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Waterless car washing – How to deal with a challenging weather

In a sandy and hot place like Dubai, washing your car and just letting it dry will still leave it dirty.

This is probably the one of the biggest troubles and problems downtown Dubai car owners are facing when it comes to the care of their four-wheel buddy. Being one of the top global auto showcasing arenas int the world, Dubai still is a desert oasis with challenging weather conditions and as such is not a quite friendly place for the preservation of the paintjob on your car.

Dubai conditions are specific and require special attention

With one of the highest rates of millionaires and billionaires in the world, the choice of cars on the streets is amazing and car wash in Dubai has turned into a flourishing business all over the city. It is so popular that it is even legally defined.

Now, we all know and feel those furiously hot summers and the occasional sandstorms so giving your car a proper car wash is more than necessary under these conditions.

Dubai weather conditions are not the only case in the world so clever minds have found ways, so you do not necessarily have to struggle against the heat while trying to safely and properly wash your car as there are now new techniques, products, things and precautions that can be used or taken in order to minimize the amount of water drying onto the surface and decrease the potential of damage being done to your car. You can read more about various experiences and concepts on sites like where you can get quite more then few ideas and inspiration on how to take care of your car and choose the right professional car wash service in Dubai.

New products – a revolutionary way to tackle some challenges

Talking about car wash near you in Dubai, the waterless car wash technology is one of the newest and most revolutionary products ever developed for customers who are looking for an easier and practical way of cleaning their vehicles in places with bad weather. Depending on the area you live in, hard water can be issue and together with the bad weather can contribute greatly to water spotting and streaking when washing and drying the water in the heat or battling tiny sand particles and residues. Therefore, besides from this obvious advantage, waterless washing also helps saves money and preserves the environment as well by decreasing the level of water consummation as well.

So, regardless where you leave or commute in Dubai, there’s probably a car wash service near you that you are used to visit when taking your car for a wash. Check with them if they offer waterless washing and learn more about it and how you can use it on your car.

Waterless car wash is basically the use of a high lubricity and pre-set spray product that uses a combination of chemicals to polish and wash a car’s surface. They usually come in two types in the form of a pre-made formulas or concentrates and the whole process is rather straight-forward and faster than the conventional one. What you will get in the end is a dry shiny surface that is free from any light particles or residue without the typical use of large quantities of water.

Even for Dubai there are warm, hot and extremely hot summers and proper car care is essential for paintjob and interior protection. Sandstorms are there to complicate things even more. Summer requires special car care and washing to be done in order to extend the life of your four-wheeler, so waterless is as special as it gets. Now, although waterless car washing is a new thing for a lot of people because it seems a bit counter-intuitive to wash something without water – it works like magic for a city with bad weather as Dubai.

Waterless car washing in Dubai – How does it work?

So, one of the first questions we ask is how does it work? Well, the chemical formula actually grips the dirt and residue particles causing them to break away from the surface. Furthermore, polymers provide a protective layer, giving a wax finish. The end result is one that will give your car a proper cleaning, paintjob protection and a showroom-style shine by consuming only one cup of water.

What this enables is that you can clean the car by sections, you can roll down the windows immediately after cleaning and you will not deal with water spots and suds during the process. Most of these products can cut you on around 200-300 litres of water when compared to conventional car washing methods and since they are bio-degradable and plant you’ll be more protective on the environment as well.

Desert environment can definitely be tough when it comes to your car's exterior and keeping your four wheels friend clean and protected remains quite a challenge in an environment where water is precious. At the same time, conventional car washing services near you in Dubai use a lot of water and often leaves residues on the surface which are drying easily on the hot sun and cause slight damages so successful and innovative approach is always beneficial. Many suggestions and options are available on sites like where you can read practical experience and guidelines on how to take care of your car and how to find the right professional car wash near you in Dubai.

So, instead of pressurised water, the process uses chemicals designed to break down dirt and grime on your car and suspend it in the waterless car wash liquid and leaving just the wiping as a cherry on the top of the cake.

Additionally, not only when it comes to dirt and residues, many waterless car washing products today also include some type of paint and exterior protectant in them. This provides you a with the main protective barrier between your car's finish and the sun’s heat sand, wind, and grit of the desert.

Car was services in Dubai are already proficient in this process and offer a wide variety of experts who can take care of your care in the best possible way. However, if you want to try this new method and if you decide to wash your car by yourself find as close to a shady spot as possible in town.

How to do it by yourself

The waterless cleaning fluid can be used either as a premixed product or you can buy it as a concentrate and you need to mix it with a small quantity of water to get the current dilution. On the start, you will need proper towels with a heavy nap, a bucket full of warm water for rinsing your towels and a spray bottle.

Start with one section of the car and continue to another one only when you completely finish with the first one. Do not leave the job undone and always wipe off the fluid before moving to another panel or surface of the car. Wipe in one path or track only and avoid too many moves or circles because you want the surface to be spotless as possible and wiping in circles will most probably drag residues back into the part you have just cleaned. Do not forget the tyres as well. For more guidelines on techniques for a better car wash in Dubai check the useful articles on

Importantly, be sure the surface ready because waterless car wash needs to be wiped off while it is still wet, so working under a shade will definitely help when it comes to battling the sun.

Experts say that there’s always more to learn so some tips are always welcome:

  • Always avoid products with silicone in them since those particles can become embedded in your finish and cause dampening
  • Rinse heavy dirt. Use water first to save more water later. If you just stuck your car in a mud pit, you should rinse it off and free it from heavy dirt before you start the waterless wash
  • Wipe in one direction only because this will keep dirt from leaving marks and trails across your paint
  • Always start at the top of your vehicle. Unless you keep your car under a pigeon's nest, the top of your car is cleaner than the bottom. Clean the top first to avoid spreading remains to other parts of your car
  • Use clean heavy nap or microfiber towels. These towels have enough capacity to pull the dirt away from your exterior instead of grinding it into the paint job.
  • Wipe lightly and without too much pressure

Living in Dubai can be tough for a car. Sun, wind and sand can all wreak havoc on the exterior so proper car wash and exterior protection is absolutely necessary for extending the longevity of your vehicle. Apart from the car’s surface, this technique can also give a shine to tires leaving them looking new. It will easily get rid of road dirt, tar, and even bugs stuck in the surface for a long time. Now, you can clean and protect your car without wasting huge amounts of water and efforts. There’s always plenty new things to learn so visit sites like for more first-hand experience and examples.

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