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Babysitting in Dubai – Tips for summer vacation

Summer vacation mood is on so booking a babysitter in Dubai is one of the most important decisions we face.

Holidays are here, business is getting slower and with warmer temperatures creeping into the forecast, it’s only a matter of time before summer vacation begins. For such a vibrant and international centre as Dubai, travelling is sort of guaranteed one way or the other. As Ramadan gets earlier during the calendar year vacation arrangement requires more long term thinking and planning in order to get the maximum out of your opportunity to spend time with your family.

Decide if the kids are coming or not

The vast majority of people do not spend enough quality time with their kids due to work and having the chance to be part of their everyday routine while on holiday is a one that is tough to be missed. However, with such a pleasure comes a great responsibility, therefore, one has to choose between the lesser problem of the two in play. It looks like a simple problem but in reality, it isn’t. On one hand you want the family to be complete and spend awesome time together while on the other hand you want some time to rest and enjoy a week with your spouse away from everyday worries.

Family and health experts often agree that it is sometimes much better to leave your children at home and properly charge your batteries and come back home ready to enjoy even more special moments with them. If you go with that option what you definitely need is a good babysitter in Dubai who loves kids and has enough energy to keep them busy and engaged while you are getting the sun tan you were waiting for.

Plan everything in advance and find the best solution

Whatever your situation, the fact of the matter is, you will be having hard times enjoying your vacation abroad without the help of a nanny or sitter for your kids at home. Coming to finding such a person, one cannot think of a better choice for a babysitter than a close relative (grandparents are often coming real handy because your kids will feel comfortable with having someone they know, and it will be rather easier and more practical from a parents point of view for you to arrange everything before you go. One thing that you need to be sure of so you can enjoy the vacation is that your children are good hands and that whoever is doing the babysitter work is armed with all necessary information. However, with so many expat families living in Dubai, there are plenty of other options that you can use. You check sites like for more information by credible customers who were or are in the same shoes as you.

As you embark on the process of finding the right person, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Go for a sitter who wants summer work - Taking care of the kids in summer while you are on vacation is pretty different than usual year-round babysitting in Dubai. If you just plan on booking a babysitter online just for the summer vacation time it would be good to find someone who is specifically looking for summer work or someone you know very well and has already been working for you. If you try to hire a new sitter who prefers year-round employment, however flexible they may appear – it will be probably going to be more practical to discuss that later in the year and define different terms.
  • Define requirements - both of the kids and the babysitter. Good guidelines are half the work done. Be open and straight-forward from the beginning. Discuss your ideas and requirements. Define whether the babysitter needs to drive a car to shuttle kids around and run errands, is she required to do any light housekeeping, how strict she can be with the kids or how long she can take them outdoors for playing. You can check other thoughts and comments on sites like for more hands-on experiences.
  • Figure out qualities important to you when booking a babysitter online - Think of age, experience, feedback or approach. Do you want someone who is a certain age or does the sitter has a record of being reliable, experienced, creative and well prepared? Define what you’re looking for, so you can identify more easily the right person when you find her.
  • Be open about finances and right from the beginning - The number of kids you will be asking her to care for and their age, how many days and whether household chores and housekeeping is required also factor into her wages. Define it right at the start so you don’t have to worry about finances later on.
  • Suggest your ideas and brainstorm summer activities - You might and should expect your babysitter in Dubai to come up with a few ideas for summer activities, such as trips to the park or pool, go shopping or cinema in the mall, visit summer festivals or story time at the library. However, and you will agree with me on this one – summer days can get really long and particularly demanding if your kids were having more organised days at school. Before the babysitter starts her job and you get on your way, make a sort of ”approved” list of places or activities your kids can do throughout the day. This still gives her the liberty to plan each day, but having a list of pre-set activities to choose from is definitely a good thing for everyone.
  • Encourage following daily routine – In addition to the above, and since no two days are exactly alike when it comes to kids' activities, it's always beneficial to create a referential or general routine so that the kids (if older) are comfortable with not having the parents at home and spend the day with a babysitter.
  • Enthusiastic parents try to insist on their kid’s daily routine - Starting from daily habits, meals, order of things between meals, outdoor activities, playtime, and, of course, nap time - the more the sitter holds on to the routine, the less headaches she will have and the lesser is the probability you will get a call in the middle of a sunset dinner with your spouse. Try and create a simple yet detailed calendar with a basic schedule. It is absolutely beneficial to leave an example of the daily routine for the babysitter, so they can create a little schedule and timetable for your child. They should have the liberty to do things somewhat differently and that is one portion of the fun, but having a general routine pre-planned out for them will make your kid to spend the days without you without much hassle. Include nightly rituals as well - bath time, favourite bedtime stories and lullabies to make going to sleep less stressful for everyone.

  • Think of emergency plan and implement precaution measures - Kids will be kids, and even the most watchful and cautious-minded babysitter won't be able to prevent the occasional spill or flip, so the best thing you can do before your trip is to be prepared for any emergencies that might occur. Put all contact information in visible, permanent spot in the house – the kitchen is always a good idea, include a backup go-to person such as a nearby neighbour, a colleague or relative and ask the sitter to have these in his or her cell phone at all times. Provide all the medical instructions to the sitter and put a first-aid kit just in case. Inform the babysitter of any allergies or even meds that usually work well for any type of problem.

  • Discipline Strategies - There's no generic fits-all formula for dealing with misbehaviour, so have a proper with your sitter. Our kids are not immune to being stubborn or they can just have a bad day. Let her know how you usually mediate situations and get an idea of how far she can go and what she's comfortable enforcing. There are always nice examples that you can read on sites like and try to implement some in your own case.

Every family is unique and has different needs, ideas and preferences when it comes to childcare – especially when parents are not at home. Basically, as our children get older, so do their needs, wants and interests. As a result, what you are looking for in a summer vacation babysitter in Dubai might change as years go by. The best advice to be given probably is to be flexible and open-minded during the complete process, but also not to lower your standards if you can’t find the right person right away. Your kids deserve nothing only the best. By going for the extra mile to make sure that your children are suitably cared for while vacationing, you can provide a space for you both to completely unwind.

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