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How to Care For your Tyres And Wheels During Car Washing

You may not think of your tyres much until you get a flat and have to stop driving to change it.

The truth is, it is one of the most important parts of your vehicle and needs to be take care of just s much as the rest of your car. Tyres affect the overall performance of any vehicle. The quality of the tyres and the traction they provide reflects directly on the performance and mileage of your car. Hence it is important to pay just as much attention to the tyres as it is to the rest of the car. Despite this most of us completely ignore this vital part of our vehicles often driving on bald, dirty and cracking tyres. Whether you are driving on a wet surface or a dry sandy one, the treads of your tyres and its condition can sometimes spell the difference between life and death. So, ignoring your tyre could land you into serious trouble.

Keeping a Check on Your Tyres

In order to avoid a serious accident or problem, checking the tyre regularly is a must. The most important thing to note when checking a tyre is the tread and its wear. Uneven tread means your car needs alignment and balancing of the tyres. The wear should be as even around the tyre as possible for the longevity of the tyres. Uneven wear can force you to change tyres more often. As we all know, tyres do not come cheap. They are expensive, and you need to get as much mileage out of them as possible before they are too worn out to be used.

Car Washing And Taking Care Of The Tyres

While car washing, almost all of us make the mistake of concentrating only on the top of the car, its windows, screens and paintwork. We tend to ignore the rest including the tyres that are such an important part of safe driving. Cleaning and washing a car should be a thorough job which should include a careful inspection of each and every part of the car including the engine and tyres. Let us get this one thing straight, car washing is not for aesthetic reasons alone. It is an opportunity to carefully go over your vehicle to spot any obvious problems and to remove them before using the vehicle again.

Majority of us clean the tyres maybe once a year or at times never at all. When using a carwash service that cleans the car at the doorstep, it is a common practice to leave the tyres as they are dirty and dry. It is only when the car is taken to a proper car washing service that the tyres get any attention at all.

Often a lot of small issues that can impact the performance and longevity of the tyres are ignored causing greater wear than may otherwise have happened. In order to avoid the problems associated with poor tyre maintenance, it is imperative that the car tyres be given just as much attention as the rest of the car.

Here when we talk of the tyre we also include the wheel and hub. The two go together and should be treated as different parts of the same single unit.

Types of Damage Observed in Tyres and Wheels

Tyres are a car’s contact point with the road. They bear the entire weight of the car and its occupants. This demands a lot from the tyre and the wheel. But we never stop to think about it while we are driving. Not only they carry the weight they also propel the car on the road transferring the power of the engine to the road and its surface. It also takes the strain of braking, acceleration and turning a car. All this stress and tension takes a toll on the tyres and the wheel. The tyres suffer more damage than any other part of a car and sadly for us, it is the most ignored part of a car. The damage that a tyre and wheel suffer are:

Punctures: These happen when a sharp object pierces through the tyre causing it to release the air that keeps it inflated. This is the most common form of damage that is observed in a tyre. This damage is easiluy repaired and does not need a change of tyre.

Cuts: These too happen when a large sharp object pierces through the surface of the tyre. This is often more serious than the small hole of a puncture and if it is in a vital part of the tyre, it may become unusable and you may need to change the tyre. This damage is often inadvertent while driving. But it can be avoided if careful. The best way to deal with it is to avoid driving in an area that has debris in it. Also to avoid large sharp stones often spotted along the roadsides.

Irregular wear: This happen mostly due to bad alignment and wheel balancing. The tyres do not sit properly on the road and thus one part of the tyre takes all the strain of propelling the car and wears off faster than the rest. This causes the tyre to become unstable and unusable after a time. This also wears out the tyre much faster than normal causing more frequent tyre changes that could cost you dearly.

Impact Damage: This type of damage manifests itself as a bulge along the side of the tyre wall indicating that the crosshatch of wires that form the wheel have been damaged. This happens when you drive over objects like a kerb or a speed breaker or a deep pothole in the road. Excessive speed or wrong angle of impact can cause the impact bump to appear. If not attended to and repaired, it can cause the side wall of the tyre to weaken and perforate or the delamination of the treads of the tyre.

Discoloration and Cracking: This normally happens when the tyres are washed with very harsh cleaning agents. It can leach out the protective coating on the tyres leaving them vulnerable to sunlight, air and water causing the tyre to dry out, discolor, fade and become dry and flaky. Often known as dry rotting the cracking of the side wall can seriously damage the integrity of a tyre.

Tyre Care During Carwash

When getting your car washed, make sure that the car wash service in Dubai uses a cleaning agent that does not cause damage to your tyre or the paint work. Avoid the use of strong and excessively corrosive cleaners on the tyre.

  1. Start by cleaning the tyres and wheel with a dry brush to get rid of all the loose dirt and debris that the wheel gathers.

  2. Use a power washer to blast away any encrusted matter and loosen it. Take care that the balancing weights are not dislodged while cleaning.

  3. Scrub the rim with a wash cloth or mitt. Apply some car shampoo to make your task easier and remove all the greasy buildup.

  4. If you have alloy wheels, then use a wheel cleaner for alloy wheels to clean the wheel and the hub. There are a few cleaners that can be used to clean both the wheel and the tyre, it is best to use these other wise you may have to get two products and also be careful about not getting the wrong one on the wheel or the tyre.

  5. Once the wheel is cleaned it is time for the tyre. Make sure to remove any embeded pebbles and debris between the treads. Use a jet of water to remove all the dust before using the tyre cleaner. Apply the tyre cleaner and leave it on for a few minutes.

  6. Use a hard brush to scrub the tyre and get them as clean as possible. If required wash again if the tyres still look dirty.

  7. Use a tyre conditioning gel to preserve the tyre and reverse the damage from fading and browning of the tyre. The gel protects the tyre from the elements and elongates it life.

A clean tyre not only looks good but also helps to elongate its usable life.

You can choose to get a full car wash with tyre care done at a carwash near your home or order a carwash at your door step though With its extensive lists of various domestic service providers and services, can help you locate and hire a carwash service quickly and easily. Also, keep reading the blog posts for interested tips and suggestions on home, child and car care.

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