders happy and healthy. Needless to say, a family that has the blessings of the elders is a prosperous family and one should do all it takes for the comfort of the elders who have lovingly helped their children to be what they are today.

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