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Babysitting in Dubai - Things kids and parents want in a babysitter

Being a parent and managing kids in Dubai is not easy task and needs plan for all kinds of possibilities.

Kids management – vast field of endless options

One moment they are all thirsty for stories, entertained by shiny items all around and introducing you to their made-up friends. At once, they're on the run and their siblings are the main partners for the playing arena or for painting the new puppy purple.

So, how to find the best way to adapt to their behaviour and to stay in one piece? Try everything, be everything.

We are all sure that babysitting requires all sorts of skills, especially in creativity, adapting, energy, adventure, and last but not least - play. However, not everyone possesses those skills or they are of no help if you just feel lost don't know what to do and you're not really prepared for the realities of a kid’s temper.

Therefore, when it comes to hiring a babysitter in Dubai, during the hiring process, both parents and caregivers should focus their attention on what's dominating on the children's wish list. There are really good and practical examples of other parents’ experiences on sites such as where you can finds credible comments and ideas.

In most cases when families are thinking of hiring a babysitter, they usually go over a checklist of certain criteria. They all want someone patient, with creative know-how of child care and safety and responsible above all. Sitters interviewing for the job on the other end often consider the same things and try to show the parents that are the right person with the desired qualities. What we all agree is that being a good and successful babysitter requires a lot of work, focus, dedication, care, creativity and ingenuity. Sitters should abide by the rules, know how to keep the child entertained without much hustle, and what to do when in case of an emergency.

Whether a person is a good babysitter in Dubai can be sensed by the level of dedication and control of the environment the show. Here are some of the main features of a babysitter who runs the show:

Understands the necessary comfort level

The babysitter who asks specific and careful questions (number of kids, their age etc.) about parents’ expectations and what they want him/her to achieve is on the right path. Moreover, this really helps in understanding if those needs can be met or if this case is the right fit for both sides.

Fosters open communication

Parents are usually open for any questions or advices, so a good babysitter should not try to figure out everything on his own. The sitter should also let them know about any concerns or doubts. By keeping such direct and open communication, the sitter builds trust with the parents. It shows the commitment towards their child’s safety and health.

Shows and promotes energetic approach

It's important for children to get along with their sitter. Different kids require different approach and focus but all of them want to play so any sitter who knows many games that involve a lot of movement and laughing is always a winner. Kids adore people who aren't afraid to be silly and prefer their babysitters to be creative, extroverted and talkative enthusiasts who will adjust to their level of play and do fun activities together.

Establishes predictable grounds

Your young ones also like routine - even without them realizing it. They just want it to be fun, so they thrive in a predictable environment. They want to have babysitters who set limits and continue the routine already developed in the home.


Kids possess a lot of energy keeping them entertained is hell of a challenge for most people. Showing an ability to constantly think of new and inventive ideas is especially important for toddlers with short attention spans since keeping their attention on one task is quite impossible at times. Children are eager to see a person who always introduces new ideas for activities and games.


Curiously enough, kids love to be challenged and they also like to be given a chance to ask the adult a question and actually get an answer back. Parents should look for sitter who are able to carry on and support your child's questions and curious nature and foster more active engagement for the child.


All of our children, regardless of age, are confident with a person who makes them feel safe and away from harm. They need have the impression that they trust the sitter, so a professional babysitter in Dubai should always be confident and focused and with a clear judgement.

Is prepared for every scenario

Number one priority for professional babysitters near you is to keep the child safe and thus being prepared for any type of issue or emergency that could arise. Parents want to feel calm and accessible as well, so the sitter should always have the important phone numbers on hand. Backing on other family members is always a good option in case of a problem.

When it comes to food, a good match for a sitter is the one who knows the child's allergies and what to do in the event of an unwanted allergic reaction. Being a proactive is always a winner when it comes to parents and their checklist.

Stays well-informed and organized

Kids do well with and parents encourage a structure and routine. Experienced babysitters uphold the schedule a parent has set and enforce the calendar when it comes to regular meals, napping and play times. Having a clear agenda for how a child's day should go will help you limit the potential for a mistake or an issue.

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Reinforces rules and limits with a dose of flexibility

As we all know, kids tend to test us and enjoy pushing limits. Testing their limits is part of growing up. This is a good temptation for babysitters to please the kids and break some of the rules set by parents, but a credible babysitter will show character and not give in, for the children’s sake and to the satisfaction of the parents. Children do good with structure and margins as they promote teaching kid’s self-discipline and self-control. However, sitters should also know when it’s allowed to lightly "break" the rules, like eating an extra cookie. This will earn both the respect of the parent and the sympathies of the child and will make the job easier.

Is watchful and focused

There are always dangers both in and outside of the household. And often it's not enough to be prepared for emergencies and greater alertness is necessary. Dedicated professionals stay near the child they are watching and focus their attention on the kid and not on things to make the time past. There are no excuses if the kid gets hurt while with the babysitter.

Open to criticism

There are always situations when even professionals do something that upsets or worries a parent. But being professional means to be and stay open and asserting to their concerns while reassuring them that such mistakes will not happen again.

Is gentle, sympathetic and caring

A good babysitter is empathetic and kind to the child they're watching, and children are both resilient and fable. They’re also quite stubborn and vulnerable. But, most importantly, they are in the ever-evolving process of learning and growing.

Is flexible

Many times, parents get stuck with errands and run late or need to leave earlier than expected. It was their lack of time that got the babysitting need in the first place. So, a well-mannered and professional babysitter near you in Dubai will definitely try and be flexible with clear limits, but still with flexible approach at the right time. This is the main sign that they can count on you.

Arrives on time - always

Babysitting should be approached like a real job. That means arriving at the scheduled time, so parents can leave on time as well. While unavoidable emergencies can occur, acceptable reasons for not meeting the agreed part of the bargain are scarce when it comes to babysitters in Dubai.

Provides parents with feedback

Worthy babysitters will happily tell parents what they did with the youngsters and even leave parents with fun summaries, poignant moments, and even who ate what review. Sitter should always be open with parents about daily activities and should be open to discuss them in front of the kids as well. There should be only one version of what happened, and trust goes both ways.

Finally, what you give is what you get and this is a relation that constantly requires support, trust and understanding. As much as the sitter should prove her worth to the parents – the more the parents should prove their support and understanding. Check popular sites like for interesting and engaging articles on the most important traits of a good babysitter in Dubai and be sure to leave your comments as well. Many good sitters are always around the corner to make a kid happy.

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