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Babysitting in Dubai – Weekend hours

Looking for proper child care in non-standard hours in Dubai can be as searching for a needle in a haystack.

Non-typical working hours on the rise in Dubai

The great majority of child care services in Dubai operate in typical working hours and only weekdays, however recent statistics show that the average number of people working non-standard working hours is constantly on the rise now more than one in three people work non-typical hours or do not have a definite finish time.

As more and more early child care and babysitting services near you in Dubai offer extended hours care - you can easily identify the need for such providers since we are all aware that it's hard enough to find good quality child care even when you work traditional weekday hours. Imagine what happens when you have rotating shifts, sudden changes of schedule, require overtime, do extra freelancing over the weekends, work evening hours or just have to travel out of town? Regardless of having an increasing number of companies offer extended hours care, there is a small decline when it comes to the management of companies awarding flexible work arrangements such as weekends.

All those arrangements done to accommodate the increasing need of flexible hours for work also generate the need of arrangement for flexible babysitting arrangement which falls under alternative childcare. This type of arrangement is definitely on the rise, but mostly in well-established and expat communities in Dubai, and the overall rate isn't cheap and often has many limits imposed to it. It is a somewhat spiky road that a parent has to walk before landing a good deal. Options such as drop-in child care can help a parent who has an "unplanned" or urgent meeting, but these options don't really cover late night cases, weekends or business trips. Sit-in child carers can also be hired, but many families are not in a position or can't afford to have a nanny with flexible hours or even hourly babysitting in their home. It is often a dilemma that is causing some strains and emotional stress with families.

What do people really need?

Most of the full-time babysitters in Dubai are on a Sunday to Thursday schedule. Well, what about on the weekends, particularly on Fridays? Especially in bigger families with many children heading in every direction, life can feel rather chaotic. Here we are talking about the “weekend nanny “as the principal way out for busy parents. Weekend sitters can offer a helping hand with transportation to and from sporting activities, or they can stay and assist at home with the kids if the parents have to attend some activities of their own.

In any case, most families are looking for a dedicated, fun, flexible, reliable and professional babysitter in Dubai who enjoys taking care of children of all ages. Often times during Fridays and Saturdays, there may even be groups of kids present in the apartment, so the sitter should be comfortable in that setting as well. Weekend babysitting jobs are often an awesome opportunity for college students to make some extra cash and make use of their time off. An extra perk is that weekend sitters tend to receive higher rates and be paid a bit more than in the traditional settings, as the weekend is generally prime time off for most professional babysitters.

Weekend child care vacancies can be always found with those parents who have a busier schedule, more stable on the budget side and want to use their time to the max. General issues with finding good quality child care when working non-typical hours aren't only limited to parents who have to work more hours regular. Parents who pick to have one family member working part-time hours, may easily face with the fact that childcare is either more expensive (compensating the value of part-time work) or is rather unreliable due to the fact many day-care centres can't guarantee the child a spot or booking on a part-time or on-call basis. Straightforwardly speaking, day-care child care centres in Dubai have their everyday work based on a tight child-adult ratio, therefore a child’s spot booked full day provides a higher profit and more stability than a part-time one.

Apart from the fact that most employers would expect weekend or part-time babysitters to possess nearly the same level of experience and qualifications which are usually required or demanded in a weekday setting, they may look for particular skills in sports or arts in order to have their kids entertained and active for the weekend. Plus, once kids get busy with their sports, classes, relatives, and friends, the weekend schedule can get slightly out of control. By visiting professional sites such as, interacting with people who are in your shoes, and by booking a professional babysitter for busy Fridays in Dubai, as a parent you can save yourself much stress. In addition to this, sitters can also provide safe, reliable transportation during weekends for your kids and make sure that they won’t be late for any of their sport or free time activities.

Available ideas for babysitting on Fridays and Saturdays in Dubai

Go for a college student

Since most students take their courses in the morning or even stack them into a Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday schedule, it's easily possible to find a caring individual who can watch your kids in your home when not in school – weekends included. While the hours may change slightly by semester, you can have consistent care that is reliable. It is a win-win situation both regarding timing and money. Students are available on most weekdays and weekends and they are always in need of extra cash for their studies.

Babysitter sharing

Babysitter sharing, or splitting is often an awesome cost-saving option. If you need a babysitter to take care of your children for certain hours of the day and another family may need one for different hours, you can join your time and efforts and create a mutually acceptable package. The sitter may get paid slightly more for the dual role (two groups of kids, slightly different timing, still requires more effort), but in any case, both families will benefit. In order to avoid slightly misunderstanding regarding timings and personal preferences the best arrangements are with good friends who share similar expectations.

Check with your day-care child carer for references

Just because a traditional family provider or day-care babysitter doesn't offer extended or weekend hours doesn't mean they don't know one who will. Asking around for recommendations is always a good idea and increases the trust between parents and babysitters. Consider asking the babysitting centre near you in Dubai you are already familiar with whether they will be willing to consider adding occasional weekend work just for you and upgrade your existing package. You may easily discover that providers have some ideas or solutions you had never considered in the first place.

Offer your regular babysitter some additional perks

If you're already satisfied with the regular babysitter, you have for workdays and you only need some additional assistance for sport or art activities and transportation for your busy Friday, then that gives a babysitter free time during practice times, and you can sweeten the offer offering some extra perks and benefits during the work week.

Use a Babysitter swap

A babysitter swap or coop is an awesome and reliable way to get someone to take care of your kids for free. Maybe you can swap care with a friend, a colleague or a neighbour on a particular weekend and exchange an offer to keep her kids next week. No money is actually involved, and both families benefit from time to time.

Drop-in child care is always a good idea

While average hourly rates at these centres tend to be higher, a confirmed and regular client on a pre-set schedule may negotiate to lower rates. Those families who are consistent users of such facilities say that they often end up getting as good rates as regular by setting up a monthly schedule based on regular requirements.

Use family members as babysitters

Many families choose to ask their close relatives to lend a helping hand in child care and most of them are very happy to do so. Just we have to be careful to not overburden them with errands and responsibilities or become too critical of the free help.

Hiring a weekend babysitter is becoming more and more popular for many parents in Dubai. The additional coverage on Fridays and Saturdays can help with the busy schedules that leave many parents scrambling for both quality and yet flexible childcare. To find a suitable babysitter to assist on the weekend you can check popular sites such as and find out more credible info about how to find a professional weekend babysitter in Dubai and how to book it simply and without hassle.

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