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Babysitting in Dubai – Urban baby essentials

Parents in Dubai should not just hire a person to babysit the kids but someone who thinks they are special.

It is essential for kids to be cared for properly and they really do require a lot of love, dedication and care. Kids will always be kids so they also need a lot of supervision and personal attention from a devoted adult to help them become well-mannered and trustworthy individuals. Parents busy at work find it difficult to devote a bigger portion of their time to their children. Keeping the home chores and professional errands is definitely not an easy sport.

Babysitting in Dubai – Yay or Nay

Working or single parents often get confronted with the challenge of where to leave the children and with whom? Crèche is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai, however, it is not always an option for everyone. Some children do not at ease in a crèche and for very young kids, personalized attention such as the one from a close relative or a friend is definitely advisable and even recommended. But in Dubai, people come from all over the world to work and live and thus being single family cores, with no family member to take care of the little ones in sight. In such cases, looking for a nanny or a babysitter turns into a priority.

Dubai has a large workforce and all kinds of domestic services are easily available. If you need to compare babysitter prices or get useful tips and guidelines in Dubai, you can look up, a famous site where you can search for and book a babysitter online without much hassle and rather quickly.

Nanny essentials

In urban Dubai, one salary is not enough to sustain a family lifestyle we strive for. Consequently, it means that there has to be someone to be at home to be there for the children and take care of them while the parents are away. With people from every corner of the globe keep pouring in - most families with little ones have to count on hired assistance.

Another motive for reaching out for help is because most families are wealthy enough to afford a babysitter in Dubai. This is one of the reaseons why more and more children are being brought up by babysitters and nannies. Having this in mind, in some cultures and very wealthy families, it is the norm that the children are traditionally looked after by a nanny and the mother’s role in raising the children is quite limited.

Not all that glitters is gold

On another note, when bring a babysitter to look after our loved ones we lay our complete trust in that person to take care of our children. But is this always the case? In recent years, babysitter misdemeanours and wrongdoings and even examples of child abuse are becoming much more common problem than we are ready to admit. Even in Dubai, we are really not fully aware of the psychological and the emotional state of the individual we entrust our loved one to. We just assume that since it is the person’s job to take care of the child, they will do so diligently. Nevertheless, we have to admit, that our children get even us annoyed or frustrated so we should not easily jump to conclusions when the babysitter also loses a bit of patience and gives in to lecturing the children. This is definitely not abuse it may lead to one if it happens regularly with little or no provocation.

Abuse knows no age limit and even children just a few months old have been subjected to violent conduct, however, a good babysitter or nanny has to have certain prerequisite skills necessary to take care of the kids properly and at the same time carry out all the tasks entrusted.

What makes a good babysitter?

  • Being well educated: It is crucial the sitter to be well educated and knowledgeable because she will be involved in the supervision of the children’s homework and will have to teach or read to them when necessary.

  • Having a proper level of training: A person with a certificate in babysitting is already familiar with what is expected and what are the major challenges and how to deal with them. Albeit a more formal education is not vital, it does add an extra point and a flavour to it.

  • Understanding child development: A well prepared sitter should be able to provide the children experience which is appropriate for their age. She should be well aware of the various stages and milestones in child growth and be able to handle each situation in accordance with the respective age.

  • Familiar with first-aid: First aidis a must for sitters who don’t want to have things get out of control, so basic knowledge is crucial for managing many emergencies, major or minor, that may happen during a regular childish day. Starting from swallowing tiny items such as a coin or a small toy to injuring or cutting themselves while playing, our young ones are never too far from getting hurt. A person trained or at least experienced in first aid will possess the ability to help and stabilize the child till the arrival of medical help.

  • Past experience: Taking care of children similar in age to yours is a desirable skill for a babysitter, but not a determining one. A well-proven pro who comes with good recommendations from former employers is definitely an asset that needs to be taken seriously.

  • Reliability: The babysitter you want to take of your loved ones has to be reliable. She needs to be punctual, give a timely notice if she is planning to take a day off so you can wrap up other arrangements.

  • Trustworthy: One of the toughest yet the most important ones. You cannot hire a person you do not trust. This is an essential requirement and there’s no way around it. They have to be trusted not only with the safety and the wellbeing of your children, but also with your property and possessions. They need to be completely above board for you to employ them and maintain a professional distance for the sake of both sides. Check popular sites such as for similar experiences and practical guidelines.

  • Flexibility: A babysitter should preferably be more flexible and able to adjust her timings in accordance with your schedule. She should be able and feel convenient to come early or stay later if needed. Without this flexibility there is a higher chance of facing challenges ahead.

  • Energetic and healthy: Taking care of children is definitely not an easy one. They do have a lot of stamina and energy and require a sitter who matches that energy level. An energetic and healthy person will be able to transfer that energy to your children and spend more quality time with them.

  • Confident: Children can easily judge a person. They are vigilant and know when and how they can take advantage of a person. A confident babysitter knows what to do to discipline them properly and keep children under control.

  • Professional: She should promote a professional attitude, get all the required information about the children and their specifics from you before she starts working. Friendly relation is definitely compulsory but yet having a safe distance and not getting overly friendly is even better.

  • Love spending time with children: This is one of the principal requirements and without it there’s no babysitting at all. She must love spending time with children, enjoy taking care of them and entertaining them. Only if the sitter is children’s person, your children will be taken care of wholeheartedly and will get the care they deserve.

  • Patience: Childcare demands a lot of patience and determination. Children can be quite exhausting for everyone, thus patience is essential for the relation to succeed.

  • Creative: Children demand a lot of different activities to keep them occupied, focused and decrease the chances of them feel bored. A professional babysitter in Dubai who can creatively utilize time to creatively utilise the children’s time is a more than big strength.

  • Communicative: Communication and mutual understanding are essential requirements from any domestic helper. The babysitter has to be able to communicate properly not only with the children but also with you as a parent, so she can provide you with essential information about your loved ones, their day to day progress and activities.

  • Safety awareness: Since you will be entrusting your home and your baby to a babysitter, major safety rules should be applied and all precautions to ensure that the children, the complete household and possessions are completely secure under her supervision, to be taken.

Hiring a babysitter in Dubai

If you are looking to hire a babysitter in Dubai, feel free to check and visit It is a domestic services aggregator with credible list of agencies that provide babysitting and other domestic services for clients based in Dubai. You can read more about the essential things you need to be careful with, share your own opinion and learn how other people who were in your shoes dealt with challenges.

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