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Glass and Windscreen Care During Carwash

Have you ever given a thought to the windscreen of your car?

What it is for and why you should care for it while carwashing? While carwashing we do not think of the windscreen and often ignore having it properly clean. For most of us the windscreen is a part of the car and we do not give it any thought except that you can look through it or how it adds to the overall appearance of the car while purchasing it. But a windscreen is more than just a glass to look through. Its functions go beyond acting as a window to let you look out while driving. Its cleaning and maintenance is just as important as the rest of your car and may be more so because it is such an important part of a car and perform more functions that you have ever thought about.

Importance of The Windshield

Ignoring the windscreen or windshield, as it is known in some parts of the world, can be a fatal decision as the windshield is there to:

Protect: The windscreen was initially created to protect the driver. The name itself is a dead giveaway of its most important function. It helps to keep the wind away from the driver’s face so he/she can see properly while driving. It offers protection against elements of nature such as wind, rain, snow, as well as from flying debris, dust, pebbles and even creatures like birds, insects, bugs, etc. If you have ever driven a two-wheeler without a helmet, you will know what I am talking about. It is no fun driving with wind in your eyes and bugs in your nose and mouth. In Dubai, this plays an even more important role because it keeps the fine sand particles out of your eyes and face.

Provide Safety: A windshield is not a sheet of glass. In fact, it is a sandwich of two sheets of glass with a sheet of polyvinyl in between the two sheets. This is called laminated glass and it makes the glass stronger and safer than the ordinary glass that you use in windows. If the windscreen breaks during an accident, the polyvinyl lamination provides flexibility to the glass sheets and the glass does not shatter very easily. When it does shatter, it will break into pellets rather than shards that can cause serious injuries. Moreover, even after impact, the polyvinyl sheet keeps the pieces of glass together, so it does not cause any injury. It also prevents passengers from flying out of the car when there is a high-speed impact that may hurl the passengers forward. The windscreen prevents the people from being thrown out of the car.

Provide Structural Strength: This may seem incongruous to some, but the fact is the windscreen plays an important role in maintaining the structural integrity of your car during an impact. It provides support to the chassis. Studies on impacts have shown that a windshield provides as much as 30% of a car’s structural integrity during head-on collisions. During roll overs or in case of a car overturning, the windshield prevents the roof of the car from buckling in and squashing the passengers inside. So a windscreen is not only for looking out, but also a major contributor to the safety and integrity of any vehicle.

Keeping in mind the importance of the windscreen, it is imperative that you keep it in top condition all the time. The smallest of chip or crack in your screen can impact its ability to perform by as much as 30%.

Can Carwash Damage The Windshield?

When we take our car for a wash at a carwash near you, the main thought in mind is to get the car cleaned without damaging the paintwork. No one thinks that the windscreen could also be damaged at a carwash, but this is something that does happen. The most common form of damage is scratches. This can happen especially with the brush type carwash where the brushes may have debris trapped in it that may cause scratches on not just your paintwork but also on the windscreen.

If the carwash near you uses bleach-based cleaning products, it can damage the sun tint on your windscreen. Also, if proper car washing shampoos are not used, it may damage the seals around the windscreen causing it to become weaker.

Whether you are using an automated carwash or getting a hand carwash at your door step, care has to be taken to ensure that the windscreen is not damaged in any way.

Keeping Car Windshield Clean

When taking your car to a carwash or when you ask for a carwash at your doorstep, you need to check your car for damage before you allow anyone to touch your car. To know the reasons why you should do this, read blog post. in the blog post we have explained how damage happens and what are the liabilities of the carwash for any damage done.

Keeping the car windshield clean is extremely important as a dirty windscreen can hamper visibility and make driving hazardous. This is especially true while driving at night when the glare from headlights of oncoming vehicles can severely impact vision. The light refracts off the dust particles, streaks and smears causing blind spots, which may lead to accidents. Hence before you start driving, make sure that the windshield is properly cleaned without any smears, spots or streaks.

Streak Free Windshield

To keep your windshield sparkling and streak free it should be cleaned carefully. Here is a Step By Step Guide to clean, streak and spots free windscreen. You may share thiswith your car washing service to ensure better cleaning.

You will need – water, windshield cleaning liquid or soap, microfiber duster and cloth, sponge, cleaning towels for drying and cleaning, a soft brush, squeegee. Note: Make Sure your car is not parked in direct sunlight. Move it to a shaded spot to avoid the liquid drying up too quickly leaving streaks behind. 1. Begin with the exterior first and then do the interior of the windshield. 2. Lift off the wipers away from the screen. 3. Remove the Dust. The first thing before you do anything else is to dust the windscreen with a microfiber duster or a feather duster. This will remove all the dust and particles that may scratch the glass. 4. Wash the screen with water to remove any dust that may remain and also to soak any tough spots that have to be removed. 5. Use the cleaning towels or the sponge with cleaning liquid to clean the windshield. 6. Begin at the edges and make your way down and towards the center. Divide the screen into small areas to clean. Clean the sponge before starting with a new area. 7. For Tough spots, use the brush along with some warm water. For encrusted spots, you may need something stronger, but make sure whatever you use, doesn’t fall on the paintwork or the rubber. 8. Use the squeegee to remove all the excess water. 9. Use a clean lint free towel to dry the windscreen. If there are streaks, use a damp cloth over the area and immediately buff with a clean lint free towel. 10. Repeat the process for the interior and all the windows as well as the back windshield.

Tip: * Use a little vinegar for a completely streak free clean windshield. * Keep the wiper fluid topped for a quick clean while driving. * Check the windshield wipers regularly. Change if they leave streaks behind. * Always keep a clean cloth and squeegee in the car to give the shield a proper clean on the go.

All the information shared above also applies to your car wash service. Don’t let them leave without giving you a spotless windscreen.

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