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Know Car Washing Regulations in Dubai Or Risk a Heavy Fine

Like everything else, Dubai also has its own rules and regulations about car washing. So find out what to do and avoid being penalized.

For those living and working in Dubai, having a car is an absolute essential. When there is a car, you also need to keep it clean. You may not know this, but in some places in UAE, you can be fined for not cleaning your car. Dubai too has imposed the same fines and we have to agree that it is great to have a clean car to drive. If you are a senior level executive or a businessman, arriving at your office or at a meeting in a dirty, dust encrusted car can give a very negative impression of you as a person and as a professional.

Convenience of a Carwash at Your Doorstep

Dubai is a very dusty place and your car needs to be dusted down regularly to keep it clean. Also, once in a while at regular intervals, it is essential to have the car washed and its interiors cleaned to keep it looking and smelling clean. Most of us do not have the time to clean our cars ourselves, but thankfully, there are always people hanging around your office or residential complex, looking to earn quick money by doing small chores especially cleaning cars. Almost all of us employ such people to clean our cars as they are easy to find and much cheaper than the average car wash. Plus, there is the added convenience of having a carwash at your doorstep.

But you should beware as this could land you in trouble with the authorities. Dubai has rules and regulations about who you can employ to wash and clean your car, where you can clean or wash your car, how it is to be done. So before you start employing some one to wash your car in Dubai get your self updated about the regulations to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

Rules and Regulations Regarding Car Wash in Dubai

Dubai takes pride in the beauty of its city and keeping it clean. For years it has been passing and enforcing laws that the residents and visitors of the city are required to follow. These laws span a long list of dos and don’ts which, if not followed, could land you in trouble facing legal action that could be as light as a fine or as serious as being deported from the Emirates.

Driving or Parking Dirty Cars

Yes, believe it or not you can be fined for having a dirty car. Emirates is extremely dusty and the cars can get very dirty, the authorities in Dubai do not want you to drive dirty cars and spoil the beauty and reputation of its exemplary city. So, if you are driving a car that hasn’t been cleaned or have a dirty car in a public car park, you are likely to be fined. There are inspectors roaming around the city who, when they find a dirty car, will notify the owners and then if the car is still not cleaned within the notice period will impound the car. Getting back the car could mean a hefty fine plus the cost of towing and impound lot. The fine is AED 500. Make sure you are not driving a dirty car. If you are going away for a long period of time, you may consider hiring a car washing service to come and clean your car at regular intervals to avoid being fined.

Illegal Car Washers and Workers

Over the years the authorities have caught many illegal workers, especially car washers who were working without a license and deported them. Dubai laws state that only licensed carwash in Dubai can employ or wash cars. This has been more strictly implemented since the carwash owners complained to the authorities that their business was being undermined by the cheap illegal unlicensed car washers operating from the streets, malls, shopping complex, etc. of the Emirates. Moreover, washing cars in public spaces is an ugly and ungainly sight that the Dubai authorities do not appreciate. Every year, Dubai spends a lot of money to keep the city clean and beautiful. With illegal car washers operating on the road side, this becomes more costly as the car wash creates a lot of waste water, filth and dust that mars the roads and other areas where the cars are washed. Hence, the authorities have been cracking down on the illegal car washers over the years. But, as we have seen, they are still available and working despite the ban. To save yourself the trouble – make sure that the person or service that you employ to clean your vehicle is duly licensed and completely above board before hiring them. It is highly tempting to hire someone who is a cheap car wash, but, in the end you suffer if the person you have employed is caught and sent away. Your car doesn’t get cleaned and you have to look for another person to wash your car. To avoid the trouble, it is advisable that you hire a car wash that is legal and licensed.

Car Washing in Public

This is one thing that Emirates takes seriously. Not only Dubai but even Sharjah has strict rules about washing cars in public spaces. The city has designated car washing areas and all residents are supposed to adhere to these designated areas for washing their cars. Any cars that are caught being washed on the streets, parks, parking lots or other public spaces can be fined after being served a notice. Each instance after the first notice calls for a minimum of AED 100 fine. If you are employing a car wash service, then do find out the designated car washing areas in your community before you get started. Some communities like the EMAAR residential areas have stringent policy on car washing. The builder imposes a fine of AED 500 on the car owner if the car is caught being washed within the community. Citing concerns for the aesthetics of the community, the builder advices its residents to use damp cloth or dry car wash systems to clean their car. You may have a car washed in your driveway as long as the water doesn’t spill on to the road or street outside. But, over all, looking at it from the water wastage angle, you are better off using either a commercial car wash or a dry car wash in Dubai to avoid the trouble. Car washing in the street or other such undesignated places calls for a fine of AED 500 and for repeat offenders it is AED 1000. So, save money, save water, be a responsible citizen and wash your car only in the designated places or use dry washing systems to clean your car.

Why Such Hefty Fines

It is a known fact that the car wash uses chemicals and lubricants that can be toxic and harmful to the environment. Keeping in mind the fact that car washing in public spaces can allow this untreated water to soak down through the surface and into the soil and from there into the ground water, it is pretty evident why Dubai has such stringent car washing policies. It is with this aim, that all car wash services in Dubai have to install water recycling systems before they can be licensed. Also, they have to dispose off the solid as well as the soluble wastes in a responsible manner.

Hiring a Licensed Car Wash Service In Dubai

You will wish to hire a legal and licensed car wash service after reading this article. To find a car wash near you in Dubai, you can visit and look through the car wash services listed there. All the businesses listed at are legal and tested. You can read customer reviews and feedback before you hire a service through So, sitting in the comfort of your chair, you can easily find and hire a car wash service that is affordable and efficient.

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