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Car washing in Dubai – Getting your 4-wheel friend ready for high temps

Bad weather is like a bad temper so proper car wash in Dubai is necessary for the longevity of your vehicle.

Particularly and characteristically enough for the Middle East, nuances of hot, warm and blazing weather are just part of your everyday life. Immersed in health or luck or not, we are living our lives and working through the day thanks to the A/Cs we are dependent on. From our apartment building to the kindergarten, then to the office and the mall and back home, we are basically not leaving the air-conditioned areas sometimes not even for a minute because we are aware of the negative effect the sunrays and the high temperatures have on our health and skin. These conditions affect everything: nature, objects, people, lifestyle, health and even mood.

Weather conditions in Dubai require special attention

Now, when it comes to cars, the situation is no different. It has the same negative effect on them, so we need make sure that the consequences are not that grave and that we are doing our best to make the correct steps to take care of the car as well.

Hey, even one of the main pitching and closing tricks of auto dealers in town is the capacity and the power of the car’s A/C to battle with the raging sun during Dubai summers, so if the car can care for us, why shouldn’t we care for the car as well. Advantageously enough in comparison to cooler countries, car washing services in Dubai boast with long working hours and more than steady influx of sand disturbed customers waiting in lines to make their 4 wheelers shine bright under the desert sun. But, wait a little bit. Now, if we are well aware of the negative effect of these sometimes rather harsh conditions, how can we make things easier for our friend on four wheels.

Car washing in the blazing hot sun

Firstly, we need to be sure that we are giving a proper car wash job and we are following some general trends when it comes to hot regions such as Dubai. If we ask global experts, ideally, we should never wash our car under direct sunlight or very hot weather for numerous different reasons, the main one absolutely being that the shampoo and cleanse residue and rinse water can swiftly dry onto the paintwork’s surface. This will lead and result in unappealing water spotting, some visible streaking and drip marks which can often be challenging enough to remove, and which can even actually cause damage to the paintwork in some instances.

However, in Dubai the situation is completely different, and it is not always possible to have your car fully washed, cleaned and dried in complete shade or cool conditions only, particularly if we take into consideration the lack of time we face and the necessity of having a car with you always, everywhere. Therefore, washing your car or at least drying it in the heat can often be unavoidable.

Be careful how you do it

So, above all, discuss these aspects with the professionals you choose to wash your car. Go ahead, test out places, techniques, services, machines, soaps and chemicals, cloths and adhesives specific, or suitable, for use in the heat. Go for the ones which doesn’t cause more damage than good. There are some shampoo products that are way more suitable for using in the direct sunlight. You should go for a car wash product with a mild and wax friendly formula, gentle effect and it is PH neutral that contains only top-notch ingredients, which are preferably natural, at least in part. It is really crucial and useful that you do your research, talk to people and do your reading online on hubs like and find an appropriate product as the use of a product of inferior quality or strong solution will considerably increase the likely hood of persistent residue marks being inflicted.

Also, make sure they use clean, soft water, rather than hard water, to wash cars. Deposits in hard water can stay on your car’s surface long after you rinse.

Check what car wash services near you offer

Even washing cars early in the morning or evening is often a good practice and worth a thought during the summer months, so some of the professional car wash near you offer “early bird” or “late night” promotions to try to encourage more customers to use their carwash during these times. You can read more about car wash services in Dubai on and find the answers you need.

If any case, you do not necessarily have to battle against the heat whilst trying to safely and properly wash your car as there are a number of things that can be done and precautions that can be taken to minimize the amount of water drying onto the surface and reduce the potential of damage being done.

On the other hand, there are also some people who would go for a mechanized car wash instead of a regular and professional car wash in Dubai, however, in most cases it's a waste of money because of the outdated system and the lack of detailed touch, and, it can be unpleasant to watch because it's actually like going pretty rough on your car. Starting from the tiny bumps and scratches that this might cause, the water pressure and all the tiny particles twisted in the massive brushes – you should definitely avoid such places and even think about hiring a person or convince yourself of washing the car yourself if having the right conditions.

So, basically, taking into consideration all these dilemmas we face and the ideas we come up with - the next logical question we can ask ourselves is the one of how often we need to wash our cars in Dubai.

Although we are taking all these above mentioned questions into consideration, probably the best answer lies in the essence of the question itself. Wash the car whenever it is dirty. However, keep in mind the environment you have exposed your car to and the available options you have on the ground. You can always check for some ideas and guidelines on what is the best option for a car wash service in Dubai near you.

Major challenges that need to be faced

Before making you final decision, here are some major difficulties you may face in the process: * Cleaner selection – Yes, absolutely this is not an easy one, especially if they all look the same. And we are not talking about the person who will complete the task but the shampoo product and the solution used to make your car shine bright like a diamond and will save the paint job for the longer period of time. * Water pressure also inflicts damage - If your paint happens to get pressurized water under it, it can force up the edge that got exposed and cause peeling away even more paint. * Hand-drying is not always a good alternative to slow drying away from the blazing sun * hard water can be issue and can contribute greatly to water spotting and streaking when washing in the heat * Residues and impurities found in the water can stick and dry after the water has evaporated and leave marks on the surface and the paintjob of your car.

Additionally, and unlike washing in a cool environment - the complete car shouldn’t be done and covered in one single step. Instead, the process should be done by washing and rinsing one a panel at a time beginning at the top of the vehicle and by working your way down. This helps in reducing the surface temperature and ensures it is wet enough and sufficiently lubricated for the contact washing.

How pros are doing it?

Major guidelines advise to never be in a hurry when washing your car, however, it is often beneficial to speed things up and complete the task with a little more swiftness than you would in cool conditions and ensure you work in a methodical and efficient manner. When you finally manage to sufficiently and separately rinse and wash every major part and surface of the car including the tyres, a final rinse thorough is in order to ensure any remaining bubbles and shampoo residues are fully removed and that all areas are wet before drying is the final stage. Definitely, you should use an appropriate microfiber towel for drying.

One final thing to do before curtain is down and you are applauding yourself for a job well done, is the use of a waterless car wash varnish or high-quality spray to preserve your car after an initial full-body wash and prevent it from becoming too contaminated again so you can avoid washing with water and shampoo too often in the heat. This will lower the possibility of the getting the surface being damaged by water marks but the possible downside is that this needs to be done regularly and only on your car before it is too dirty.

As in everything, hundreds of people have thousands of opinions and experiences on how to deal with hot weather in Dubai and wash your car properly to save it from damaging. You can check some of them on before making your mind what is best for your car.

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